Fancy a boob blog of your very own??

This blogging lark is truly the life: I get to sit at home, perv over porn all day, chat with models and just generally talk about tits – my favourite topic. To be perfectly honest, when I started MyBoobSite back in September of 2005 (as inspired by the wife’s charity site), I had no idea it would turn into my full-time occupation. Don’t get me wrong – it can be hard work sometimes, requiring a fair degree of dedication – but it’s also profoundly profitable. The most important aspect, however, is that it’s a lot of fun (and, quite frankly, I’d still do it even if there weren’t the financial rewards involved).

The reason I’m admitting all of these superfluous details is that I’ve recently struck up a partnership with TheBreastFiles in order to offer the joy of blogging to everyone. Now, I know that some of you are perhaps even more passionate about big breasts than I am, and many among you are quite good writers judging by the copious comments you post here (yes Very Free, Vadd, Charles, et al, I’m talking to you). So, rather than venting your frustrations or professing your praise as a postscript to my posts, why not try your hand at authoring a big boobs blog of your very own?

I don’t mean this to sound like a sales pitch (which it is), but we’ve made it as simple as possible for new bloggers to get started. I’ve begun composing a Blogmasters’ FAQ wherein I’ll be posting tips & hints on making the most of your blog and we’ve assembled an extensive list of over 100 sponsors from which you can get your photo & video content (as well as from whom you’ll make your money). What’s more, you’ll get the built-in benefit of the million+ visitors a month the site already receives. Perhaps the most enticing incentive, though, is it’s totally free.

Whilst you ponder that for a moment, let me move on to yet another hidden agenda behind this blatantly promotional post: I’ve got this mate named Peter within whom I’d recognised a goodly measure of blogging skills. The sad thing about Peter, though, is that he’s not particularly fond of big breasts (the bloody heretic!) and thus wasn’t entirely appropriate for the big tits niche intrinsic to The Breast Files. Thing is, I’d promised to help get him started in blogging, and so I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Peter’s new site…

…especially since he did acquiesce to my big breast fetish by blogging the stunningly beautiful 32HH teen Ashley from… ;~)

Dream of Ashley at

…my promise fulfilled and moving back to the business at hand, if you’re truly interested in becoming a boob blogger, all you need to do is have a gander at my Blogmasters’ FAQ and read the rules, then it’s a mere matter of clicking the button below to enter the wonderful world of blogging:

Start your own big boobs blog at TheBreastFiles Blogs!

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18 Responses to “Fancy a boob blog of your very own??”

  1. Peter Says:

    A heretic you say?!? :-P

    Yep, sign up for a blog and you too could be cool and bloggy like me and Reese. It also saves you from browsing scummy virus-ridden TGP’s for porn and getting redirected all over the place; when you’re blogging, you get direct access to the free promotional material from your affiliates, which is a pretty nice bonus.

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    I see he also blogged a site called Emily18. I’m sorry but Emily18 looks more like Emily12 and seems totally wrong in my books.

  3. Hentaibee Says:

    Blogging rocks.
    Couldnt do without blogging anymore.

  4. Do the right thing Says:

    I have not verified what BigBoobFan said about the site he questions as to potentially having minors portrayed, but if this is in fact true then you, Reese, should remove this blog entry immediately! You should NEVER choose to support anything remotely associated with underage porn!

    I really don’t care how well you are doing “monetarily” from this website – with your large audience also comes a sense of grand responsibility, and money should NEVER override your ethical and moral duty of blogging responsibly!

    Making money should never come at the expense of potential ties to illegal porn or the possibility thereof! Please do the right thing and don’t promote such possibilities!

  5. Chuck Says:

    I registered to start a blog, but I haven’t received the activation email yet…

  6. Reese Says:

    Do the right thing~

    Indeed, I would never associate myself or MyBoobSite with anything having to do with illegal porn and deplore such with a vengeance. Anything that I promote or even make mention of must comply fully with U.S.C. Title 18 Section 2257 requirements. Peter has been most observant of this fact in providing 2257 compliance links within each of his blog entries, and as such only features sites and models, like Emily18, which are 100% legal per the U.S. constitutional codes.

    ~Reese! :~)

  7. Reese Says:


    If you haven’t received your confirmation with 24 hours, let me know the username and e-mail address you used and I’ll get it checked out for you…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …oh, be sure to check your junk mail, too, as messages with links can sometimes be inadvertently sequestered there.

