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Do I have a “Top 20″ in terms of big boobs models? The reason I ask is that I’m currently embroiled in an e-mail discussion with my mate Frank who started our exchange with the following (paraphrased)…

Frank wrote:

Gotta tell you that I think the world of the great job you do of featuring the gorgeous women that you do on your site.

However, I have an issue with an omission from your top 20 breast list-rrrrr < ---drum roll... Merilyn Sakova.

I've been checking the ladies on the internet since '95, and I don't recall ever seeing a beauty as spectacular as that of Merilyn Sakova. Great legs, great feet (look great in pumps), great thighs, great flat stomach, great arms, GREAT ass (can almost see muscle in there), great looking face (wart and all-just add a little normality), great head of hair.....I'm missing something here, but it's skipping my mind exactly what it is. ;-)

I've been a huge fan of her's ever since she broke onto the scene back in '05 and your site was actually where I first took note of her.

She's not in your top 20? I'm glad you're not a judge-a lot of people would be hanging.... whether they deserved to, or not. -)

Just had to speak my piece. Keep up the great job.

…now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I honestly cannot recall ever having published a “Top 20″ list of my favourite big breasts. Have I? Since our intitial correspondence, I’ve searched and so has Frank, but neither of us can find any record of this. In fact, thinking about it now, I’d be hard pressed to even come up with such a list since my fancies tend to wander so frequently with all the big breasted beauties available! Sure, I’ve got a handful of all-time favourites from the heavy hangers set that have fuelled my fantasies consistently throughout their careers, but I don’t think I could come up with 20. [Hmmm. Perhaps I should take this up as a personal challenge!]

As for everything else Frank said about Busty Merilyn aka Anya Sakova, I would have to agree. I’ve been a fan ever since I first blogged her toward the very beginning of MyBoobSite. To see the contrast of those huge G-cup boobs against her tiny slim-n-stacked frame rated her amongst the truly well-endowed wonders of the world. In our further correspondence, Frank went on to say that he feels Anya’s best pictures ever could be found on – and, as Frank said with glowing regard to this particular series, “No toys, no fetishist themes (why bother? Her whole body is a fetish)…just her and that stunning beauty and sensuality of her’s.”

And so, Frank, in honour of your appreciation for Anya, I thought I’d share a few of the photos from that particular series with the rest of the world. Thus, here’s 32G Anya Sakova nude courtesy of

Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at

Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at

Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at

Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at    Anya 32G nude at

(photos courtesy of

…for those of you who like to extend the fetish potential well beyond Anya’s beautiful body, I should probably also point out that they have plenty of that sort of thing at RubMyBoob as well! For example, what would it be like if we trussed up Anya’s huge tits in a tight red corset and then handed her a big pink dildo? Well, we need only revisit her at the site for a graphically explicit answer to that question and more…

Anya 32G red corset & pink dildo at    Anya 32G red corset & pink dildo at    Anya 32G red corset & pink dildo at

Anya 32G red corset & pink dildo videos at    Anya 32G red corset & pink dildo videos at

…as our discussion continued, Frank also revealed that he’d learned from their webmaster that Anya’s photographer for these photos was none other than lovely F-cup MILF Exanti who also stars on the site! As I’ve not blogged Exanti for over a year now (despite numerous requests – sorry about that), I thought I’d include her in today’s post as well (hmmm, I wonder who takes her photographs?!). And so, in conclusion, here’s big boobs photographer beauty behind the scenes Exanti – in front of the camera this time – in these photos & videos from

Exanti big boobs basketball at    Exanti big boobs basketball at    Exanti big boobs basketball at

Exanti big boobs basketball videos at    Exanti big boobs basketball videos at


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37 Responses to “Anya & Exanti from”

  1. Vadd Says:

    Anya is looking better and better. Even starting to look like she is enjoying herself more! ;)

    Gorgeous girl with an amazing body. So slim with that amazing chest. Love this girl! Thanks for the new (to me) pictures!

  2. Sam Says:


    I am going to make a point here concerning something we discussed in a previous blog and tie that into the point I’ll make here.

