Linsey Dawn McKenzie Breast Reduction Shocker

Whilst we’ve been busy debating whether to lower our standards to a DD-cup, big boobs icon Linsey Dawn McKenzie has done just that! British softcore porn daily newspaper “The Sport” broke the story on how the 27-year-old Scoreland supermodel spent £6,500- (just over $11,000US) for a secret operation to reduce her gorgeous 38HHH breasts to a mere 32DD.

She’d swelled to an HHH-cup after giving birth to her and fiancé Mark’s son Luca, and it appears that attitude, more than anything else, prompted the decision. On the plus side, Lindsey reports that her sex life has improved dramatically since her surgery in December: “I’m an active girl in the bedroom anyway,” she was quoted as saying, “but now I’m like an Olympic athlete.” Click here to read the full article…

Linsey Dawn McKenzie Breast Reduction

…fair enough. After all, it’s her body and she has the right to do whatever she feels is in the best interests of her health and well-being. Still, I’m going to miss those massive tits, especially after having taken a walk down mammary lane to her Linsey’s World website:

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68 Responses to “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Breast Reduction Shocker”

  1. Boobaholic Says:

    Sad news about Linsey. Guess she gave us plenty to look back on and enjoy.
    Hey, does anyone know if that was her husband in the threesome on her second big DVD? And, did she get a facial in that scene?

  2. johnny h. Says:

    it’s a sad day for big boob freaks, linsey’s tits were two of the best! They will be missed.

  3. mangaphreak Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo…!!!!!!! :-(((((((((

  4. Xan Xan Says:

    meh….i didnt care for her anyway. i dont know if its me, but i dont like chicks that do hardcore. especially those who dont start out doing it.

  5. Greg Says:

    She’s as good as dead to me now.

  6. Robert Says:

    Black flag for Big Boob Paradise!!!
    Looking at the ‘health’ aspect, I can only support it,
    considering aesthetics, I’ll never understand it.

    How can ANYONE say she looks better now than she did then???

  7. joe blow Says:

    Breast reduction is retarded. To hell with her. I hope every single member of her website drops her and she never makes another dime. Let her start working for a living. Of course she will probably still get residuals from before she got her new FAKE tits. I’ve sucked reduced tits. They are lifeless and even worse than SILLYCONE.

  8. joe blow Says:

    I hope she at least had the decency to take pics of the HHH milkers before she had herself mutilated.
    I also hope the fiance leaves her for a chick with REAL tits.

    Yeah, I am a bitter SOB. I sold my life down the toilet for a hot chick with a great natural rack only to have her chop them off so she could wear “cuter tops”. She did have the decency to wait until after I bought her a house though. @#$@#^ #$#$%@!


  9. ssendam yrammam Says:

    Hmm, something is fishy here. How does one reduce the band size from 38 to 32 in an operation?

    Previous stats from Score and her webpage reported her bra size as 34GG and a 42 inch bust. The chest size is usually one inch smaller than the band size so a bust of 42 minus chest of 33 gives nine, which matches exactly with a GG cup (see This is when she first started modeling and was at her thinnest, so I doubt the band size could go smaller than a 34. Some women really pork out during pregnancy thus a swelling up to a 38 band is possible and we all have probably noted Linsey’s weight fluctuations. So far so good, but this is where the problem starts. While gaining weight will swell overall circumference and increase band size viewers must note that Linsey was pretty slim when she first started modeling and her ribs were already showing. All this makes it suspect that she is able to reduce further and squeeze into a 34 band. We come right back to the original question; how does the band size reduce beyond minimum with a breast reduction?

  10. Very Free Says:

    I’ll agree with Johnny H, I’ll miss them. And I’ll agree with what Reese said, “’s her body and she has the right to do whatever she feels is in the best interests of her health and well-being”, even if it might mean a considerable loss of income and admirers.

    That said, I would rather see Linsey go that way and stay natural than end up like, well, how else can I describe it but a caricature of her original self, Chelsea Charms, the queen of hideously huge string implants. (also see her website).
    I can’t understand how she can claim they weigh 14kg apiece when it’s common knowledge that a liter of water weighs about a kg, so 7000 cc or 7 liters, on up to 10,000 cc or 10 liters, is a lot less than the 14 kg or 14 liters claim. Whatever the case, they look like unnatural balloons to me.

