Dors Feline 34K at

BREAKING BIG BOOBS NEWS: Great news, boys & girls – udderly amazing K-cup newcomer Dors Feline has her own site!

Dors Feline at

An inevitability, to be sure, especially after all of the positive comments she received on my Dors from GodsGirls blog, not to mention the lovely Ms Feline herself popping in to alert us that her personal website was in the works…

Dors Feline wrote:

Well boys i have to say im blushing with your beautiful comments! Godsgirls was my first home for modeling and i have to breakt the news that the set is amature, its a diy that the site gets models to shoot in their own home , what your seeing is a sneek preview of my actual bedroom!

I have been discovered luckly enough by candy girl productions and im currently waiting for my solo site to go live in the next week!

can i count on you guys to come over and see me there? ive done some sexy shoots but the videos…ooooOOOOO wow!

love to you all!

Dors Feline


…well, Dors, I think you can safely count on all of us dropping by for a housewarming visit to your new home on the ‘net! It’s not often that such a stunningly beautiful big tits treat like yourself comes along – especially not one so extremely well-endowed with K-cup breasts – so you can certainly expect to feature regularly here on MyBoobSite!

But massive breasts aside, this gorgeous girl has got it going on all over, from her short & sassy two-toned goth chick chic hair to her cute face with its sultry, sexy smile to her beautiful busty voluptuous body all the way down to her pretty pierced pussy (and I must admit that lovely Dors’ frequent pussy flashing pics are amongst my favourites of all!).

And so, I’d thrilled to help spread the huge boobs news that the newest big breast sensation super busty 34K Dors Feline has a website of her very own as celebrated in these sexy big tits photos & videos from

34K Dors Feline photos from DorsFeline

Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from

Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from

Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from

Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from

Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from    Dors Feline photos from

34K Dors Feline videos from DorsFeline

Dors Feline videos from    Dors Feline videos from

Dors Feline videos from    Dors Feline videos from

(note: actual photos available for download at the site are 1600×1066 resolution)


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36 Responses to “Dors Feline 34K at”

  1. Jeff Says:

    What an incredible woman.

  2. johnny Says:

    anything she does is awesome in my book

  3. charles Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of tatoos, but they are ok. I tend to like more ‘vicious’ or masculine tatoos (skulls, snakes, knives, hearts, etc. more traditional stuff…) and so I have to say I don’t care for Dors’s taste in tatoos. Too ‘cute’ of a tatoo kind of seems funny to me.

    So having said that I must admit I don’t like poses where we see her arm more than her breast. I want to see her boobs.

    But I think her cute face and bust are about the best we’re going to see. Her face is adorable! Nothing but lustful desires when I see her. Just keep your arms at your side, sweetheart and let us see your chest! Her dyed hair just adds to the whole thing. Love it. I’ve fallen for this fallen angel look. She’s stunning. Amazing how full and firm her breasts are! Imagine how big they are going to get once she’s fully grown and children enter her life….

  4. charles Says:

    By the way those vids are great! She seems very natural with the camera (for a newcomer) and all I can say is she ought to smile more. A little cold right now. But she has a great music selection on those tracks. A little more sensual than what we hear with Rachel Aldana, which is a bit too ‘new age’ or ‘epic.’ Fun music.

  5. Tony Says:

    Dors, you definitely have a future in the modeling buis! You can turn heads from across a crowded White House ballroom floor!!! Then there is your gods gift of a body. I would not even attempt to approach you feeling too much pressure from so many other douche bags trying to drop dumb sexual innuendos as a pick up line… or the horseshit chivalry buy you a drink asshole guy – fuck that. You are in the right position for a world that offers less jobs and struggles to get out of a recession. You’ll probably be picked up by other big boob models to help propel their own sites as you are among some of the top models out there.

    Good Luck with your life :)

  6. Sam Says:


    You are incredibly good looking and your body in perfect. Word of advice honey praise doesn’t come cheep here; we have seen the best and aren’t impressed too easily.But, where you’re concerned I think we may have stumbled over a new kitten.

    You are definitely looking at big league my dear.

  7. Sam Says:

    Stunning simply stunning!

  8. Scott Says:

    totally mesmerised by her fantastic body

  9. cd_RW Says:

    My favorite new girl as of late. God, I love Dors. Gonna have to sub to her site as soon as it goes live. Keep up the fantastic work, Dors! You are loved in NYC!

  10. kevin Says:

    omg Im in love!

  11. peeb Says:

    Dear God in heaven, that woman is beautiful.

  12. Gonads Says:

    Damn shes stunning! Hope she eventually follows the career paths of Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Chloe Vevrier and Faith (to name a few)

  13. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    I’m so into this babe, or would like to be at any rate.

