Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel

Just a super boobs quickie with the most X’s I’ve used in a breast blog title ever but, seeing how much Lexxxi Luxe has been getting around ever since the name change from Anorei Collins, I suppose it was only a matter of time before she ended up getting her tits out on Cel’s site. So, falling fast asleep using her P-cup bosom for a pillow before getting her big squishy tits in a twist, here’s extra busty voluptuous lovely 38P Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com:

Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com    Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com    Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com

Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com    Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com    Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel.com

P.S. See there? I did a whole boob blog without a pussy spread in sight! ;~)


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27 Responses to “Lexxxi Luxe at XX-Cel”

  1. Nemo Nullus Says:

    Why do you have a BBW site if you are just going to show big women here anyway? Some guys don’t want to see BBWs in with the slim and stacked babes. Lexxi is just not appealing for some guys, that’s why there should be a seperate BBW sections. She can’t even be considered “curvy” she’s just simple a BIG girl. I’m just trying to understand your resoning when you have stated serveral times there is always such a wide choice of pictures you can choose from.

  2. GoodPoint Says:

    Come on Reese. Just when I was starting to like the change around here. Not into this girl even if she was hot. She is nothing you cant see in a trailer park or Walmart. You’ve heard of the saying Too much of a Good thing….well this is TOO MUCH and not good. Luv ya man.

  3. greg Says:

    this blog is called my “boob” site. Anorei has BOOBS even if she is a BBW. You want saggy Maxi in here instead?

  4. Hankloveshooters Says:

    @ Nemo Nullius. This is called My BOOB Site. The word “Boob” is spelled the same backward as forward, is that simple for you to understand. Lexxxi has “boobs” and curves so she meets the standard to be on this site.

    @ GoodPoint. It nice to know where you live and who employs you for a living. If your not into Lexxxi, then why did you comment on this article? Lexxxi is a beautiful woman nonetheless, so lay off, we all heard your whining earlier. Its getting old. Move on, the kid stays in the picture. LOL.

  5. Hankloveshooters Says:

    Good showing Lexxxi. Keep up the great body of work, my lovely goddess. :)

  6. Addict of the squishy Says:

    I guess that Anorei/Lexxxi would be better on the BBW site, but I think she is just fine looking and not as bad as what other guys think of her. But you sometimes can’t have big NATURAL breasts without some curves and “squishy”. I welcome the extra weight on a women. As long as their hips are bigger than their chest then they are acceptable. I can’t stand it when a woman’s hips/ass are the same size or smaller than the chest measurement. That is the way guys are supposed to be with their broader chests. I would like to see the BBW site updated more often. There was only one post that ran most of the month ob the BBW site and that is disappointing. So I think it is fine then to have big chunky women such as Lexxxi on the boobsite, because the BBW site isn’t as frequently updated with new content. I think that Super Sized BBWs should be included to the BBW site or at least give the SSBBW women their own subdomain on your server. Most guys are so insecure and in denial, or just plain hopelessly programmed by Madison Avenue propaganda about big women, but I will tell you that I have seen some attractive women weighing more than 250 pounds. There really some nice looking 300 pound women today. But if you don’t agree with me, then you people can start up your own website for twigs and women who don’t have the “enhanced hourglass” that I enjoy on Reese’s Boob and often on his BBW sites. Women were supposed to have curves and broad hips, get over it people.

  7. Joe Says:

    Reese owes nothing to no one. I happen to think all of his choices are great. I think we should be grateful to his work rather than complain. If you want to something different, either start your own blog or look elsewhere.

    Thank you Reese, and keep up the great work!

  8. Rich Says:

    Here we are at a place where we get see free, FREE boobs and some of you have the balls to bitch?

    also, it’s OK if you’re not into a certain model, or body type,or whatever, but why be so nasty about it?

    Damn, I feel lucky I get to see anybody’s boobs.

  9. Nick Says:

    Good point: “She is nothing you cant see in a trailer park or Walmart..”