    When we all agreed that a model without a face just isn’t the same and actually affected how we viewed the model, I think that is true for models whose faces are not as asthetically pleasing too, there is definitely a bias. If you compare Anya with Jana Defi they actually have identical body types and I would say being the slim’n’stacked King that they both have the ideal body types. On balance Anya is actually better. But; Why is it that Jana Defi has had the success that has almost seen her go mainstream yet Anya is still firmly on the big boobed circuit? personally I believe that it is purely to do with the fact that, in my opinion, Jana is facially prettier. In England we have seen her on the front cover of mainstream magazines earning big money with other types of work.

    Some might say that she didn’t want to go mainstream and earn lots more money. Valid point, she may even just like doing what she’s doing now, another valid point. But, they are just that, valid points, not reality- unless Anya cares to clear this up with us then we will never know. Personally, I think she has the best body in Boobdom but I must also admit that I have never been crazy about her and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But, her body is something I would use to defeat atheists concerning the existance of God. It is truely not of this world. So, I never knew why evertime I looked at her I just did feel the chemicals, I could actually be objective about her looks. Which isnot good for a breasts flesh man such as myself.

    I’m not sure if anyone agrees with me but I have said this with the best possible intentions. I know we shouldn’t compare the girls but I was doing it to make a point not to cause offence. I actually feel she has been discriminated against in some kind of way. Shame!

  3. Jacques LeStrappe Says:


    Keep in mind that Jana’s done mostly glam work up to this point. She’s been working with the likes of PinupFiles (yes, they did a set with Anya but it wasn’t all that impressive), while Anya’s been working with Score. You can’t even make a comparison there.

    Anya did some work with Divine Breasts (Reese mentioned it here: which is phenomenal. If she were glammed up to the level that Jana is, she could definitely give her a run for her money.

    Jana does have darker hair and eyes, though, so that gives her an edge in my book =)

    Now if we got them together for a shoot…well, I’d probably have a heart attack from getting too excited, but it would be the only fair way to make a judgement about who you really think is hotter.

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    She finally looks like she had sex. She always looked like she was a virgin or something. Now she finally looks like she has the “hey I know you want me and I want you to want me” look. Now she looks sexy to add to her good looks and awesome body. Not 100% but getting close. She looks like she is getting turned on by posing, she was so unnatural and made weird faces. Part of posing is acting and showing different emotions and conveying thoughts and feelings. Not that easy to do, anybody who has done it would know that.

    A lot of times it’s up to the photographer to get the best out of the model. Maybe the combination clicked, good for her.

    As for the photographer she could play with my basketballs anytime!!!!

  5. Sam Says:


    I hear what you’re saying but I do not see it, I want to, but I just do not see. The work you say is phenomenal isn’t. She has a great, great body like I said, it is probably the best in the business, nearly flawless. As for the type of work they do and the exposure, well, you make it sound as if we do not live in a capitalist ideology. If its good enough and it can make money someone is there ready with the greed and know how.

    I am not convinced that the genre exposure makes that much of a difference these days. But, I am prepared to say that I do not have possibly the same insider knowledge that you might have when I say that.

    My gut instinct tells me that what I feel is correct. I look at Yana and my reaction is OOOOMMMMGGGGG; I look at Anya and I think she looks great, perfect body. The difference is in the reaction. One is based on thought the other is based on a raw, primevel, chemical impulse. But, yet from the neck down they are identical except the edge for Anya.

    I too prefer dark hair and eyes but we are the minority everyone else prefers blonde and blue.

    Hopefully, I can be proved wrong in the future I’ll just see where their respective careers go.

  6. MaGnUs Says:

    Sam is right, Jana is prettier-faced… I really don’t find Anya’s face beautiful. But with those tits, I’d probably never notice!

  7. Mdcc Says:

    I think Anya isn’t quite as pretty, lips look a little too much and Jana’s body is better, nicer ass imo. Jana’s tits look a little more real too. Neither would get too many complaints from me though and I’m a big fan of Anya/Merilyn/Sabrina from when she first showed herself. I wonder if Anya’s focus on adult work, her slightly faker look and her language is more of a mainstream barrier though.

    Reese, the Top 20 was probably the 20 or so little thumbs that were in the right column (and have since mysteriously vanished). One was Alicia Loren (good choice), another Zina form SF (another good one).

  8. Reese Says:

    Ah, Mdcc, that makes sense. Rather than being a “top list”, though, those were just the first models who’d appeared on MyBoobSite and I’d put that there before I’d set up my model directory (which is now sadly in need of an update, if only I could find the time). Anya definitely would have been included amongst those little sidebar thumbnails, though, as she was on of the first models I’d blogged here. Hmmm.

