Dream of Ashley Naked ?!

Yes, yes I do!! [And thanks for asking!]

Ever since Ashley became my new big tits blonde standard, I’ve harboured the fantasy of seeing this not-so-little well-endowed teen totally nude. Does this make me a dirty old man? I mean, the youngest female I’ve had the profound pleasure of enjoying stark bollock naked in recent times was this beautiful 22-year-old goth girl we’d encountered whilst playing at a sex club, but Ashley’s just nineteen years old at the moment, dammit!

I know a mere three years shouldn’t make that much difference, but it does to me. Whenever I come across a model who’s in her teens, this whole “gosh, I’m old” gloom begins to descend down upon me. However, with innocent Ashley, I just want to look at her and worship that stunning voluptuous body – nothing more. Is that so wrong for someone of my rapidly advancing age? I certainly hope not, ‘coz I’m gonna do it anyway! ;~P

My dream of Ashley nude came one step closer to reality when she’d posted her most recent pics skinny-dipping in the pool. Although she does get completely naked in this series, the refraction of the waves upon the water restricts the detail a bit and I can’t enjoy the unfettered view of an unclothed Ashley that I crave. Still, I can’t let a little liquid dampen my excitement over getting to see this beautiful, buxom babe of my dreams au naturel for the very first time.

Indeed, some of the shots are so positively breathtaking that they inspire fantasies of their own. Seeing Ashley’s buoyant boobs floating atop the water just makes me want to jump in and position my nose between her cleavage for a close-up view of her nipples bobbing and bouncing in the periphery. That “udderly” incredible sidewinder-shot sends shivering visions of aquatic spooning through my JJ-cup boob-addled brain. And don’t even mention the photo of lovely Ashley on the ladder as, if I squint real hard, I imagine I can snatch a glimpse of the slit of her pussy waiting for me there beneath the waves (although the sheer improbability of the subsequent underwater cunnilingus fantasy that photo inspired kinda threw a wet blanket on the proceedings from that point forward).

*sign* Alas, it appears as if I may be a dirty old man after all! Then again, I suppose there’s nothing perverse about having a healthy fantasy life to keep the libido humming along nicely. And so, I don’t feel bad in sharing these photos of gorgeous 32JJ wet-dream teen Ashley for you perchance to concoct a few fantasies of you own courtesy of DreamOfAshley.com:

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com

Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com    Ashley gets naked in the pool at DreamOfAshley.com




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28 Responses to “Dream of Ashley Naked ?!”

  1. buntl1 Says:

    Ashley is lovely and definitely most voluptuous but ……. (there’s always a but) can she smile???? OK OK I know with that body who has to smile right??!!!

  2. Rebenga Says:

    She’s a goddess. There’s nothing more to it. If she was here, I would obey her every command no matter how silly it was.

  3. Georgio Says:

    Similar dilemma here Reese:

    1) Should I be perving over a teenager when I’m 46? I seem to be inexplicably driven to “yes” when I see Ashley!

    2) The “god damn this getting old and will never fcuk another young woman of that age without paying for it!” feeling. Oh well, I guess looking is next best then.

    She seems to have put on a fair bit of weight since I saw previous photos and looks even more worth drop dead stunning?

  4. Krille Says:

    She is a very nice example of young woman. Lovely pictures getting out of the pool….:) I love the extra kilos!!

  5. Mason Says:

    Hello Reese and everyone (Sam, Mr. Unnatural, FrankNZ, Vadd, etc…)

    (Sorry if I missed anyone in my shout out)

    I was working late and had to check the boob site before I went to bed.

    Your post was funny.

    I can’t agree with you more. When I see a young woman my first question is how old do you think she is. If I ogle a teenage girl I feel like some sort of perv. I am still in my early thirties but something inside tells me to stay as far away from young woman as possible.

    It is hard because young woman have bodies sent straight from heaven. A 16 to 20 year old woman has youth on her side. Large breast are firm, round, and perky. Mmmmm!!

    Ashley is a perfect example

    Take care boob buddies


  6. Mr Squiggle Says:

    She’s getting bigger isn’t she?

    From what I’ve seen she has a sense of humor too,

    lucky us……….

  7. mike Says:

    Gorgeous body but does she have to scowl all the time? Takes away from her beauty.

  8. Thick Says:

    There is another set she’s done where you can see the outline of her shaven pussy through her see-thru panties. It’s just a question of time!

