It’s official: Huge, pendulous breasts rule!

In breaking news from the ancient world, the Discovery Channel recently reported that Egypt’s greatest female pharoah, Hatshepsut, had breasts that were “huge and pendulous”! Ruling from 1498 to 1483 B.C. as the fifth pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty (the same one within which Tutankhamun later reigned), Hatshepsut was often described as “the most beautiful woman in the land” by hieroglyphic scribes (despite the rumours that she occasionally donned a false beard) and did much to challenge the dominant male supremacy so prevalent in ancient Egyptian times (which pretty much remains the case today, actually).

But however do they know that Hatshepsut had big tits? Well, apart from the granite statues depicting her topless, recent examination of Hatshepsut’s mummy confirmed this fact. Apparently, the excess skin encapsulating the fat which fills large breasts does not retract during mummification, and so remain as evidence of said endowments. However, I feel it’s unfair that archaeologists have connected her immense breast-size with obesity – thus leading them to doubt the accuracy of the representations in her mortuary temple which depict Hatshepsut with huge tits but an “almost adolescent body” – because, after all, she could have looked like Anya!

Ah, to live in a world ruled by busty, well-endowed women. We already know that girls with big boobs are smarter, but they also strike me as being generally more compassionate than their lesser-endowed counterparts (which, granted, is probably purely prejudicial on my part, but we’re all entitled to our political opinions :~P). Besides, there are so many big tits in politics already nowadays, we might as well go ahead make it literal.

My first candidate for this emerging mammary-centric matriarchy would have to be Aneta Buena. In fact, I’d go so far as to say she could rise to pharaoh status on account of her sublime divinity (and anyone in doubt of Aneta’s god-like qualities need only to look at this photo within which she defies the law of gravity (either that, or the photographer tilted the camera)).

The brief intro that Aneta wrote for her website already reads a bit like a campaign speech anyway, so I don’t even have to expound upon her policies! To wit: “I know exactly what you want and need. And you will get it, I promisse. You will have a great fun, big adventure and a hot, exciting pleasure. You will find me totally new, but still same, good-old Buena. Soft erotism and hard games. All in once! I will make your wishes come true:)” [and, bearing in mind that English is not Aneta’s first language, I’d say that she’s more literate than a lot of our present politicians ;~)].

And so, to kick off my Aneta Buena for Pharaoh campaign, here are a few of her latest photo galleries from

Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at

Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at

Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at

Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at    Aneta Buena at

Aneta Buena & Kora at    Aneta Buena & Kora at    Aneta Buena & Kora at


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15 Responses to “It’s official: Huge, pendulous breasts rule!”

  1. BigBoobFan Says:

    Huge pendulous breasts do rule the world indeed my friend! :) And Aneta Buena is a masterpiece for sure. Wow she is so fine and so perfect – I can’t get enough of her. Amazing body, curves and a beautiful face. The complete package. Love it!

  2. Jes Says:

    I especially like the second and third sets. Aneta has the perfect balance between soft curves and strong muscles.

    She’s ALL OVER beautiful.

    Thanks Reese!

  3. Atreus Says:

    I love Aneta, she’s got it coming and going… There are some twosome videos she did with Bea Flora over at which are almost blinding, they are so damn hot; it’s like staring at the sun to see the two of them naked! Aneta really gives the impression that she’s having fun too, which is another big plus.

  4. Xan Xan Says:

    i remember when she first came to and she wasnt topless. i nearly died when she did. didnt even take her long. her having her own site is awesome. many models need to follow in that direction.

  5. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Fantastic to see Aneta again, one of my all time faves. And, as always, it’s great to see those polish gals. She’s got my vote, for just about anything. She’s such a goddess.

  6. Johnny Says:

    I love Aneta Buena. As for the huge breasted pharoah a lot of Egyptian royalty didn’t wear tops an apparently painted their nipples gold. That would have been something else.

  7. Lykaios Says:

    “We already know that girls with big boobs are smarter”

    No, sorry, that is not known. I wrote a book on psychometrics a few years ago and wanted to include this fact, but as I was checking the references to provide a source for the claim, I discovered that there was never any study; the story originated in Weekly World News and was uncritically echoed by other news organizations. You can even see them mention Weekly World News in the link you gave.

    (However, I do recall that there was an older study which found larger breasted women were more adventurous and extraverted. This makes sense, as sex hormones in both males and females are known to increase extraversion.)

  8. Speed Racer Says:

    Thanks for reporting the pharoah story, it made me think of Helen of Troy. Every cinematic production of Helen of Troy has just got it completely wrong–waiflike, ematiated boy-girls would not have sunk ships! I submit that Helen of Troy was so gorgeous, exotic and voluptuous that only this could lead men to their peril–no man in or out of his right mind would have pursued otherwise.

  9. Boomstick Says:

    In my opinion, that is the perfect shape for a woman to be in. Just look at image 008 and try to disagree. I am officially in love with Aneta Buena.

  10. ssendam yrammam Says:

    Reese scribed:
    “In fact, I’d go so far as to say she could rise to pharaoh status on account of her sublime divinity (and anyone in doubt of Aneta’s god-like qualities need only to look at this ( photo within which she defies the law of gravity (either that, or the photographer tilted the camera)).”


    I sincerely hope this is a tongue in cheek comment. The wood post is verticle, the hair is verticle as well as the ends of the hanging shoe laces. I’d say the photographer tilted the camera. Either that or the floor is angled somewhat.

    Once again, applause for presenting a wide range of femininity to view. Your ability to cheerfully present models based singly on the criteria of bust size reminds me of some of my college chums who discriminated based solely on whether the person was of the homogametic sex or not. We teasingly said they would throw a fuck at a rolling doughnut hole.

  11. Northen Boy Says:

    Ha! I see you were tricked by the “girls with big boobs are smarter” story, too. I was hoping it was true, but the alleged “researcher”, Dr Yvonne Rossdale simply does not exist!
    There is no doubt, however, that some well-endowed women are smarter, such as Chloe Vevrier and the other girls who run their own websites – keep up the good work (but check your sources!)


  12. Yusuke Says:

    AnetaBuena is very good!!

  13. Jacques LeStrappe Says:

    So busty women have always been revered, but in ancient times, they were taken seriously too? All right!

    And as for Aneta Buena, she is simply a vision of beauty.

  14. mike Says:

    they say more than a handfull is to much well my theory is I love oversized breasts the bigger the better,I like them like balloons very big and very soft to the touch,and all the people who like apple size tits,need to come into the real world where bigger is better.mike

  15. Charles Says:

    A search for “pendulous breasts” brought me to this blog. I guess it’s a bit old. And it’s not the final word really. Don’t get too excited about big breasted egyptians. The experts are not convinced that was the royal mummy:

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