Aneta Buena has a new site: !

It was just yesterday that I received an e-mail from MyBoobSite reader Fred with this photo of Aneta Buena posing in see-through mesh blue lingerie. As a big fan of Aneta’s Buena, he was wondering if I could lay my hands on any more from that particular series. The website watermarked as the source of the pic – – was one I’d never heard of before, so I decided to take a look.

As it turns out, this is none other than Ms. Buena’s new home on the ‘net (and I was pleased to find that it’s webmistress Pani Silk behind it all – the lovely Polish lass who’d brought us the ever-bountiful BoobsGarden)! So I contacted Pani to see if I could take a tour of Aneta’s new virtual residence, and she kindly obliged. I must say that, for a relatively new site, I was profoundly impressed by the sheervolume of photo & video content already available there! And, since Fred had specifically requested the blue lingerie shoot, that’s what I’ll feature today.

However, there are so many good things to be found at, I can’t help but share some others: My favourite by far is the Jacuzzi series, featuring Aneta Buena in the bath and showcasing the buoyancy of her big breasts bouncing in the water. The big tits on glass is quite good as well, especially for some of the unique prespectives it offers. It was also nice to see Anita appearing with quite a few of her busty girlfriends on the site, including Wanessa Lilio & Ines Cudna (the former of whom loves me, just in case I’d never mentioned that fact here before). ;~)

But a promise is a promise. And so, pursuant to Fred’s request, here’s but a small preview from the whopping 132 photos included in Aneta’s “Blue Lingerie” series (yes, apart from having huge boobs, she’s got some huge photo sets as well!), courtesy of

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from    Aneta Buena from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×683 resolution)

…since Fred got to choose the photo series, I’m taking the liberty of choosing the videos for today’s blog. :~P As I was so “udderly” fond of seeing Anita in the bath, I’ve decided to make a few video clips from her “Milk” series! In it, we find Ms. Buena once again in the bathtub, this time pouring the contents of a carton of milk through her copious cleavage and then tidying up her milky tits with the spray from the shower head (I don’t think we’ve done water cascading through cleavage videos before). Once again, here’s Aneta Buena from

Aneta Buena videos from    Aneta Buena videos from

Aneta Buena videos from


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29 Responses to “Aneta Buena has a new site: !”

  1. johnny Says:

    First time I remember seeing Aneta Buene they always did their best to hide her bottom half at I also remember not being that impressed. It wasn’t long though before I changed my mind and now I just can’t seem to get enough of this girl. She’s really, really good.

    The blue lengerie set is especially good and the video to go with it is good too. My favourite though would have to be the plaid skirt. Something about that video does it for me.

  2. Lacey Says:

    I see that constructive critique is not what you are looking for in the “Comments” section, and I think I understand why. So after this I will give your models only enthusiastic fawning. I promise.

    However, just to illustrate my last point, look at the current photo shoot of Aneta, and compare them to the shoot of Alexandra Moore. Aneta engages the camera and looks at the viewer. There is fire behind her eyes and she throws her body and soul into the photo. Alexandra, pretty, great figure, I totally agree with you that she should be on this site, is totally uncommitted to the viewer. Her eyes are lifeless and she just sites there with no energy.

    This may be the way Alexandra is or it may be the fault of the photographer. I tend to blame the person behind the camera. They are the director of the photo shoot and it is their job to bring out the subject.

    I hope we see more of Alexandra Moore. And if we do I hope she brings more to her pictures.

    Very good site and please keep up the good work.

  3. James Says:

    Maybe I’ve been jaded by the humongous amount of porn available on the internet, but aren’t there any men or real women in Poland? Every shot and video of a Polish girl is either by herself or with another woman. There are no shots of the sexy wobbling and jiggling of breastflesh that would occur when she is getting pounded. What a waste of tits….

  4. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Oh happy, happy day! Fantastic pix, clips and news of Aneta’s new site. All smiles over here.

