Jana Defi

After spending several agonising hours enduring a perpetual erection over a couple of supplemental video clips I’d made for my busty Ivy blowjob blog (and, before you ask…no, I’m saving it for later), I figured I’d best switch over to softcore porn for a while as an appropriate antidote. Now, I do sincerely hope that she doesn’t take it personally, but the busty model I chose to abate my condition was 32G Jana Defi…

Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com

…it’s not that I don’t find her attractive – on the contrary, I consider Jana Defi to be a most stunning woman and one of the genuine G-cup goddesses of MyBoobSite – but it’s simply a matter that “regular” porn just won’t do it for me any more coupled with the fact that I’ve not featured this favourite for a while. Sure, she appeared in my 4th of July blog alongside Taylor Kennedy, then with Brandy Robbins & Maggie Green and even earlier as alter ego Maria Swan in the company of Ewa Sonnet, Emilia Boshe & Kate Bona, but that’s been it for the whole past year! Even worse, the last time lovely Jana actually got a blog of her own from me was waaay back in March of 2007!!

So I’m sure you’ll agree that this blog is long overdue. I still love Jana Defi and cherish her every appearance (although, truth be told, I do so dearly wish she’d go back to making CONTENT LIKE THIS), lest any of you thought that I’d gone off her. The latter could be nothing farther from the truth! You see, her body type, facial structure, eyes & hair remind me of that ex-girlfriend I’m always going on about and, if Jana just had braces on her teeth, she’d be a dead-ringer (um, except for having much bigger breasts, as the ex-g/f was two to three cup-sizes smaller). So, for me, the attraction is personal.

But that’s all beside the point, really. I’m well aware that the vast majority of MyBoobSite’s visitors couldn’t care less about my own tales of woe and lost loves long past (although thanks to the handful of you whom I know do), most just want me to show you her tits! Well, your time has come, as here’s a bit more of the incomparably beautiful 32G Jana Defi from her most recent bikini / topless photo shoot for PinUpFiles.com:

Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com

Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com

Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com    Jana Defi 32G at PinUpFiles.com

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are at least 2657×1572 resolution)



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14 Responses to “Jana Defi”

  1. Xan Xan Says:

    jana defi is perfect. fact.

    1.lorna morgan
    2.jana defi
    3.karina hart

  2. Xan Xan Says:

    she has her own website btw, http://www.janaglam.com/

  3. Richard Head Says:


    She does have invisaline as can be seen on her teeth in photo #9

  4. Mr. EEE Says:

    Gawd damn I fuckin hate air brushing.

  5. johnny h. Says:

    yes Jana is perfect. she is my number one, absolute favorite. she has the best everything, and is the complete package. if i had my choice but could only screw one chick on the internet, i swear it would be her.

  6. x Says:

    Jana is absolutely beautiful and one of my favorites! Thanks Reese for always bringing us “big boob” lovers the very best of the best !

  7. Andy Says:

    She has always been a favorite of mine. Got to say her boobs in her bra looks stunning. She really reminds of the old pin ups that we all love. I haven’t ever really had a good look at pin up files but I think I should now I know shes on there. Thanks Reese for the best site for boobs on the web. You deserve more credit :-)

    PS controversial taking point “can there be too many busty models” – just wondering since its hard to keep up with just a few when I would like to keep up to date with so many more.

  8. MaGnUs Says:

    Boring and uninspired set. :

  9. RazeTastic Says:

    Yeah, Jana is admittedly my FAVORITE right now. Between her and Gabrielle (aka Lucy C), I don’t know who I’d pick but it’d be a WINNER regardless!

    As for her content, you gotta check out JanaGlam.com. It’s her official site and the photography is EXCELLENT. Everything from the lighting, very little airbrushing, ect.

    For those of you that don’t know who Gabrielle/Lucy C is…


  10. Dave Says:

    Great post Reese! If I had to pick a fave fantasy internet babe it would have to be Jana, other than perhaps Ewa Sonnet I can’t think of anyone else who comes close.

    I wonder what it takes to get a girl like her, I’m sure she could have any guy she wanted… I will really have to have my sh*t together if I want to have a woman like her in my life. So whenever I get lazy or discouraged I just remind myself of that fact and it motivates me to keep following my dreams. ;-)

    Looking forward to your message board Reese, hope you get it ready soon!

  11. FrankNZ Says:

    Jana, Maria, Princessa – whatever her name is – as a 30JJGC member, I have to take 32G breasts seriously!

  12. punisher Says:

    ewa sonnet definatly. Its hard to believe someone with an amazing body and face like ewa can have such perfect big tits too. Jana is ok too but nothing like ewa.

  13. will Says:

    I wish that be my wife because I know how to please that pussy, beasts and her ass so good that I don’t worry about cheating to another woman ever

  14. Mike Says:

    I would love to see a photo/video shoot with Jana and Anya. That would be heaven.

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