Brandy Talore sets up house at ClubBrandy…

‘Tis the season for new websites, or so it seems, with the latest entry into the fray being Club Brandy – the official website of Brandy Talore. Now, while I’ve blogged Brandy on many sites here in the past (albeit as Brandy Taylor), none of them have actually been her own. So, after having appeared in over 35 men’s magazines, 150 porn shoots, countless websites and winning the coveted title of “Rookie Starlet of the Year” at the fan-judged 2006 F.A.M.E. awards, it’s nice to see she’s finally got it together for herself!

The 24-year-old from Findlay, Ohio is quick to assert her ownership as well: “This is my real website. There are so many sites out there theat pretend to be me. They are fake! I am finally so happy to have this site mainly because all of you loyal fans have waited so long. SO be assured, this is really me writing this blog, maintaining this site, with help from ‘behind the scenes’ people. And without those good people none of this would be possible.”

Fortunately for hardened skeptics like myself, I happen to know the ‘behind the scenes’ people to whom Brandy refers and can thus verify that her sentiments are sincere. I also know that she’s really looking forward to managing her own site and coming up with all-new exclusive photos & videos with which to stock it in her own inimitable style.

If I had to choose the one thing I liked best about our Brandy (apart from her breasts, of course) it’s that she’s truly proud to be in hardcore porn. To those who would find her lifestyle / career choice less than appropriate for such a lovely young lady as Ms. Taylore, she offers the following: “Well I am a pornstar… and I luv it! It has been truly a fun fucking job, (pun intended). I wouldn’t have traded this for anything in the world…. even though all you ‘nice’ people want to judge me, thats cool, judge me, just make sure you also comment on how well I give head!”

And that about sums up Brandy Talore in a nutshell (although, in addition to recognition for giving a good blowjob, I’d certainly have to commend her for tremendous titfucking talent as well!). Here she is doing a little of both at her new and very own on-line home of

…oh, but why stop there? There’s just so much more to Brandy than being a beautiful, busty, assertive, outspoken cock-sucking tit-wanker (and I mean that most endearingly). Indeed, she’s a great fuck, too! So it would be remiss of me not to include a video gallery within which Brandy demonstrated the broader spectrum of her talents, again courtesy of



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29 Responses to “Brandy Talore sets up house at ClubBrandy…”

  1. Vadd Says:

    HOLY CRAP! God I love Brandy. Perfect body with amazing tits, pretty little pussy, cute face, sucks, fucks, moans and looks to have a cute, charming personality. She is in my top 5 for sure… Look out Faith!

  2. gustave Says:

    It seems that you had a busy week with both Brandy and Alicia launching their own websites with such little time between. I must say that everytime i see Alicia, man, those are serious tits…I wonder how much each one of them weighs?, suppose the lucky bastich that got her pregnant, can answer the question ¬¬u
    And as for Ms Taylor, well, she sure has been around the “porn” block for some time now and as Reese notes, she sure enjoys herself doing it. A great combo: petite, cute face, huge boobs and a all-too-fuckable ass, hard to beat ^^.
    Reese: On a less “hardcore” question: ¿did you see the photo session of Jana and Michelle Marsh in the Loaded magazine? Way too hot o_O U

  3. Charles Says:

    Huh? gustave says ‘got’ her pregnant. Who got her pregnant?!?!

  4. Daedra Says:

    Brandy is hot. Great face, great tits. However, in many of her scenes it seems like she just doesn’t want to be there. Sometimes she just doesn’t seem “into it”. She also seems to be a bit of a “dodger”, one who avoids facials and oral cumshots. I’ve seen many scenes with her, and she’s only taken a few facials, and I have never seen her take a cumshot in the mouth. Doing anal would help her stock rise as well. I look forward to more films with her in the future!

  5. ben Says:

    brandy taylor never disapoints! beautiful tits and just gorgeous!

  6. BigBoobFan Says:

    Brandy is one sweet hottie. She has a wicked rack and I can’t stop looking at her erect nipples when she gets going. AMAZING! Her hard core is truly hard core.

    What’s with the name change? Is she saying the “Brandy Taylor” sites are not her own? She’s on BangBros a lot as Brandy Taylor – or was that just her start-up porn name and now she’s using her real name?

    Either way, keep her cumming… IFYAKNOWWHATIMEAN!!!!

  7. Bill Says:

    Brandy is hot but she’s been a bit overexposed lately. I also wish she would stop covering up her stomach all the time. It takes away from the scene in my opinion.

  8. Bill Says:

    LOL…well I guess I should have looked at the latest vids before saying something about her belly always being covered. :D First time in a LONG while though.

  9. fellini3 Says:

    And she (Brandy) looks even better with her pretty face drippin’ jizm from a big dong. Too bad Alicia doesn’t do hardcore… Her tits are so big and they hang so low–I’d love to knead ‘em. By the way, what is Alicia’s ethnicity, Italian?

  10. Blowfish Says:

    I’m with Bill on this one. She should have made the move to her own site 150 videos ago.

  11. ridha Says:

    And she (Brandy) looks even better with her pretty face drippin’ jizm from a big dong. Too bad Alicia doesn’t do hardcore… Her tits are so big and they hang so low–I’d love to knead ‘em. By the way, what is Alicia’s ethnicity, algeria?

  12. Joe Says:

    If she didn’t cover up her lower stomach area, we’d all be able to see the scar from her C-section…kinda ruins the innocent girl next door fantasy, eh?

  13. Tetto Says:

    I have yet 2 c brandy taylor fuck a black guy can anyone tell me why?

  14. ali Says:

    pictirs brandy tylors pic boobs

  15. fernando Says:

    I LOVE BRANDY TALORE i just wish i coulda met her when she was younger cuz dam i woulda done anything for her

  16. Tim Says:

    No one wants to see her with a black guy, if she ever did, i would never respect or watch her again…nasty!

  17. ele Says:

    ummm and y can’t she have sex with a black guy ass hole??

  18. welsh andy Says:

    i will be in love with brandy whoever she goes with

  19. sean Says:

    I wish I could lick her pussy then fuck her tits and then cum down her mouthp

  20. wela Says:

    hope i can meet her and sex with her

  21. Patrick Says:

    “If she didn’t cover up her lower stomach area, we’d all be able to see the scar from her C-section…kinda ruins the innocent girl next door fantasy, eh?”

    What “innocent girl next door fantasy?” She’s a fucking porn star. I agree with Bill, she shouldn’t cover up her tummy so god-damned much. She isn’t fooling anybody and if she’s too self-conscious or whatever to show what she’s got she shouldn’t be in the business.

  22. Robert noren Says:

    How can I meet brandy

  23. mark Says:

    i love the fact that brandy taylore has never had sex with a coloured man and i hope she never does

  24. Spike Says:

    I had the pleasure of spending an hour with the lovely Ms Talore and I have to say see definitely did not disappoint. Sweet, nice friendly gal and with all the usual trimmings but my word THOSE NIPPLES!!! There’s no way they were intended for a small baby to suck on!

  25. tattoo designs Says:

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  26. andy Says:

    who cares if she does a colored man mark? bigoted asshole

  27. George Says:

    Why is it that in 99% of Brandy Taylor s scene’s, she cover’s up her belly/stomach? What a turn off.

  28. J MAC Says:

    i have made 1 movie with this chick and she takes it like a champ

  29. mark Says:

    actually brany talore has done a movie with a black guy and aleixs silver. i thing his name is byron long

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