  5. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Hey Reese, Do you think you could swing some more of Aneta’s vid clips our way? I checked out the free tour page at her site, the clip where she’s lying on her back with a rose across her tummy looked especially nice. If you could send along any, clips where her wonderful breasts are in full motion would be fantastic. Not to sound ungrateful, not at all, thanks a billion for all the wonderful material you post on your site.

  6. Charles Says:

    I have always likes Aneta. I can’t help but wonder that she is not native to Poland though. Any Spanish speaker knows ‘Buena” is Spanish for ‘pretty one,’ or ‘good one,’ referring to a girl. “La nina esta buena.” The point is that is that is her real name she must be Spanish. If that is a stage name I wonder if she doesn’t have a Spanish imagination. She pretty so she is “Buena.” Not too far fetched. She does not exactly look like an American “latina” but I think she might be Spanish…

    But what I was really trying to say is that she is what you would call a ‘broad.’ A broad and a half! A broad ass and no matter how good her pictures look, she is the type that would be twice as nice with your member logded deep in there doggy style. No pictures can do justice to the way her ass is!

  7. Fred Says:

    Thank you soo much, Reese, for making my dreams come true!!!

  8. Grynder Says:

    Thank goodness she’s finally done it. This woman is a Goddess through and through. She has it all. A seductive look,voluptuous figure,a dynamite ass. Whew.. Wars have been waged over women like her. There’s a rumor that Bea Flora will soon have her own site. I hope Wanessa isn’t far behind.

  9. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    Allll riiiight! It’s great that Aneta Buena has her own site now. This will probably lead to some most excellent videos and photosets. On the other sites she’s worked for, especially when she’s appeared with other women, she always stood out as particularly enthusiastic and…aggressive, for lack of a better term. If these mesh photos are any indication, she’ll really be cranking up the heat now!

  10. Jes Says:

    If you check out myspace… Anita, and many more of these beauties are members. Their profiles often list the sites in which they appear. And their friends list is the ultimate bigbreastblackbook.

    Also, you may find a young woman named ‘Lynsey’ who looks very much like Jana Defi, looking to make contacts in NY, Miami, and LA.

  11. BigBoobFan Says:

    Wow – those are some sweet sweet curves on her. Very nice. As they say, muy buena! Me likey very much.

  12. Joey Says:

    Thank God she has her own thing now. I felt that the other models at who were more popular overshadowed her, like Bea Flora, Ewa Sonnet, Maria Swan, Ines Cudna and Cassandra. it wasn’t because they better, but they were more household names. To me, she’s the ideal gal out of the group. She just looks so vibrant and alive. Ines, as attractive as she is looks dead. No energy, nothing. I just want her to look alive. Ewa looks good, but she is quite boring. Can’ put my finger on it. Bea Flora I adore. Cassandra is old news. Aneta is fresh, lively, seems to have a kick ass attitude. Beyond just her sexy photos, I think she qualifies as “wifey” material.

  13. ben Says:

    love the pictures. last one is the best. its a shame it cuts off her left tit otherwise that shot woulda been awesome!

  14. Portugal, country of big tits Says:

    YES! You have no idea of what I had to search the web for this photo shoot. Funny enough I first saw a glimpse of it in her own website and looked for it ever since. She looks amazing in blue and I think I speak on everyones (with half a testicle) behalf when I say that would be wonderful to see more of that particular photo shoot (either photo or video samples). Again, she’s at her best on that one.

  15. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Big Tits vs The Tomato with Aneta Buena Says:

    […] Thus, I don’t have a lot of time for tomatoes. I do, however, have all the time in the world for Aneta Buena. I wouldn’t care if she filled her cleavage with cherry tomatoes, garnished with cucumber slices and covered her tits in honey mustard dressing, I’d be there in a heartbeat (with a salt shaker, natch, as that’s the only adequate way to mask the tomato’s objectionable taste (although there’s still that mucous-like consistency to deal with)). Tomato terror notwithstanding – especially since there’s only the one in this photo shoot – here’s the lovely Aneta Buena about six leeks short of a salad at… […]

  16. Nic Says:

    Does anyone know what these ladies measurements are….aneta buena, ewa sonnet, bea flora… I’m not just talking bust size…but height, waist/hips size and all?