  11. Very Free Says:

    Man, after looking at the pics, it’s obvious why Linsey, up until now, has had a prize-winning set ot tits. They were her biggest asset. Her face wasn’t all that beautiful to me, but she still has a voluptuous body even after having a kid. It will be interesting to see how her career turns out post reduction. Then again, perhaps she’s not interested in her career, but in having a family.

    In the case of Milena, she started her big bust career after her boobs got bigger after having her kid. It would seem likely that Linsey, had she not had breast reduction, could’ve become even more popular after her breasts became larger after pregnancy. But now we’ll never know. I still wish her well, though.

  12. Vadd Says:

    She is a fairly attractive girl, but let’s face it- it was her amazing tits that made her appeal to all of us. Oh well, she is wayyyy on the bottom of my list now… like it matters to her!

  13. mxmssteele Says:

    oh my god what in the hell was she thinking? And if you ask me it was a dumb career move being as how her huge tits made her famous. now she is just like every other “DD” face splatter girl out there. if you ask me it was the beginning of the end…..

  14. Marcos Says:

    I’m totally disapointed…now I’ll have to cancel my membership!!
    She was the best….now she’s damaged goods!!!!
    Ban her for life….!!!

  15. Christian Aulman Says:

    She cannot possibly have gone from a 38HHH to 32DD. That is not medically possible without smashing her rib cage and squeezing her back into a smaller space. The ’38’ measurment is taken around the back, the measurement taken over the fullest part of the bust gives the ‘HHH’ or ‘DD’ size. DD is 6 inches larger than the back size.

  16. Roger Says:

    GREG IS CORRECT… SHE IS DEAD…. First of all I do not know her, if I did, I might say good for her…. All I know and care about are her tits…. She is kind of ugly but of course, the size of her tits took away from her ugly face and made her more attractive….”Mark loves my new breasts” because he is attracted to men…. All these women want to prove to themselves that the only way a man can love them is to chop off their tits and if he stays…. then the love is real…. Stupid Bitch…. How many of you men think that a woman will stay with you if you chopped off your dicks? N

  17. Doc Newstead Says:

    I’ve seen at least 2 new vids of hers (non-Score) where Lins is quite visibly pregnant, and also quite visibly massively-breasted. These are called the ‘Going Solo’ vids, which I assume is something to do with the fact that they aren’t to do with the Score company, and possibly the beginning of her own independent site (a la Chloe Vevrier).

    I can’t possibly comment on whether these rumours are true or not, but from where I’m sitting, things look pretty normal to me ;)

  18. Zhooibaal Says:

    Well, I find DD more than big enough, but to be honest, before her *reduction* she was something special. Nice voluptous body, a fairly pretty face and huge beautifull boobs. Now only the first 2 remain and she is no longer anything special, to me she now looks like just another boob model.

    I don’t think she’s no longer good looking, I think she is still one of the better looking adult models around, but she has lost what actually seperated her from the pack.

    But like Reese said, it is her body and she is free to do whatever she feels like with it. Maybe she was having back problems or maybe they just hurt because of the weight, or maybe she was sick of them. Whatever the reason, she has the right to do whatever she wants or has to do and in my humble opinion, no one has the right to declare her crazy, sick, stupid or dead just because she did it.
    I’m sure that she is still Linsey and that she will always be linsey and the boobs aren’t the only thing in the world.

  19. mangaphreak Says:

    Aaaargh…it’s true after all…!?! I thought I just had a bad dream last night or something…but now that I’ve checked back here, I must deal with reality…!! :(

    Sigh…how could she…why did she…how…why…?!? NOOOoooooooo…!!! :(

  20. dimension Says:

    nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo way. i cant believe this has happened. she had the most gorgeous tits ever. they were so totally perfect and now its over. sad sad day to hear this :(

  21. Robert Says:

    @ Roger: …”Mark loves my new breasts” because he is attracted to men…
    I can’t stop laughing!!!! A good sense of humor is what helps most dealing with a “catastrophy” like the LDM-diminuition!

    @ Doc Newstead: So she maybe got a new site. Who cares to join??? Like mxmssteele said: just like every other “DD” face splatter girl out there.

  22. ssendam yrammam Says:

    I recall rumors of a reduction going around last October and it seems to have returned.

    I poked around extensively on the web looking for some corroboration of this story and so far found only repetitions of the Sunday Sport story. I suspect the whole thing is a hoax or simply tabloid trash. This reminds me of the story some years ago when Oprah Winfrey miraculously lost ~70lbs and there was a picture of her, on the front cover of some tabloid, in a bikini showing a very sexy hourglass figure. Turns out it was Oprah’s head grafted onto an old picture of Ann Margret with darkened skin to match Oprah’s face.