    ~Reese! :~)

  9. Frank Says:


    Just to give you an example of just how poorly Anya has been handled up to now, let’s talk about Dense Milani for a second.

    She’s been around on the web since Sept 2007, has her own very classy site, has a Yahoo group that’s 18,000 ( yes-I shit thee not) members strong and still growing daily, and yes-she’s one very gorgeous woman as well with one of the nastiest set of curves you’ll ever find.

    The catch here is that she hasn’t yet done any nudity-partial or full.

    So how did she reach that level of popularity so great so soon without doing any nudity ? Seems kinda strange-doesn’t it ? What-are all her Yahoo and site members gay ? Well I don’t know about the other 17,999 members of the group, but I know for sure that I’m not gay.

    The only reason 2 reasons I can think are that (1) She’s the only TRUE girl nextdoor on the net, and (2) she feeds the fantasy in every man’s mind that if he was with her, it could very well turn out to be a great thing.

    So what does this have to do with Anya ?

    Nothing-that’s the problem. She’s stuck so many toys up her Hoo Hah, nipple clips and clothes pins ( no shit) on her tits, and fetish-themed outfits
    like her in a leopard costume on all fours licking milk out of a bowl courtesy of Score…

    You can’t help but think it would be a freak show to be with her. Now I’ve got enough freak going on in my life already without adding any more to it…

    Now that’s too bad because she seems to have a great sense of humor, and not a single trace of an ego…Now that’s the kind of girl I’d want to be with

    I get the impression that her handlers have grossly misrepresented her

    PISS POOR HANDLING is the reason why she may never get the exposure ( no pun intended) that she deserves.

  10. Jes Says:

    I think you guys are looking at it from the wrong perspective. If you look at it from a business angle. I think you’ll see a big difference.

    Jana has been specifically marketing herself towards glamour and mainstream modelling from the start. So does Denise Milani. Anya’s work, by comparison, is obviously the path of least resistance (whether intended or not).

    Pour enough money into marketing, and anyone can be famous. It’s just a matter of deciding for what one wants to be known. And, since most people tend to look at porn-stars as dirty, they aren’t as easy to market for mainstream. Which then means it will cost more money to market them to the same audience to the desired effect.

    Most people (in general) much prefer to see glamour models pretending to be dirty sluts (sorry, Reese), than the other way around. It allows people to maintain the illusion of innocence in their own mind. That’s also why super-models’ careers falter when drug-abuse is proven. To believe is not the same as to know.

    The one I’m most impressed with is Ewa Sonnet. Now she breaks down the borders of mainstream. At least in my mind.

  11. Sam Says:


    You talk about Denise Milan and now I come to think about it. I should have used her as a comparison. Even though Jana has a very similar background and body as Anya. Denise has got away with as much as she has and not actually done any nudity is purely due to the fact that she is soooo beautiful. And just to add insult to injury her breasts are fake! It only goes to show in a really crude manner that a pretty face will open doors for you in ways that only thousands of years of natural selection can explain! I think we have gone definitive with that now…..secular life sucks!!!!!!

  12. T Says:

    I have to agree with Frank,

    For me Anya/Merilyn is the sexiest women I have ever seen, and was the main reason I really developed my love of big breasted women, and also this website.
    But I just think there is a true lack of good sexually evocative content involving Anya.

    I want to see more poses that really show off her curves and the softness of her breasts.


  13. FrankNZ Says:

    I’m confused: I thought I was “Frank” here. No idea who the other “Frank” is who is featured in this post… To avoid further confusion, from hereon I will refer to myself as “FrankNZ”, which should give you some indication as to where I’m located. Anyway…

    Anya should be one of the most stunning big-breasted models arounds, especially in the slim-and-stacked category. Her breast are simply phenomenal when compared to the rest of her slim body.

    However, her slimness is my reservation about Anya: I think at times she actually looks too thin around the hips and ribcage. I think she would be totally scrumptuous if she allowed her curves to fill out a little more.

  14. Mason Says:

    Gentlemen I think it comes down to how a woman carries her self and what the rest of here body communicates.

