Eden Mor is Back at Score

Remember 80HH Eden Mor from the earliest annals of My Boob Site?

My first Eden Mor blog on MyBoobSite

Well, she, her huge, pendulous breasts and saucer-sized areolas (not to mention a rather nice big pair of lovely large labia lips on her pussy as well for us tits & flaps fetish folk!) have just made an erotic reappearance at Scoreland.com!

Eden Mor returns to Scoreland.com    Eden Mor returns to Scoreland.com



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12 Responses to “Eden Mor is Back at Score”

  1. Pieman Says:

    Still nice but about 400% nicer when she was plump.

  2. afterdark Says:

    Needs a breast lift.

  3. Joe Says:

    Her tits look deflated:(

  4. Vix Says:

    Looks like she has conformed to pressure to be the “norm” – thinner and blonde.

    We no likey.

    That’s not fair. But we likey more, before.

  5. Mangaphreak Says:

    I have to agree, weight loss didn’t become her…! :(

  6. Jazzman Says:

    I would definitely do a hardcore scene with her. Her face is perfect!

  7. No Strings Attached Says:

    Such a shame to see Eden looking so thin – more is definitely better in her case…

  8. Pligue Says:

    She looks great.

  9. Mike Says:

    Poor Eden–she used to be the best busty model online. Now it appears she’s fighting an eating disorder or serious illness. Hope she returns to her former glory.

  10. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Wasn’t she nice and plump three months ago? What the hell happened?!

  11. Professor Longhair Says:

    She looks weird…malnourished…she used to be so extraordinary…now she looks just like almost any girl on the street

  12. sleazoid Says:

    She “conformed to pressure” to be thinner? Eating disorder? You guys are nuts. How the hell do you know what her motivation was? Maybe she just wants to be healthier. Of course her boobs won’t be as full, but that’s the way it goes when you lose a significant amount of weight. Personally I prefer her tits to sag than see her get a tit job. Most tit jobs result in fake-looking breasts. Natural is ALWAYS better.

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