    Would you happen to have an address, or at leas the zip code, where you’ve seen anybody remotely like Anorei?

    Seriously, she is obviously not one you would want to be seen in public with, and sure is way too flabby… and the boobs may be huge, but they are quite saggy too, see the pic (#2 above) where she has them in her face

    Still, she has a fairly nice face..

  10. BigDee Says:

    I have seen this type of argument in too many forum where and i think its really a shame. its bad enough to categorize the womwn like grade A beef .
    There is enough “categories” and “sections” to catalogue these women.
    We do this because our male brain act on our impulses and fetishes and we must be able to retrive those fantasies so quickly. look at site like clips 4sale and you’ll know.
    my point is that we don’t look at the woman herself as a unique person. Lexxi is such a person” I never had any use for the labeling of women personaly especially in this industry and i have photographed one of the biggest model on the scene a few years back and fromthe poit of view of the model , it can be demeaning to use those lable, i know some don’t cre but truly it is demeaning.
    Anyways Lexxi you are welcome in any venue and in any ” categories ” IMO
    you re just an awesome person with smarts and amazing looks and i want to thank Reese for his infinite class and wisdom to look beyond all the hate.

  11. Juggernaut Says:

    It’s like they have no idea what to do with her tits.

    Does she refuse to be posed or is it an amateur photographer because I really don’t think there has been two good sets with her.

    P.S. You Reese winers should shut it.

  12. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    “She is nothing you can’t see in a trailer park or Walmart” (Grabs coat and car keys and heads out to Walmart!)

  13. Lexxxi Luxe Says:

    Wow, such a hot topic for a quick update, sorry about that Reese.
    To those who don’t like the poses I’m asked to do- do you have better suggestions? Because I’d love to hear them, and then I’ll gladly tell the photographers what to do while I’m at their shoots instead of the other way around =)
    As to those of you complaining about my weight- I didn’t see a single belly pic in the section above, are you saying my boobs are too big for you to handle, or is it simply that you KNOW I’m fat that you’re objecting to? #justsayin

  14. GoodPoint Says:

    @NICK, Handsome Dennis! Thanks for getting it!
    @Hankloves SHOOTERS, like all the posts of this beast, I too will post. SO get used to it and deal. Its my opinion so eat a big spoon full of cement and harden the fuck up. =) lol

  15. ddd228 Says:

    You are the MAN!… No links. i know you had some trouble with those.
    Reese/Randy,you are God like and not EVER to be replaced.
    Who would and who could? With your eloquent writing style,prose and slippery style,no one could.Why do they call it the boob site? “Cause randy writes the blog and no one does it better,baby. Give Your honey a suction kiss,on me.Here is my 10 pounds,pay pal. Vixes breasts are very yummy.
    Have you been allowed to gently lift one of her breasts out of her bra,when you asked her? You have to ask,first. Just say”Please”.
    Dave in Seattle.

  16. Vix Says:

    @ Dave – Thank you!
    Also… I don’t wear a bra, love.

  17. Cel Says:

    I lol’ed at the Juggernaut comment … Lexxxi has tremendous squishy and soft tits that are featured in 6 (SIX!) different and crazy poses on those previews, soft you cannot see with many big boob stars because they just don’t have the size necessary, and he has the gall to say “they have no idea what to do with her tits”. :))
    Anyway, anyone who doesn’t think she deserves to be on a BIG BOOB site, daln, I don’t know what to say… Thanks for the plug, Reese! :P

  18. Sam Says:

    How come she never smiles? Dental issues? Bad Hygiene? Drugs?

    How come Plumper Pass made her up to look like a hooker? The makeup they put on her made her look like an exotic whore. Yuck

    I’m not impressed with this chick.

    I still think her best photo shoots were before she changed her name to Lexxxie. The photo sets with the nun costume from Big Tit Glamour and the Marilyn Monroe dress from Anorie Collins dot com were impressive. But, seen it, don’t need to seen any more of her.