  8. BigBoobFan Says:

    Do the right thing – Emily18’s web site actually indicates she’s 19 years old so legally, there’s nothing wrong going on there. She just looks like a very very young girl. Those kind of pics and images, while legal, really give me a bad feeling. I was just expressing my opinion. I know Reese would never support or encourage anything illegal like that.

    Reese – sorry man, didn’t mean to create a stir.

    Now, back to the topic of big, glorious BOOBS!!!

    Mmmmm… boobs.

  9. Georgio Says:

    Now that’s a coincidence because I was going to ask for your expert opinions if it was pervy for a 45 year old to find Ashley stunningly, gloriously sexy to the point of really wanting to see her take her knickers off and have obscene thoughts about what I would like to do to her should she miraculously fancy blokes 27 years older than her and happen to pop into my local pub? All of which is very likely of course.

    Presumably no need for guilt but I worry sometimes when I should stop letching over 18 year olds. Or is there no need to whilst there’s blood in your knob?

    I can understand what some mean by Emily because she plays on looking younger and that is a bit uncomfortable. But of course she is actually older than the wonderful Ashley.

    Reese, have you perverted me? And would Ashley mind my/our fantasies anyway given that she runs such a site? Opinions welcome!

    Yours, a bit guiltily of middle England.

  10. Reese Says:

    BigBoobFan Says:

    Reese – sorry man, didn’t mean to create a stir.

    No worries, BBF – would rather get these issues out in the open and address them rather than having folks silently stewing over it.

    Georgio Says:

    Presumably no need for guilt but I worry sometimes when I should stop letching over 18 year olds. Or is there no need to whilst there’s blood in your knob? Reese, have you perverted me?

    Georgio, mate: No need to feel guilty, imho. I’m 42, and I still letch over anyone who’s both attractive and, more importantly, legal. It’s just a matter of being respectful – i.e. paying close attention to their comfort levels and instantly “turning it off” the moment you perceive any advances to be the slightest bit unwelcome. I believe that what happens between genuine consenting adults of any age difference is fair game.

    That said, the youngest that I’ve experienced in recent times – in terms of full mutual consent – was 21. Fortunately, this was about a month before my 42nd birthday, and so I wasn’t rapt with that guilt-ridden “she’s half my age!” syndrome. Indeed, a good time was had by all and it’s turned into an enduring friendship. Even better, she’s 22 now …so the “half my age” issue is no longer a possibility! ;~)

    Have I perverted you? Nah. You were probably that way to start with. :~P I don’t think there’s owt wrong with encouraging it, though!

    ~Reese! :~)

  11. BigBoobFan Says:

    Heh – if we all weren’t slightly perverted to some degree, we wouldn’t be here. Blog on my friend, blog on.

  12. Georgio Says:

    Good that’s put my mind at ease for guilt-free disgraceful ideas about Ashley from now on.

    21? You lucky bastard :-)

  13. Peter Says:

    ‘Half-my-age syndrome’ is something that’ll be a long way in the future for me. As a young guy who just recently turned 23, I don’t get a bad feeling at all when viewing 18 year old models, and teensblogger isn’t really intended to cater for an older audience; it’s designed for young guys, of comparable age to the models featured in it, who’ll be untroubled by ‘uneasy feelings’ regarding the subject matter, and who hopefully will identify with my tastes, being of a similar age to myself.

    Also, Emily18 doesn’t strike me as looking anything near as young as 12; her hips are far too wide and her breasts too developed. She really has quite a curvy body, and she reminds me of some of the girls that I went to university with.

  14. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Alexandra Moore Blog at TheBreastFiles Says:

    […] Things have been picking up a bit on the new Breast Files Blogs since I’d made my “Fancy your own boob blog?” post nearly a week ago, and best of luck to those of you who’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of blogging! We’re vying to establish a good mix of both boob lovers and models on the site and, with regard to the latter, I’m working on getting Mercy 44FF over there whilst Alicia Loren (who’s already got her own blog at TBF) has just extended the same invitation to Maria Moore. […]

  15. Mason Says:

    Reese you are the man…Thanks for the info

  16. pete Says:

    Reese_ i have just posted a few blogs on ur website regarding lovely samantha.the reason i join here is because darling samantha do read comments and ALSO post COMMENTs too!! i read vit GREAT INTEREST of wat she Has n need to tis way i can know great details of her….. n only her!
    i really really do hope samantha personally vil reply to me or do me a great favor Reese, tell her bout me. i know she replies to u!

    great job in havin this wonderfull site.

    best regard

  17. mad about BBW Says:

    Very cute thnx alot

  18. Tim Says:

    The page didn’t open when I hit “post a blog”

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