Denise Davies 34JJ

The other day, I received an e-mail from a fan of MyBoobSite with a little constructive criticism (not nearly as bad as some people, though) and a kind request: Basil wrote, “Being a big boob fan I enjoy what you present, a bit of objective criticism there is a lot of the same ie. the same girls, even if they are gorgeous it is a bit repetitive. I have seen very little of Denise Davies and lets face it she is the Queen of big nipples, hers are absolutely stunning her only competition is Eden (editor’s note: yes, that Eden). I would love to see more of her and would appreciate it if you could accomodate me.”

You’re right, Basil; looking back over my past 227 posts here, I was only able to find one in which Denise Davies appeared. I could make excuses ’til the cows come home, but there’s really no legitimate reason that the 34JJ Denise should not grace these pages. Besides, we can never have too many JJ-cup models (let’s see, there’s Alicia, Maxi, Sarah Mercury and…that’s it!). So, as an act of contrition for my oversight, a means of making up for lost time and a gift to the lovers of massive aureolas among you, I’ve decided to include two Denise Davies galleries in today’s post!

The first comes courtesy of my mate Sarah Jane Morgan’s Kinky Voluptuous website (in fact, here’s Denise & Sarah Jane now!). In this series, Denise shows off her lovely red corset. As much as I enjoy sexy clothing, I tend to prefer my women stark, bollock naked. Fortunately, where nudity is concerned, Denise is more than happy to oblige as the fashion show turns into a splendid strip-tease…

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at


…the second is from her work with Top Heavy Amateurs, and just goes to prove that Sarah Jane’s isn’t the only site with a big boobs food fetish (and, although I’m not much into the fetish scene, a sticky chocolate ice cream titfuck suddenly seems rather appealing):

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at

Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at    Denise Davies 34JJ at


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25 Responses to “Denise Davies 34JJ”

  1. jazzman Says:

    Do people get off on women smeared in food? I love food, and I love women; together, smeared around into a sweaty, oily, disgusting mess, I do not enjoy or appreciate either!
    I guess it’s like this: I love an ice cream or a sandwich or a what-not and I love a big (firm or somewhat floppy) set of hangers, but not smushed together. Maybe, I’m missing something…?

  2. porkrinds Says:


  3. Very Free Says:

    Whoa! A big thumbs up to ya, Reese, you’ve outdone yourself this time! When it comes to big, heavy, ever-so-desirable boobs with large, full, well-defined areolas, Denise is up there with the best, IMHO. Combined with that big body (she’s five-ten or 1.78m), and that head of long hair, she’s awesome. The only thing about her that I find less than appealing is when she grins, she looks like she’s just come back from the dentist. Those puffy cheeks look like they’ve been pinched too much. But I wouldn’t be trying to pinch her cheeks! I’d be reaching to pinch those stunning boobs! (as Basil called them.)

    Jazzman has a good point, but he should take the advice of that old adage, “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” Just use that food smeared all over her as an opportunity to pull her into the shower and rub your hands all over her boobs while you’re washing the food off!

    And just hope she also smeared that chocolate all over her crotch. That way, you can use it as an excuse to help her massage certain other sensitve parts of her anatomy, too! Wink-wink! Wank-wank! Woo-hoo!!!

  4. Sammy London Says:

    Denise, 36jj, well, I’m not too sure, but I agree with you, not my thing!

  5. Richard Lovel Says:

    I love Denise. I’ve lost gallons of spunk over her.

  6. dreyfuzz Says:

    Denise is fantastic!! I can’t tell how much I love those massive tits and the large areolaes. Did you know she’s pregnant? Or was, considering how she looks on the Chesty Preggos DVD, Denise probably has given birth already some time ago.

    I also find it a very big turn-on that Denise has done three-some and DP on film!! And we’re talkin’ about a former “Housewife of the Month”. Her husband indeed is a very lucky fellow…

  7. Very Free Says:

    Re: dreyfuzz comment about Den being PG, that must’ve been a while ago, but I wish she’d get PG again! Maybe ber boobs would swell up even bigger the next time!. You can go here:
    and see her huge belly and even huger tits than now, swelled up and getting ready to milk. Just click on the center picture, and it will bring up a bigger pic.

    Also drefuzz said. “Her husband indeed is a very lucky fellow…” but I’m not so sure. In an interview, she was asked if she liked to play with her boobs, She said that she loved to suck on her boobs and masturbate, that it was sometimes better than sex, and that way she could survive without men. :-(

  8. Big Bust Affecianado Says:

    That smeared food thing is not sexy to me either. It turns a woman’s body into a trashcan or like a baby spitting up it’s food. Not my thing either–especially as it just looks so canned and orchestrated. But Denise is a hotty, that’s for sure.

  9. Carlos BA Says:


  10. Fish Says:

    Denise is the Queen. End of.

  11. fred Says:

    Denise has a great set of tits and winning smile. The best boobmeat on the net!

  12. Lynda Parson Says:


  13. Dweeb Says:

    Lynda, would you like a bit of Denise then? mmm!!


  14. Hyperion Says:

    When I first laid my eyes on Denise, I immediately felt that she should be my wife for all intents and purposes! There’s a wonderful NATURALNESS about her. And she looks softer than the finest silk! I also adore her heart-warming smile. I bet her personality is sweet. It just have to be with a beautiful face like that!

  15. HorsePleasure Says:

    Chalk up another one for not being turned on by tits smeared with food, massage oil, yes!!

  16. Who Cares my name?!! Says:

    Wow…I love this women…

    i would really like to puck my dick between those tits


  17. Steve Says:

    I liked Denise a lot when she first came on the scene. Now, she’s way, way overexposed. There’s no denying the attractive breasts and areolae, but she looks the same wherever and whenever she is shot. She always has a smile on her face which should really be replaced by look of sexual wantonness and abandon. She doesn’t really know how to pose, or her photographers don’t know any better. Also, I’ve seen her interview in Score and she is really doing this simply for the money, nothing else. In short, I’m bored with Denise any more.

  18. fdju Says:

    do some workout? let’s full nudity soon?

  19. banjo77 Says:

    Denise is a lovely, spirited, downright pinchable gal, who obviously enjoys her work. Lucky are the partners who get to enjoy her charms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. larry thompson jr. Says:

    Hi denise davies I enjoy your pictures and film I love your pregnant film chesty pregno. I want to donate you sperm to have a new baby

  21. biggerthebetter Says:

    HOLY HELL, your so fit babe!!

  22. carlos Says:

    waiting for another dp

  23. cockhead Says:

    Denise i love ur hairy pussy & ur big tits i would love ti have my big cock in u right now bb.

  24. shan kar singh Says:

    Ever since i saw denise davies she has become my only centre of attraction.. I love her pussy and boobs as well

  25. shankar singh Says:

    Denise, please upload some of your pee photos.. these will be fantastic..

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