    We all agree Anya is attractive and has a very appealing body. Unfortunately she does not come across as having much class or (dare I say it) self respect. I have to agree Anya pushes the porn envelope a little too hard.

    Jana Defi and Samantha 38G have something in common. If you look past the boobs (I know this is hard to do) and into their eyes you see a clarity and purity. When I look at Anya’s eyes I don’t see that. When editors and publishers choose a cover girl they want some one that is going to appeal to the largest audience possible. Jana does this. Denise done this. Anya would offend some people.

    Please don’t get me wrong I love Anya’s body…all I am saying is I wouldn’t take her home to meet my mom (you know what I mean).


  15. Sam Says:

    Jes (you first),

    These things do not happen in a void. I agree with you about the target Market but I am taking it to the next level. The target was chosen due to the product. It is simply because they are who they are they have been marketed in that way and to that audience. There is no magic to it! Simple capitalism/marketing!


    Again you’re correct as well but you’re missing out Jes’ reasoning. You find that those who do not have the confidence of good looks make up for it by leaning on their sexuality that bit more. We all know the the saying ugly girls try harder, and that isn’t a myth. Anya has done the same in her modelling and it shows she does come across much more cheaply. Not that she should feel that she needs to try any harder but it is probably a reflection on her reality.

    When you have a product that is almost impossible to change (without surgery or other drastic steps, such as the human body) it determines the target market not the other way round. When something is easy to change and adapt, it can be targeted to any group. Anya’s face comes under the former category.

  16. Frank Says:


    I’m the other Frank-so just to make sure that people know which Frank is from where, I’ll call myself Frank CDA (Canada) from hereon in.

    Now as for the people that say that Anya could use a littlemore meat on her bones, I’ll agree that she doesn’t have much of an S curve thing happening. However, the only way that she might be able to increase her hip measurement is if she ate a whole lot more.

    At least some of that whole lot more would wing up at her waist, and the rest of that whole lot more would wind up as fat on her hips.

    Is that something we’d like to see happen with her ? Me-NO.

    Back in ’04 when she first burst upon the scene, she was so thin that I thought she was anorexic. Compared to back then, she now looks fullbodied. Took me a while to get used to her new dimensions, but I thought it was an improvement.

    I think it was PT Barnum ( of Barnum and Bailey Circus fame) that said: ” Give the people what they want”. The idea there is that if the people are satisfied with what they got one time, they’ll come back another time.

    Now what if the people are given everything they want at just one time ?Would they want to come back another time if they already had gotten everything they had wanted ?

    Use me for an example. I collect images of women off the internet-so I’ve signed up with some sites either featuring just 1 woman or several. After I finish downloading all the pictures I want ( ie-got everything I want), I always quit those sites right afterwards. Why bother remain a member just for new ladies or updates of the others ?

    That’s the problem with the way her people handled Anya. They’ve already given the people everything they want, and a lot of what they don’t want too.

    Where do they go from here-how can they change things so they might attract new interest or at least keep the old level of interest steady ?
    Why do you think Score felt the need to repackage Anya on Busty Merilyn ? Because they were losing a lot of members ?

    Where do they go ? PORN. Bet on it-if Anya plans on remaining in the business longer ( it’s already been 3 years-a remarkable amount of time on the net), she’ll have to do porn.

    Frank CDA

  17. Joey Says:

    I think you guys think too much and are looking at these things way to analytically.

    Mason, I also think you are out of line by saying Anya comes across as having no class or self respect. What is your determination of class here? What line crosses it? I think it’s mighty presumptious of you to say that. What makes her less classy than Denise Milani? The fact that she actually takes her top off? What’s so classy about being a dick tease? Being a dick tease is lame, boring, annoying, and frustrating.

    Class is just nonsense talk. Class should go out the window when your job is to provide fodder for masturbation. Denise Milani keeps her top on, but people join her site and watch her videos not to hear her opinion on the mid east crisis and who she thinks will be the next President of the US. It’s because she’s a babe with big tits, and someone, somewhere is wanking to that. That’s it. What makes a woman classier if she’s gyrating in a small bikini in a hot tub, instead of in the nude? She’s still shaking her butt for money and for our enjoyment.

