Bea Flora, Wanessa Lilio & Veronica del Unito

I know it’s Sunday and I don’t usually work weekends, but I thought it might be nice to slip in a few busty blondes before the weekend was out. The three blondes in question all hail from Boobs Garden, two being long-time veterans to MyBoobSite whilst the third is a newcomer.

Our first blonde beauty in none other than Bea Flora, who’d stunned me the first time she’s ever appeared at BoobsGarden a year and a half ago as it was the first time I’d seen her totally blonde (whereas I’d previously grown quite accustomed to the dark-haired Bea)! I still can’t decide which look is sexier, but have to admit her sultry attitude shines through regardless of hair colour. And so, a bit of Bea Flora from

Bea Flora at    Bea Flora at    Bea Flora at

…next up is Wanessa Lilio who’d likewise shocked me nearly two years ago by unexpectedly responding to my previously expressed infatuation over her with a little declaration of love of her own! She’s changed too as the time has passed, having lost a bit of weight and getting an all-over tan. Personally, I preferred the plumper Wanessa but, after all, it’s her body and we can but respect her for making whatever changes she likes. And so, a thinner, tanner Wanessa Lilio from

Wanessa Lilio at    Wanessa Lilio at    Wanessa Lilio at

…last but not least on our list of light-haired lovelies is Veronica del Unito who dispensed with all the pleasantries of the usual softcore introduction to a new model by making her debut riding a Sybian fucking machine! Good for her, I say, as it’s nice to occasionally see a new girl jump in with both feet and a spread pussy to boot. Here’s a few photos of luscious long-haired blonde Veronica del Unito (whose flaxen locks look especially lush in that second photo below) once again from

Veronica del Unito at    Veronica del Unito at    Veronica del Unito at

…and, since Veronica’s the newcomer today, I figured I’d give her today’s video slot (especially since she’s been so kind in giving us a look at hers). Concluding our Sunday three blonde quickie, here’s another taste of Veronica del Unito in mechanical masturbation movies from

Veronica del Unito Sybian machine fucking videos at    Veronica del Unito Sybian machine fucking videos at


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9 Responses to “Bea Flora, Wanessa Lilio & Veronica del Unito”

  1. Chelsea69x Says:

    Anyone else having trouble getting the videos to play? Great pics though. I’m thinking of moving to Poland.


  2. Ctexsins_Chelle Says:

    It seems to load only the audio sound track, and plays as such in the media player. No actual video, of the above scene. Is that what you meanrt? XOXO CC

  3. FrankNZ Says:

    What do they put in the water over there in Poland? I love Bea Flora, but prefer her with her dark hair. Any idea what her natural hair colour is?

  4. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    I liked Bea’s hair better when it was auburn/brown myself. Reese, are there any new Ewa Sonnet pix by any chance?

  5. Big Daddy Says:

    Why move to Poland when you have Chelle and Sam here? I love those big beautiful busty polish girls but we have some home grown busty beauties right here in the USA that can’t be beat.

  6. Muz Says:

    Ahhhh Bea Flora, the perfect woman. Long may she rule here

  7. BigBoobFan Says:

    I had no issues with the video files, although my media player did throw up a warning about the extension not matching the format. The videos played properly anyway. Great vids and pics! Man I love those Polish ladies!!! WOW! I must visit Poland before I die.

  8. Alex Says:

    I don’t know what do you mean, vids work fine … I’m using VLC

  9. stein Says:

    where is bea flora?? thx

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