Alexandra Moore 36H from

It’s only been a few days since my Divine Breasts Potpourri blog but, being the impatient bugger that I am, I decided not to wait for her upcoming appearance on DivineBreasts to show you the 27-year-old Italian H-cup wonder that is Alexandra Moore (especially after so many of you had told me about her). Thus, I took a wander over to her new Alexandra-Moore website and fetched a few photos of the raven-haired beauty for myself (oh, and to share with you all, too)!

Born on Valentine’s Day of 1979, Alexandra stands 5’10” tall and boasts measurements of 36H-26-37. I say boasts because, as she said for herself on the site, “Dear ladies, don”t hate me cause with my tall body and my large 36H breasts your man prefer to look at me. It is not my fault.” While such a comment may not be the best way to win friends and influence people, especially those of the female persuasion, she’s probably not wrong!

In addition to her gorgeous H-cup tits, I must admit that Miss Moore has a rather nice ass as well, and I’m by no means a butt-man by any stretch of the imagination. Then again, I find the whole package quite alluring – from the beautifully sensual and seductive face to her beach-lover’s all-over tan down to the tidy Brazilian-style landing strip that guides you to her pussy – Mediterranean goddess material indeed!

Alexandra has harboured aspirations of becoming a model ever since she was a young girl growing up in Italy. Her father owned a camera shop and she would spend hours looking through the photography books there, dreaming of being the person in the pictures. Well, fortunate for us, she’s finally decided to make the dream come true! And so, it’s my profound pleasure to present 36H Alexandra Moore from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from

Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from    Alexandra Moore 36H from


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47 Responses to “Alexandra Moore 36H from”

  1. Tony Says:

    thanks for the pics Alessandra, you are beautiful :)



  2. ben Says:

    very pretty girl. its a shame there isnt more of her from this set with her dress down to her waist and boobs out and allowed to naturally flop. that would be a stunning shot!

  3. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    She is really beautiful. Forget “Mediterranean goddess material,” she’s more like Venus incarnate. Check out the preview shots on her site, and I think you’ll agree.

  4. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Brilliant! Where the hell has she been? Look at those tits, I’m dying!! Gimme more, gimme Mor, gimme Moore!!!! Really nice!

  5. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Reese could you please get us some vid clips :-)
    Thank you ever so…

  6. Mikee Says:

    By jove, Reese, you’ve outdone yourself! stunning! How about a video or 2? She’s one in a million…!

  7. Speed Racer Says:

    There’s an extra seat on my motobike for the short ride back to my place…

  8. Hello again Says:

    Yes, Reese. I must admit this lady is both exotic and gorgeous. Even though vids would probably not do her true beauty justice, it would be a real pleasure to view a few. How about it?

  9. Vadd Says:

    Lovely addition! Thanks for bringing her to our attention- she certainly deserves it.

  10. tins Says:

    Fantastic – although not convinced these are H cups – more FF

  11. Logan_5 Says:

    What a lady. I know I wouldn’t last 2mins with her, given the chance !

    Superb ! :-)

  12. jeff Says:

    I seen her on webcam acouple times she is fuken hot!!

  13. Charles Says:

    No questions about it with me. I have stood up for the slim and stacked girls for a long time. There may be other models come along that are prettier, more voluptuous or whatever, but Alexandra Moore wins my top spot hands down. The uncontested BEST in my book. No other woman on this site I would rather have a long intensely sexual relationship with resulting in repeated matings and all sorts of committments! Alexandra RULES!! Perfectly my type.

  14. Alexandra's photographer Says:

    Hello Guys! I am photographer of Alexandra Moore.
    I just wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome.
    I am open to all kind of questions also on my site.
    Feel free to tell her what u prefer to see .
    Just one thing that I wanted to point out. If a girl is so tall like ALexandra is normal that her breasts don’t appear the same size in pics of a girl 5’2” tall. Alexandra is 5’11” and for this reason I will make pics of her with some other girl so you can see the difference between FF (G) cup and her H cup.
    I am not the kind of perons that lie on boob size cause I HATE that when other sites do.

  15. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Well now, special thanks to A’s photographer for stopping by….hmm, let’s see… The classy pix are very nice, elegant and erotic. How about more raunchy pix. Oh, I don’t know, something involving oil and perhaps placing something between those lovely breasts like a dildo, a cucumber, me. Perhaps some vid clips of Alexandra massaging them or just simply moving around topless/nude to allow them to jiggle and sway. Nude dancing would be great, I bet she’s very graceful.
    Does Alexandra have any plans to come to the states? She could stay at my place.

  16. Speed Racer Says:

    Dear Alexandra’s Photographer,

    Just whatever you guys do, don’t shave Alexandra’s peach–keep it nice and furry. Also, lots of feminine bits–bras and panties–garter belts and stockings, etc.–what men like! I think the correct formula might be modeled after Chloe Vevrier and perhaps Nicole Peters. Vintage lingerie would be nice too…but please, NO FOOD items–please (with all due respect, Mr. Unnatural). I like Alexandra’s elegance, sophistication and an emphasis of the correct wardrobe to show-off her marvelous sensuality and good looks. And thank you for lighting this particular shoot very well. Buon Adventura, Alexandra’s Photographer.