    I don’t think there is anything classless about any of these women, including women who do hardcore, people are free to disagree, but i’m not a prude and I accept and respect everyones decisions without calling them classless or lacking in self-worth. Provided they are doing things based on free will, are earning a few dollars in the process, bringing smiles and satisfaction to their adoring fans, who are we to label them by ignorant categories of classy and classless? If being classy means you are a bore who does nothing and wears only bikinis, then consider me a low brow, mullet having, inbred classless son of a bitch and I would have it no other way. If you want class, I suggest you go to the Opera and stop looking for it in entertainment made for the sole purpose of masturbation.

    I really would hate to be a model and read that i’m uglier, less classy and cheaper than some other girls. That would really deflate a woman’s self worth.

  18. matt Says:

    i think they r all great, but one thing i have noticed, how much exanti looks like cindy milley, could even pass for mother and daughter now that would be a fantasy come true if we could see them together.

  19. Cubist Says:

    Couldn’t help but comment after reading these thoughtful posts. For what it’s worth I’m a huge fan of both. Yes, Jana may have a little of the edge in apparent ‘class’ but Anya has started showing a cheeky, impulsive side too (I’m thinking of some of the clips from XXCEL and Knobby Nipples in particular.) I think she ‘s come an incredible way from the early stilted ‘I’m faking being a pornstar’ style of her first Score movies.

    As, I said I’m a massive fan of both. I guess I just love that confident sexy aura that beautiful slavic women so often have. Naturally busty and not afraid to show their personalities – a great combination.

  20. Frank CDA Says:


    Swear to you all, this is the last comment I’ll make about Merilyn/Anya…
    To me, everything that I physically love about Merilyn could be summarized in one simple phrase…she is very exotic looking..

    She’s got a look ( from head to toe) that’s all her own…most certainly not the same old, same old by any stretch of the imagination.

    Ironically enough, another lady for whom the word exotic could be used
    is Jana Defi.

  21. Sam Says:


    I hear what you’re saying but here is also some reality. These very women who put themselvfes out there invite us to make a judgement every time they take a picture, thats what they do and that is how they make their money. The judgement can be favourable or not. They are big enough and tough enough to accept it. And after all this is a blog that lends itself to discussion it isn’t just a wank site as you put it. Reese actually likes when we leave a comment- thats the whole deal.

    Plus, I myself did not mention class but I did say lean on her sexuality. But, I don’t think Mason ment it in a derogative way, he was just being descriptive- I think.

  22. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Wow, long posts …
    I hesitated to post … hesitated for about a minute than I thought “hell with it, Im gonna stand up for my friend Anya!” … Here’s the thing, guys …
    Anya aka Merilyn Sakova aka Sabrina is a REALLY sweet and caring person. We come from the same country, from the same city and we’re friends and I know her. I know the person behind those big boobs and slim body. I’ve read lots of complaints in other Reese’s posts about her and I feel a need just to tell what was/is going on behind the model biz’s curtains …
    Anya is a sweet nice warm person who cares about others more then she cares about herself. Real Anya cooks, cleans, washes and irons and the first thing she says to me on the phone when I call her is “When you come to Ukraine, Jelena, I will bake something tasty for you as I know you adore cakes & bakes” … She doesnt complaine about hard life (and trust me life in Ukraine isnt sweet for her) but she never complains! She fully supports her family (financialy too) and she is happy to be who she is.
    Obviously, for being to kind and pure, she ended up working for selfish and greedy people (and I dont mean Score) … photographers took her for granted. They shot massive amounts of content of Anya while paying her crap money. Now, some people say that she looks “fake” sometimes, most of the time on pics for Score … but let me tell you something, better to look glamed up rather then shooting in the shit apartment with shit light wearing shit clothes and having shit makeup!!!
    In October 2007 I went to Ukraine to help out with translation between Score and Anya (I did my photoshoot as well and you can even expect me and Merilyn together in pics and vid) and it was the first time different photographer (better one as well) worked with her … we had soo much fun that I didnt want to go back home lol … An operation was called “De-coding Merilyn” … and Im happy and proud to say we successed! Now and from now on you can expect different Merilyn Sakova, real one. The girl who wears classy dress, pearls and heels and cooks for us in her photoshoots! Thats real Anya, the girl I know and love :) and Im sure you will like her too. I often tell her about good comments on the net from her fans and trust me, she appreciates it. She shines when I tell her what a huge fan base she has … from now on Anya is in good hands and its not secret anymore that Anya signed contract with Score to be an exclusive model along with Christy Marks and other model. Now she is not gonna work with bad people for little money, I personally made sure of it.
    And the other thing I have to say to stand up for other models that NO MODEL likes to be compared to other model!!!! Bear it in mind guys … we HATE to be compared, even if we look-alike …. The only thing that we might have in common is big boobs … then every model has got her own “thing” going … some has fantastic eyes, some has full luscious lips but we all different … dont compare us plz!
    I think thats all I wanted to say …

