Big Oily Boobs Bonus from Rachel Aldana

MyBoobSite Blog, Supplemental: Just a quickie for today, but I was just visiting the personal website of L-cup lovely Rachel Aldana earlier only to find that she’d posted some behind the scenes bonus pics from the blue bikini shoot I’d blogged late last week. In these, we find Rachel totally topless dribbling baby oil down her big breasts and massaging it in, thus transforming them into a glorious pair of gigantic glistening globes. And, considering that a lot of Rachel’s photos are posed in a classic pin-up style, I thought it might be nice to see her get some hands-on quality time with her huge boobs for a change (and, judging by her smile, she’s enjoying it almost as much as I am!)! And so, a few baby oil big breast massage photos from 32L Rachel Aldana at

Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at

Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at

Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at    Rachel Aldana oils up her huge boobs at

(note: actual photos available for download at the site are a minimum 2976×1984 resolution)


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21 Responses to “Big Oily Boobs Bonus from Rachel Aldana”

  1. Robinator Says:

    Great set right there…. Rachel is such a babe, would love to give her a helping hand

  2. x Says:

    Rachel is my dream girl ! Something about her shy smile & her amazing eyes. And of course her obvious assets.

  3. Sam Says:

    Unbelievable. Rachel is a product of dreams.

  4. codereduk Says:

    She is getting better and better, far more comfortable in front of the camera than she used to be. Amazing

  5. Joey Says:

    Just to emphasize the sheer size of Rachels boobs, take a look at this picture.

    Now, realize that she is lying down, with her boobs falling backwards, the way naturals usually do in all their splendor. Despite this, they are still many times larger than her head!! Amazing!

    Rachel, I want to have your children.

  6. tyrr Says:

    Good to see Rachel smiling more, in this and your last posting.
    (Instead of looking haughty.)

  7. Steven Says:

    The video from those pics was posted at her site yesterday and it is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! By far the best video of Rachel that I’ve seen so far. She seems much more comfortable in front of the camera as she smiles a lot and looks seductively at the camera. She also touches and massages her gigantic oil covered breasts a lot which is a refreshing change from some of her more static videos. I know that I’m probably repeating myself but I just can’t get over Rachel’s mind boggling body and breast size. Seeing the quality of her pics and videos constantly improving with time as she matures as a model, I’m convinced that with her spectacular physical attributes she will easily become one of the greatest big bust model of all times (if that isn’t already the case).

  8. bobjfs Says:

    How can anybody not find her attractive, especially images 08 and 09. As an old rock song goes, she gives me the shivering fits.

    If she keeps growing as a model, as this session clearly demonstrates, she will become as renowned as Milena, Nadine, and the other titanic Teutons!

  9. Vadd Says:

    She makes me happy.

  10. FrankNZ Says:

    In the many big breast obsession sub-genres, I have always had a weak spot for watching a busty woman massage copious amounts of oil into her magnificent breasts. All the focus is on her and her breasts; the languid, erotic movements as her hands slip and slide over her pliant breasts, their shape transforming ever so slowly as she varies the amount of pressure or the direction of the movement of her hands. And then there is the wonderful glistening effect, her breasts attracting all the light that seems to be available, further emphasising that it is all about her breasts, that all else is irrelevant. It’s enough to make this grown man cry. So seeing the wondrous Rachel engaging in this erotic ritual is a gift from big-boob heaven!

  11. Joey Says:

    Frank, you’re a goddamn poet. Bravo!

  12. Big Daddy Says:

    She is getting better as she matures. I felt she was just a bit young in the past but she is quickly turning into an awesome vision of womanhood.

    She is amazing. usually I like bigger areola and nipples but for some reason they look right on her and everything is in proportion. An amazing gift to he world as though she were a perfect work of art.

  13. Chad Says:

    Hey everyone, longtime lurker, first time poster. I just wanted to chime in on something (apologies if it’s been discussed before), like everybody I totally agree Rachel is smokin’ hot but am I the only one who’s a little disappointed that her aerolas aren’t a little bigger? With that much “real estate” you’d think they’d round out a little larger. If she had say someone like Faith Nelson’s boob-to-aerola ratio, I’d be in beyond heaven!

  14. samson1039 Says:

    Is it just me or do her boobs look fake? not that there’s anything wrong with that. Her areola look incredibly small for someone with such large breasts.

  15. Hankloveshooters4ever Says:

    Oh! My Stars. That is fantastic. Rachel looks extremely sexy all lubed up. Man, she is a godsend. I fall in love with her all over again.

  16. Andy Says:

    she seems a lot more relaxed and the shoot has to be one her best yet

  17. Martyboy Says:

    I’ve got to say this is Rachel’s best shoot so far, she really looks like she’s enjoying it now. Here’s hoping for more of the same!

  18. owaro franck Says:

    i need to meet shemales beautiful tits

  19. Alamin Says:

    What a TIT—I’m amazed after watching the Aldana’s Beautiful and lovely breast. Do you mind Aldana if I want to suck your mighty TITs. I wish you a happy and prosperous life and your career.

  20. Alamin Says:

    I don’t moderate my comment because I love Aldana more than my life

  21. rene Says:

    Great assets thats for sure! This boobs are for eating!

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