  14. Dors feline Says:

    OMG more beautiful comments! , ill take on board the comment about my videos, *wink*

    and i have to say charles, your comment about my “too cute” tattoos? Im a girl darling thats why their cute, because im a girl! lol

    that did make me chuckle lol!

    thankyou guys and girls again for all the love! massive kisses to you all! i wouldnt be here without you!

    My sites live and doing really well! if you want to go see ill leave you the link and some kisses!

    love Dors

  15. Bert Says:

    Outstanding! I am a massive fan of this woman. Love the tattoos!

  16. Arse Says:

    Wow – great look. Love the tattoos! I think you are perfect!

  17. kahn Says:

    I am so glad to see I wasn’t the only guy floored by this woman. I even had my local porn shop owner see if he has any vids with her, or had seen her before.
    She is a phenomenal beauty and am privileged to see these pics.

  18. Lance Says:

    Well guys.. I think we’ve got a winner!

  19. Marc Says:

    Yeah she pretty much has the whole package. Beautiful face, great bod, unbelievable boobs and that “bad girl” quality. Lovely.

  20. CarlosBA Says:

    Wow amazing girl!! so cute!! about tatoos I didn´t see it!! I only see those amazing, tremendous, incredibles tits!! I love your BOOBS baby…
    Tienes unos pechos increibles amor!!

  21. Tony Says:

    You might want to get real Cam.. maybe something like a Sony PMW EX1 for less noise in low level light. You can see the noise coming through in the picture quality. They run about $6,100 USD but are totally worth it. Check out Vimeo for some comparisons.

  22. Tony Says:

    Her tiny head and those big boobs – makes them seem all the bigger!

    Look at the first pic up top… doesn’t it!? hehe

  23. Vadd Says:

    This girl is just plain hot. Like crazy-can’t-stop-looking-at-her-hot. I think I may have a new favorite!

  24. Keith Says:

    not keen on the tattoos but thankfully the boobs are big enough to keep my eyes from them.

  25. charles Says:

    Dors, anytime you want a chuckle hit me up. You think I’m funny being critical? When I’m trying to be nice I’ll make you gasp for breath! Well, I’m very glad you are following this blog.

    I won’t get into a big long tatoo discussion. I reserve my taste in tats. A positive comment is that I like the ‘wildcat’ spots. Very good one that.

    F-kin K CUPS!! Aww Dors you are going to blow the lid off my teakettle. Thank you for sharing. You’ve made a choice to go into this breast modeling, and forgive my criticisms, just remember I want you to do all you can to go to the very top and be everyone’s sweetheart.

  26. jazzman Says:

    I’m so glad I added her pictures on the forum. She deserves the rep. Dors, you can thank me with a complimentary pass to your site :)

  27. x Says:

    Reese….you nailed it right on the head about Dors….and I’d like to nail….uh I think she’s great !

  28. henk Says:

    I’d love to get lost in that body. Unbelievable tits indeed.

  29. MaGnUs Says:

    Wow, Dors… you’re one of my new favorites. Kitten, soon, yes. Do join the forums. :P

  30. kahn Says:

    as a tattoo artist myself, id suggest she get MORE tattoos. ;)

  31. charles Says:

    Tatoos on a woman are what you examine endlessly AFTER you’ve had mutually satisfying orgasms. But they aren’t the cause of the allure. It’s THE BREASTS! Having said that, I’m fascinated by this heart in a bottle. What’s the deal? Dors mind if I examine the art a bit? Again, the feline stuff is good.

  32. Pieman Says:

    In my opinion Dors is without doubt a beautiful woman even if she had tiny boobs and no tattoos. Up until now I have never been that much of a fan of tattooed women only because most of those women have had masculine tats like skulls and flames or clichéd daggers piercing a hart, roses, snakes etc. What is more most if not all the women that I have met sporting such tattoos have been rougher than a badger’s arse kind of pig ugly biker chicks who have fucked everyone in their gang many times over.

    What a refreshing change to have a tattooed babe who is not only beautiful in her own right but have one of the most awesome racks I have ever seen on a women of her statue and a nice rump not to mention a grade A shaved pussy that I would give my right arm to taste.

    I hope Dors goes far in the glamour industry as it’s about time we had something a little different for a change I wish her all the best. Tell you what it would be nice to see her with no makeup on I know a few other models have done this in the past on request, only then will you really see her true beauty and I think she would truly shine.

    What power this women must command over men, a true godess!!

  33. MarcusBig Says:

    Hello Dors my fellow Brit, LOL. I’m glad to see that Britain’s got talent as usually all the top new discoveries are American or Eastern European.

    Would love to see more of you, to be honest I was gobsmacked the first time I saw you.

    Wish you luck and a great career.


    Ps. Check me out on the forum here I’m going to upload some content of myself soon.

  34. Dan_Sky Says:

    def, dors is so hot in white XD

  35. big h Says:

    wow!!!!wot can i say other than you have to be the most beautifull woman i have ever

  36. stuart Says:

    i want just to say i love you you are my dream girl baby

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