    Other than the Sunday Sport has anyone seen pictures or have info?

  23. Very Free Says:

    According to this she’s semi-retired. I looked at some of the pics I have of her, and two that now seem important caught my eye. She was being measured for a bikini. Her underbust measurement was about 32″ (obscured), and her over the nipple measurement was 45. The 13″ difference according to one of the charts Reese blogged is H or J cup, I believe. And damn, those big, full, suntanned boobs looked so fine!

  24. all good Says:

    Some of u guys should really just stfu.
    e.g. Roger: “Stupid Bitch…. How many of you men think that a woman will stay with you if you chopped off your dicks?”
    Have u ever thought about how hard it would be on a woman having h breasts with her body measuring 160cm from head to toe? They are heavy (think 14kilos i read somewhere).
    There is far more women having breast reductions than the other way round. Go ask your doctor.
    Just cause u are a bunch of internet addicted idiots it doesnt mean she’s dead now or she’s at the bottom of the list for everybody.
    It’s her body and her decision so live with it.
    Hell I liked her gorgeous body too, probably my all time favorite, but let her do what she wants to do.
    Btw, does anyone know if the news is true or not? I could only find pages stating that british newspaper. I’m still hoping it isn’t :)

  25. Very Free Says:

    The URL I gave confirmed the breast reduction. To ssendam yrammam re: band size: Linsey measured about 32 inches as I stated, in the pic when she was getting fitted for the bikinis. Some women have a bra size that’s bigger than the band size because it’s difficult to find bra sizes above DD or DDD, since most stores don’t carry them, so the women buy a 38DDD for instance, instead of a 32 H. This bigger bra accommodates her bigger tits, even though her boobs are much bigger than DD or DDD. But the band is loose fitting. If her boobs get smaller, then she can wear a smaller band size bra – 32 DD or whatever.

    As for the photomanipulation – sure, magazines do this to get what they want, even if it’s a lie. As for Oprah losing 70 lbs, sure, that’s true. At times in the past she was a real porker, and if you want to see her when she was real fat, she had the part in a movie, I forget what it was, where she weighed well over 200 lbs (91kg). And since she’s one of the richest women, she can afford to have a personal trainer to keep the pounds off.

    Back to tits, specifically Linsey’s. When she started in the adult entertainment biz, she had boobs that were about double D’s. Then she was in a magazine, I think it was Score, where she said that her boobs got bigger, and she found out that she was pregnant, but a few weeks later, she miscarried. So she didn’t have any enhancements other than what mother nature gave her. Then this later pregnancy. So her boobs have been through two enlargements. Reducing them down to DDs puts them back to about the size she was when she started out.

    I’m not saying that she’s telling the truth. She could’ve had enhancements. Some models get an enhancement where the doctor does liposuction on her other body parts, then they clean the fat and inject it back into the breasts. So for all practical purposes this enhancement is natural even if it’s man-made. And it’s real tissue, so it feels and acts real. No bulbous looking boobs. However Linsey’s boobs always did look very firm.

    And there’s one more hope. She might have a fw more kids and they might even grow bigger. If she doesnt have them reduced again..

  26. j Says:

    I agree she has made a bad decision! If it wasnt for her tits, she would have been nothing! Really her career was made on a pair of big boobs, without those no one would have cared about her! Her face is average, and nothing else about her or her personality stuck out!!

    She has ruined her career.

  27. j Says:

    “Breast reduction is retarded. To hell with her. I hope every single member of her website drops her and she never makes another dime. Let her start working for a living. Of course she will probably still get residuals from before she got her new FAKE tits. I’ve sucked reduced tits. They are lifeless and even worse than SILLYCONE.”

    Someone who sheds some light to us! I have never had the experience of reduced boobs, but at least we have someone with good experience to tell us the horror.

  28. Sam Says:

    What has she done! She has butchered her body, god look at her face too! What has she done to that? She looks really bad! A really ugly looking face :(

    What a sad day.

  29. Bigtlove Says:

    You can’t say all she was, was a pair of tits, I’m devasted at the thought she’s reduced those magnificent mammories……I’m in denial, and dont beleive it!!!
    But damn boys, she is fit, not maybe in classic blonde mode, but she still has a hell of a body, and possible the most attractive pussy I ever seen.