  17. Orkhan23 Says:

    I’m from Azerbaijan.I’m a lover of big boobs.And I find Anetas photos from
    When I saw Anetas bobbs I was crazy.Because they are so nice,big and sexy.
    Now I’m ready give how much does she will ask me for her boobs.
    Please Aneta if you read this message make contact with me,ok?I’m waiting you;)

  18. aneta buena Says:

    im locking for contact with evrybody who knows me from busty and boobsgarden. Aneta buena(its no joke)

  19. CHAS Says:


  20. jack Says:

    Hi Aneta!
    I’m a your big fan!
    I’d like to meet you…how can I do?

  21. ibrahim Says:

    Hello Aneta iam realy injoy with u pics please send me a pictut=re no body
    have it thanks





    You are an ANGEL and all the ANGEL COMING FROM THE HEAVEN.



  23. APOLOS Says:

    Si alguna vez hallo el escape en la prision de mi vida…si alguna vez lo hallo…

    Cuanto quisiera pasear tu cuerpo en la piel de ANDROMEDA y en sus colinas talladas dejar contigo tu perfume…..misticos recuerdos de un futuro en brumas… ANETA ERES MITOLOGICA
    un cielo sin o con destino …..QUSIERA VERTE cubierta de seda….transparente como tu mirada …eres calida en una cabaña de piedras abrigar tu cuerpo hasta tiempos idefinidos ..QUE LOS ALCONES JAMAS LLEGUEN NI LAS NUBES DE TORMENTA CARGADAS DE PODER DEJEN CAER SU FURIA EN TU SER
    QUIERO SER TU ETERNO GUARDIAN…Y QUE JAMAS MIS MANOS SE EMPAPEN DE SUDOR AL EMPUÑAR LA ESPADA….en tus manatiales quisiera morir mil veces y mil veces resucitar con tu mirada clavada en la mia.

    Tal vez…quizas…el tiempo se detenga en un encuentro infinito… tal vez
    Despues de todo a mi espiritu llega la frescura de tus manatiales….lejanos pero viven en mi. Desde hoy te espero cada dia y cada dia es la muerte abrazada en mi….y no quiero pensar en ti pero pienso y cada pensamiento es una daga que me clava la vida en cada instante.




  24. APOLOS Says:


    Estuve observando detenidamente un video y capte la atencion en tu Rostro…ES INCREIBLE las cosas que he leido en EL… DEMAS ESTA DECIR…ERES UNA GRAN MUJER Y MUJER GRANDE….NO PUEDO DETALLAR MAS…AQUI NO PUEDO,PERO SI TE DIGO QUE ES MARAVILLOSO EL SENTIDO DE EQUILIBRIO EN TU MIRADA COMO TAMBIEN LA DULZURA ESCONDIDA EN TU CORAZON…DULZURA QUE ALGUNA VEZ QUISIERA SER EL DUEÑO ABSOLUTO…que esconde la SexyAneta? Bueno…eso es un secreto por supuesto! no se si tendras por ahi una bola de cristal para saber los secretos de otros …pero si te expongo mis mas sinceras palabras ERES GRANDE ANETA…MUY GRANDE DESPRECIO MI ALMA POR DECIRTE ESTO…PERO ES MI PROPIO CORAZON EL QUE TE HABLA.


  25. Trent Says:

    marry me…? or fuck me either woud be great…

  26. jamie Says:

    fuck damn I wanna I wanna lick those fuckin tits

  27. mohi Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii ANETA what boobs u have got
    just greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  28. Chris Says:

    just fantastic what a great body please please marry me and have my kids

  29. jay Says:

    When these chicks going hardcore??? I would love to see Aneta and Ewa slammed hard. Or even Nadine J. and Milena V.

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