    Mr. Racer

  17. st.paw Says:

    Alexandra Moore is work of art for real.

    But speaking of big hooters, have you heard about this huge breasted Japanese model named either Fuko or Love? The first time I saw her was in Tokyo Topless. I think she’s 5’0 even and a P cup. Whoaaaa. That’s almost too much for me…almost that is.

  18. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Alexandra Moore Videos Says:

    […] When I debuted Alexandra Moore here a little over a week a go, the biggest request by far was for some video clips of the 36H Italian beauty. Well, having cobbled together a few choice clips from Alexandra’s very first video for her new site, today’s the day! […]

  19. Daniel S. Toma Says:

    Until now, Chloe Vevrier held a special place in my hierarchy of large-breasted goddesses. Welcome to that highest tier, Alexandra.

  20. Alexandra Moore Says:

    Good afternoon gentelmens, whats up??? thanx for the nices words, i hope i can enjoy you soon whit new pics and videos, hot sweet kisses,
    Alexandra Moore

  21. HUNTER Says:

    OH MY GOD WE NED URGENT PICS OF THESE BEAUTIFUL GIRL WITH THE BEST vevrier danni ashe nadine jansen kelly kay and now alexandra oh my god

  22. Friar Tuck Says:

    Is it possible to remove posts we’ve made?

  23. Reese Says:

    Friar Tuck~

    Yes. You just need to send me a message wherein you’ve cut & pasted the text of the comment you want deleted (the date & time would be useful as well) and ask that it be removed.

    ~Reese! :~)

  24. love secret Says:

    good afternoon Alexandra, I have had the chance to meet you Thursday 15 March 2007 to Paris in France, our meeting will remain for my sake an exquisite recollection.
    Why do you do you to call Nikki when you are on one’s rounds ?

  25. Schmacker Says:

    Alexandra is lovely, a real stunner! Thanks for all the great work Reese!

  26. jackzhang Says:

    if you like chineseboy give me a mail

  27. david relane Says:

    you got nice titties give me some you hot horny lady can I fuck you like candy. Let me have your pussy.

  28. THE BLOG SEX » Blog Archive » Alexandra Moore Says:

    […] Alexandra Moore est née en Italie, le 14 Février 1979. Elle a vécu près d’une plage pendant un bon moment et cela a été très difficile de s’en éloigner car elle a passé a peu près la moitiée de sa vie dans un bikini. Elle connait bien la photographie de par son père photographe qui travaillait dans une boutique photo. Devenir mannequin ne fut pas un choix évident pour elle qui se destinait à l’écriture et au journalisme étant très bonne éleve à l’école. Elle a travaillé dans une boite privée avant de faire ce qu’elle a toujours voulu faire : Mannequin. Un des ses bon amis photographe l’a aidé à ouvrir son site perso et le reste ne fait plus parti que de l’histoire… Site web perso : Divers : […]

  29. diego Says:

    te gustaria hacer una publicidad en la argentina, para la tv , aunque sea una comercial de pocos minutos . ehh
    porque deberias ir a una agencia para realizarlo…

  30. Dieghitto Says:

    It’s a very pretty and voluptuos girl…… easy to met her in Milan……

  31. pkhyu Says:



  32. Pippo Says:

    Alexandra is not Italian but is a Romanian escort. I don’t know why she said is Italian, because she doesn’t speack my language. Anyway if you want to fuck her is very easy and it cost about 250 euro. She “works” in Paris, Milan and Naples.

  33. carl brown Says:

    Pippo says that Alexandra Moore is an romanian escort and not italian. Where is your proof.

  34. carol Says:

    hum hum hum beatifulll look , sheis beautifulll

  35. carl brown Says:

    Where is the escort info for Alexandra Moore?

  36. sexy man Says:

    I am imagening my penis into her pussy

  37. wally Says:

    even if alexandra did not have those big beautiful boobs she will still be sexiest women in my books

  38. craved Says:

    i want to jiggle her boobs and lick them dry

  39. SE Says:

    Are you married?

  40. fernando Says:

    alexandra es muito bonita e tens uma mulher muito atraente e bonita..admirote muito nao so os teus seios mas a tua imagem..beijo fernando

  41. fernando Says:


  42. john the carpet man Says:

    i like with big boobes ihave a 12in cock bye shoe size i live in naples and i am a pretty good guy and i love fun in the sun like boats beaches ect. and im looking for a good time!!!!!!!!

  43. wally Says:

    I will say that you have beautiful boobs,but they alone do not make you are gorgeous with or with out them.

  44. Gabriel Says:

    Hi! I am an italian guy, and I admire you since a lot of time. Is it possible to meet you in Milan? Or it will be only a dream? Alexandra you are so beautiful!

  45. cosminho Says:

    IMAIL [mod edit: no private e-mail addresses permitted]

  46. Pauletta Mentnech Says:

    Please, can you PM me and tell me number of much more thinks about this, I am truly fan of one’s webpage…gets solved properly asap.

  47. can Says:

    irre euter

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