    Happy Easter
    Lots of Love,

  23. Cubist Says:

    Jelena, it was great to hear you talk about the real Anya. I think her real personality does come through in more recent shoots. I’m glad things are going well and she has friends who can help and guide her career, to avoid exploitation. Best wishes to you both.

  24. Sam Says:


    We are really glad that you contributed to this diiscussion. I personally value your input. And, yes you highlighted one issue that natives of the west sometimes fail to remember becuase we have such a different way of life. I forget that sometimes girls in eastern Europe do what they have to because they are supporting whole families and may be the only source of income. I respect that fact and I am grateful that you have mentioned it. In the west we may be forgetful but we are not stupid.

    But, I’d like to respond. Jelena you have personalised an issue which was meant to be about the industry rather than about personalities. I critisied the industry for the way it had treated two girls who are so alike. I made reference to the comparison simply to highlight that it was something we know as taboo but also to highlight the difference in treatment. I did so in order to make the point I never went beyond that limit.

    No one is going to question the virtues and kindness of Anya. Who in their right mind would accept such critism anyway from some one who had only looked at a few pictures, that would be absurd. But there is a danger of personalising an issue such as this and the danger lies in the natural ability of the industry to regulate itself. If everytime you stifle the debate which will require girls to be compared then you allow the scumbags of the industry to hide behind that wall of silence. There must be an instrument of debate and self analysis. So, I do agree with what you are doing in helping and protecting your friend, that is noble but, making some issues personal only creates a problem rather than resolves it. Things have to be compared sometimes to see if there is exploitation or equality.

    Also, no one said that Anya isn’t a beautiful (person). My words exactly were “less asthetically pleasing”, which is a very subjective concept anyway. If what you’re saying is true then Anya would make a good partner and possibly wife especially round here but, her personal qualities and suitability as a wife and friend are not being brought into question. So, to put those into the debate only muddies the issue rather than helps to clarify!

    I hope this helps in some way! It wasn’t personal, it was business.


  25. Jes Says:

    I’m sorry. :(

  26. Frank CDA Says:


    I know I swore in my last message that it would be my last message about Anya-however, Jelena’s post forced a response out of me.

    Jelena, thanks for your insight on the kind of person that Anya is. In all my years checking out women on the net, I often wondered what kind of people any one of these models might be.

    Thanks to your post, it was the first time that I found out.

    I also want to thank you for confirming the truth about the rumor that Anya would sign an exclusive contract with Score.

    In this case though, I have to tell you that what hopefully will turn out to be good for Anya might not be so good for us-her devoted fans.

    As a one time longstanding member of Busty, I have to admit that they did a pretty good job of capturing her beauty-even if I didn’t always like the way they went about doing so, the repetitiveness of the poses from set to set, the formula they used every set-100 pictures broken down like this: 5 with clothes on, 70 nude, and 25 nude with a toy, etc…

    When she did picture sets with other sites, some actually did a whole lot better job of capturing ALL that Anya is as a model and a beautiful woman.
    Cases in point are and DDFbusty. The set at DDF where Anya is in a sauna is AN ABSOLUTE 100 % CLASSIC….both the pictures, and even more so the vid.

    So what’s bad for us fans of her’s is that Score will have the monopoly on Anya, and on us too. If we don’t like the way they present the ” new” Anya,
    we’ll have nowhere else to go to find other new stuff of Anya’s.

    While there’s a ton of old stuff of her’s all over the net that might keep us interested for a while, sooner or later we might lose interest if we can’t find better new stuff if we don’t like what’s at Score.

    Not good.

