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BoobSite Vacation

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Hey All~ Just wanted to let you all know that Vix & I are heading off on holiday to the ‘States for a couple of weeks for a much-needed vacation. As we’ll be staying in a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains without ‘net access – *gasp* – we’ll not be able to update or […]

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Anna Love 36JJ of BigTitsGlamour

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Despite being embroiled in the frantic final preparations for a two week vacation in the ‘States (during which my blogs will be on holiday as well), I just had to pop in to share a latest JJ-cup discovery in the big boobs world – 36JJ Anna Love. I was availed to the chesty charms of […]

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Ines Cudna has a drinking problem…

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I suppose all of us have our little faults, flaws & foibles once you work your way past the physical facade and begin to experience the true individual within. Regardless of how perfect a person may appear on the outside, it’s only when you spend some time and get to know them more intimately that […]

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Anekee van der Velden

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Although visitors have been banging on about Anakee van der Velden since the inception of MyBoobSite, I’ve eschewed blogging her simply because I couldn’t find much in the way of details on this enigmatic big bust model. Despite being an apparently erudite and intelligent woman, posing deep philosophical questions like, “What’s the link between a […]

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Auto-Erotica with 36I Sapphire

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

What it is about washing a car that gets girls so horny? I mean, I’ve blogged this topless carwash phenomenon twice, and, in both instances, the women in question began masturbating without warning! First it was Eden Mor who, after having a good go at her automobile and polishing the bonnet with her huge breasts, […]

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Lucy Williams 34FF – A sexy sorceress casts her spell…

Monday, July 21st, 2008

What do you do when your all-time favourite model from a particular site stops modelling? Sadly, such was a decision with which I was faced when 38GG Imogen retired from Busty Brits a while ago. ‘Twas a sad time for me, as I’d developed an intense sort of “attachment by proxy” to her. You see, […]

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Rachel Aldana and the L-cup Bikini

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Girls with big tits have a trying time finding clothing that fits, bikinis doubly so. Our venerable site admin Vix, for example, is preparing for our Summer holiday in the ‘States and needs a bikini for the lovely hot tub at our cabin. Trouble is, she’s an F-cup up top but has virtually no ass […]

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Candy 42G from BoobsXXL

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Sincerest apologies for not being all that talkative lately, but I’ve got a lot of big boobs irons in the fire at the moment that are requiring inordinate amounts of attention. One of these is MyBoobSite’s new public forums, which we’re still in the process of getting configured and finding moderators to help admin manage […]

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Boobs Garden Overrun by Blondes

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I received the latest galleries from BoobsGarden the other day, and was suddenly struck with the stark realisation that it seems to be becoming an increasingly blonde-centric site. Perhaps my suspicions are unfounded, but their two latest G-cup arrivals – Pam & Wendy – are both blondes, thus exacerbating the balance in an already bountiful […]

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Shibari Breast Bondage with JJ-cup “jujun” Maria Moore

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Surfing porn for some new Maria Moore content, as I hadn’t really featured her since she’d gone girl-on-girl with Samantha 38G, and came across what seemed to be at first a really bizarre photo of her… …honestly, upon first glance at the thumbnail for this pic, it looked to me as if Maria had grown […]

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Oops, I did it again…but Happy Birthday Alicia!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I am such a wanker! I’ve been chatting to the lovely Alicia Loren lately via e-mail and we somehow got on the topic of birthdays. Hers is just four days after my own, so you’d think that would be an easy one to remember, wouldn’t you? Why, I’d even marked it on my calendar so […]

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Let the Sunshine in…

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I received a comment on my latest blog (which, quite frankly, is no longer my latest, since this one is, until I write another) from MyBoobSite reader “thicky eight” (which one can only assume refers to length & girth of his genitalia, as the alternative would be self-deprecating) which simply read, “More Nelli, and get […]

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Nelli Roono Update

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Although this mega-busty blonde did treat us to a first-time view of her huge breasts naked in the videos I’d featured in my last Nelli Roono blog, it seems that she’s now put her tits back in again, having reverted back to wearing a sheer, see-through top for her latest photo series at the […]

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Free Live Cam Show Tonight from Claudia-Marie

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Just a quick heads-up that big-titted Southern MILF supreme Claudia-Marie will be hosting a free live cam show at her website this evening (July 7th) at 8PM New York time. Visitors accessing her main tour page at that time will get a java webcam window though which they can chat live with Claudia whilst watching […]

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Jana Defi & Taylor Kennedy – Porn on the 4th of July

Friday, July 4th, 2008

I wasn’t really intending to blog today but, being an American living in Britain, I just don’t get the opportunity to celebrate Independence Day in the same grand fashion as we did back when I lived in the ‘States. Sure, Vix will do a 4th of July barbecue or something like that to make me […]

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