  19. Hankloveshooters Says:

    @ GoodPoint. Glad you you took the time from your Walmart greeting obligations to post here. But, you first on that spoon of cement. I insist. You can tell me how it tastes later. LOL.

    Stop whining. You’re chasing away the good positive vibes on this site.

    @ Lexxxi Luxe. WTG. Honey. Don’t pay attention to the haters here on this site. I love the poses that you do. Keep doing what you are doing. We still love all of you. You’re just the right size of a woman for us to handle if it was possible.

  20. Juggernaut Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Anorei looks, I just don’t think her sets have shown her well.

  21. Zeke Says:

    Two of the most sickening things about the internet, post mass adoption:

    1) Increased sense of entitlement, leading to impatience and constant need for instant gratification.

    2) Moaning and grousing for no good reason.

    Both of these things are in abundance here, to the point where it’s not about the girl any more, it’s about trolls getting their quick fix.

    Sickening really, that in a world where the prosperous countries have such wonderful technology contrasted with those in desolate ones die in their thousands without even the most basic amenities we take for granted, people come on the internet and be rude just because they can’t understand why not everyone agrees with them. They could at least be using it to find the things they do like and praising them, but I suppose some folk prefer wasting their time trying to bring others down.

    Reese has to approve all comments before posting, my suggestion to him is start filtering out the people who come here just to slag off models who aren’t to their taste instead of letting them get attention in this cheap way. People will argue about anything, but if you remove the wick from their candle so to speak there’s no way the bugger will light!

  22. rc Says:

    You can’t please all of the people all of the time, only some of the people some of the time.
    And let’s keep it civil, people.

  23. Mookie Says:

    Some debate; Reese, your obejective is to share the biggest boobs on the planet with us mere mortals.
    You do that, you find the women, we discuss their merits.
    There is always a model that raises a debate, Sapphire used to fall foul of the haters until she started doing hardcore.
    I don’t think it is to do with Lexxxi, I think it is just a natural inclination to expect more from a model rather than just show her tits off; they have to be a little more convincing if that makes sense.
    Lexxxi had the decency to add to this blog and fair play to her, she is doing all the work here after all!
    I wouldot agree with some of the contributors, I don’t think she has quite found her niche yet and will have to come up with some innovative photoshoots to move away from her current “same ol’ same ol'” work.
    But I would wish her welll and certainly not diss her, a night between those babies is a vision that continues to draw me to this site!

  24. B.Smarmy Ozwald Says:

    Wow, what a disgusting stream of comments here. I wonder how many of these rude wankers might realise one day that this is not *their* blog, and that the author of this one is not required to post everything that every reader will like – it is about what appeals to his tastes, not yours. If you see something you don’t like, go find what you do like somewhere else instead of being a dick about it. It’s not like the internet doesn’t have websites appealing to every fetish and sexual fantasy ever dreamed up by anyone.

    And to Anorei – you shouldn’t be apologising. These people owe you an apology. They clearly have no appreciation for what it takes to get in front of a camera nude for the entire world to watch on the internet, and I bet they could never do it themselves. I know I could only dream to meet someone as squishy, soft, and jiggly as you, but I’ll settle for watching you become even more so on the interwebz.

  25. Don Says:

    Wow…I don’t get how…oh, well…to each his own, I guess. I’d love a chance to play with those massive huge melons.

  26. BoostedFC Says:

    Maybe late to the party, but I would like to say Thank you for having a great site. With that said Lexxi/Anorei may not be for everyone, but I think she is an attractive woman with a great body & beautiful breast. Since the idea of the site is big boobs I feel she is a perfect fit here. So thanks again for a great site & thanks to ladies for the pics they pose for.

    Lexxxi no need to change anything I like all the pics I have seen.

  27. Alex SUyak Says:

    God i love your videos

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