  27. Jelena Jasper Says:

    I apologize if I didnt get your point straight away and I know that somehow you’re right about the whole business issue. I have nothing to add on this matter. Thanks for your opinion.
    Frank CDA,
    I think you’re not going to be dissapointed with new Merilyn on her own website ( as Score did and will do their best to bring real Anya out. I know that she’s done beautiful work for DDFBusty and maybe some other sites but as far as my search on Merilyn goes, I come across poor quality and misrepresentation of her all the time.
    Now let me tell you about repetative poses and standart sets, its not something that companies do on purpose … even with a flexible model like Anya they still have to repeat poses … I for myself worried about this all the time (in my sets) but I cant do anything about it , can I? I do photograph other models from time to time (to help them to get in biz) and I notice that set after set its the same poses and sometimes I even make a joke to the model by saying “allright honey, soon you will stand on your head coz I dont know how else I can put you” lol ….
    The thing is there is 4 musts to produce a beautiful set of pictures and great video clip : 1) Outfit+makeup+hair, 2) Background, location, 3) Props (anything that model can play with during set, and I dont mean just dildos), 4) Poses+face expressions, angles. Those are 4 essentials in order to produce a gorgeous set. All 4 essentials have to work together.
    And Frank, Anya is in more happy place (financially too) with her Score contract at the moment, though its just a year contract (has started in Nov,2007) so I dont think you loose Anya to Score in a long run.
    Im sure she will see if she wants to continue this or not.
    The thing is, not every company has a budget to come and shoot Merilyn regularly in Ukraine (and she’s not flexible enough to travel abroad much)… so with this contract she gains stability. Its the best for her as she doesnt get ripped off by some skunky photographer who shoots hell out of her and pays her nothing while selling her pics to every possible site on the net.
    Happy model – better work she does – happy members :-) Im sure you all will appreciate new Merilyn once you see her recent work.

  28. Frank CDA Says:


    I think Anya is lucky to have somebody that cares about her as a manager-the usual ” in it for the money” doesn’t seem to apply to you.

    Class act.

    Careful of 1 thing though-Since the beginning of 2008, Anya has appeared in a belly dancer site kind of setup, and there’s a new set of her that has just appeared at DDF.

    I hope that Anya is not putting herself in a breach-of-contract situation with Score.

  29. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Frank CDA,
    Im sure those sites just have new material (which was stashed for later) to update. As far as I know Anya isnt shooting with anyone except for Score at the moment … When model does a photoshoot (it may be 1 day or 10 days of shooting content) there’s lots and lots of content of her and normally sites just show it online part by part. For example Lindsey Dawn McKenzie stopped her adult career with Score in 2005 … though I still see updates of her all the time :-) Hope it clarifies situation. Thats why in my previous post I told you that Anya wont completely disappear from other sites as im sure they have content of her (previously taken).

  30. Frank CDA Says:


    I didn’t know anything about the business-thanks to your teaching, I’m learning by leaps and bounds.

    What you said makes complete sense.

    Much appreciated.

  31. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Frank CDA,
    No problems! :-) glad to help whenever I can.

    Lots of love,

  32. Dave Says:

    Oh, you are so good, Jelena… certainly you will go to heaven… :)

  33. Jelena Jasper Says:

    LMAO … Im not that good … I doubt i will be in heaven – weeehh!



  34. joey joe Says:

    more exanti vids please!!!!!

  35. FrankNZ Says:

    Just to back up what Jelena was saying about Anya being in a better place with her current exclusive contract, not too long ago Scoreland ran a whole week of the photo shoots and videos taken on location in the Ukraine, under the title, “Merilyn Exposed”. I think that these are the ones that Jelena referred to, where she also acted as Anya’s interpreter.

    I personally think that this collection is the best material that Anya has done to date. Professional, glamorous even, but at the same time a tantalising look into the life of a very down-to-earth woman.

    Anya is a wonder of nature and from what Jelena is saying, she is a very caring and courageous woman too. She has all my respect.

  36. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Yeah, thats exactly what I was talking about. The stuff we produced is awesome! Hot, glamourous and real …


  37. Jena Zhao Says:

    Well i just found this site now and thought maybe you could help me ^-^I have a very slim upper body and curvy hips (which i have now kind of gotten used to) but my calves are fat (i have large calve muscle) and i hate it soo much. i havent worn a skirt or a dress since i was 9It really really brings me down. no matter what i do i jus cant slim dem down. is there anything you could suggest for me?

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