  9. FrankNZ Says:

    Being of roughly the same age as Reese, I have that same hesitation when looking at 18- or 19-year-old teenagers. Having teenagers of my own, there is something mildly uncomfortable about the experience.

    Yet, when looking at and reading this post about Ashley, my immediate thought was: where do I sign up for the dirty old men brigade? She is a glorious being. I think she has filled out too, but she just looks even more scrumptuous than before.

    I was also going to make a comment about how Ashley should be encouraged to smile. However, if you look at ashley_naked_14.jpg, do we see the beginnings of a smile there? Next time: fully nude and smiling away at us. She will be unstoppable!

  10. Jes Says:

    It must be hard to smile and look seductive with the sun in your face. She’s an incredible beauty. All that’s missing is Jelena’s wild side. But I’m sure we’ll see it when it feels right.

  11. Vadd Says:

    Looks like Ashley has put on a few pounds? Looks good on her! I have come to the conclusion that looking at hot, young babes (with the body of a woman) can be considered creepy, lecherous and dirty. But I can’t help it! I am only human!

  12. BigBoobFan Says:

    Wow she has come a long way since her first pics. I agre Vadd – looks like she’s put on a few pounds, and damn does it look good on her. Bring out her curves, hips and of course, the boobs. WOW! They are fantastic. Great set of shots Reese. She is looking fine, so very fine! :)

  13. Big Daddy Says:

    Yes she is what I would call the perfect woman.

    BUT….here’s the caveat.

    She’s too young…….I’m 51…… she is not only too young age wise she looks young. She has a baby face and looks too much like a child.

    I can she though, there is a change slowly happening and that adolescent teenage cherub look will soon disappear. When that happens I will be more able to enjoy her beauty.

  14. Dale Says:

    Miss Ashley is a beautiful sight to behold. Reading through the other postings brings me to a question I have asked my girlfiend (she thinks it is all the McDonalds fast food) and a few co-workers; What is the deal with all of this young ladys in their mid to late teens with these monster size tits? I have noticed many girls say between the ages of 15-19 with D, DD and larger natural tits. When I was in high school we only had a handful (no pun intended) :) of girls that had tits that large. Anyone have any thoughts?

  15. Sam Says:


    Hello chap, long time. Where the hell have you been?

    Doesn’t the she look more shapely and yummy. Ashley is growing up a lovely looking woman!!!

  16. Steve Says:

    One of the sexiest women alive, nothing more need be said.

  17. Foxx Says:

    This is definetly something I’ve long awaited. There’s few words to describe the thank you of bringing this to my attention!

  18. JamieVP Says:

    Lovely girl. It’s too bad she doesn’t smil ein these photos. Seems like she’s uncomfortable. Maybe the pool was cold! :)

  19. sabre Says:

    Ashley is really stunning. I really love her huge breasts and gorgeous curvy figure, i just wish she was smiling more in these pic’s.

    I love the way her breasts look in pic’s 2 and 10 and pic’s 14-18 just blow me away, sheer beauty.

  20. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    I’m sure this will hose people off but I’m actually bummed that she’s put on the weight. Now if she loses it, it will likely come from her boobs. Nature can be cruel. She’s still pretty of course but I liked the slimmer bod with just a little tummy better.

  21. Sam Says:

    Mr. Unnatural,

    You’ve got this one wrong. SHe does look magnificent and thats coming from me, Slim n Stacked. She looks flawless!!!

  22. peeb Says:

    Yeah, I reckon she just looks better and better. And I am happy to see her (sort of) posing nude. Here’s hoping it really it just a matter of time before we see more from her. enough of that kind of stuff and I might actually pony up for the $$$ site!

  23. BillyC Says:

    Although I stated my preference for Slim and Stacked, ashley is one o my more meaty indulgences.

  24. mr blooh Says:

    i love that smoky little pout she has on. it fits her angelic face so well. very bershon: http://www.flickr.com/groups/bershon/

  25. curvelover Says:

    She looks great as she is, she looked great as she was. But now I want to see her 100% nude. She’s an angel.

  26. amit Says:

    Asehlyly is very sexy big boobs girls, i likes is lovely face she is awesome figure not seen in my ever life i love him.

  27. tittykiller Says:

    First two pics are my favorites ! Love when arms squeeze tits like this !

  28. BoobyLvrX Says:

    God she’s beautiful. I’d be proud to be pool-side with her on my arm. If we got any slack from h8s I’d just grab her fat ass and say “You WHISH you were hittin’ this!”

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