    Even is she’s shrunk her boobs, ( still dont beleive it ) I still wouldnt climb over here to get to any of you.!
    I still luv ya LinzXX

  30. Weapon X Says:

    what a fuckin’ shame. have no fear – Ewa is here.

  31. hurricane_mike Says:

    I don’t wish her ill will but it’s a definite letdown. there’s a chance they’ll grow back because she’s still young but if she did this for her stupid husband then its stupid. never do anything like that unless its for yourself. those hhs made her fortune. not like a woman who had her fakies reduced. they can always be re-inflated. this is like making a lamborghini into a 4cylinder. what in the hell has she done?! she had the best ones out there. chloe vevrier is the new queen now. please chloe. don’t lose your mind..or your beautiful ggs..please.

  32. urvine Says:

    i think that she should of gotten theem bigger if you ask me

  33. hentaibee Says:

    Very Free ->

    Hey leave C.C. out of it :)

    Her huge “balloony” looking breasts are her perfect gimmick for a great US boob career and many of us here love boobs which look unreal like hers.

    Boobmen should stick together instead of bashing models that dont satisfy your personal taste.

  34. Wedge Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that she has had the surgery but its up to her. We still have the DVDs to enjoy! Hope she is happy doing whatever she is doing now and if she is better in bed then you go girl

  35. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    O God NO!!!! I feel like someone shot my dog, but raped her first. That page 3 pic or whatever looks horrible. But, it’s her bod, if she wants to mar her intense naturally voluptuous tits…….. I certainly won’t be looking her up again. Speaking of huge wonderful tits, where the hell is Milena Velba in all this? I’ts been really hard to find more than a small handful (the irony) of pics of this goddess

  36. Jim Says:

    Reese as regards to Lindsey Dawn…..How long have you lived in the UK??

    You really believe what you read in “The Sport” This is the paper that printed “London Double Decker Bus Discovered On The Moon” Come Reese I know that lots of Americans are gullible but even you can’t be that gullible!!! No offence intended….

    Lindsey Dawn knows exactly what side her bread is buttered and would never have a breast reduction even for a million GBPs!!!!!

  37. Dwayne Says:

    Yes…a sad, shocking day (if it’s true) that will go down in the ex-big boobed hall of fame. Sometimes motherhood has a way of mellowing and domesticating a woman (unfortunately). I don’t know if she reduced for her husband. If she did, then that’s not cool…it’s her body and it should be her own decision. I can understand if she did it because of lower back pain. I mean back pain is one of the worst things a person can have. HOWEVER…why did she have to get them reduced so small? Her new boobs just don’t look natural. They stick out now like they’re hard and fake; especially since she lost weight with her ribs showing big time. I guess there’s truth in the old saying that the only thing that is constant is change. This truly does remind me of the last time a super-boobed babe shocked and rocked the world (or at least my world). Was when Queen Tiffany Towers ‘dethroned herself’ after nearly 10 years of hypnotizing her fans. Needless to say her popularity dropped and so did her fan base. I can’t understand it if Linsey did this for any other reason (i.e. back discomfort). What was she thinking???…it was those one-of-a-natural-kind MOST PERFECT and MAGNIFICENT JUGS that made her VERY WEALTHY from all of her loyal fans that followed her since she ‘busted’ out on the scene in 1996. Only time will tell to see if her new look will also ‘reduce’ her income. Let me just add that I think Tiffany and Linsey are still very beautiful in every other physical area of theirs. It’s just a major drag that the reduction surgeries have taken the ‘icing off’ of their perfect cakes. Oh well, I guess it’s over for the good ol’ days of when Linsey was a single hottie with her rack of racks. It doesn’t feel quite the same now that she’s happily married and settled down. I have to agree with what Vadd said…”like it matters to her”. Your right, it probably doesn’t matter to her what we her fans (or ex-fans) say here. It’s that I wanted to add to this blog because at least I know that there are other people out there that feel the same way. I enjoyed reading your comments. Sure I’m totally bummed out, but Linsey is…and always was a class act. She could have stayed soft-core for her entire career and I still would think just as highly of her. In closing, I sincerely want to thank her for all of her work and kind words that she gave to her many admirers that ever got a chance to meet her. The best of luck to you Linsey and to your family.

  38. heather Says:

    Breast Reduction

    Women with very large, pendulous breasts may experience a variety of medical problems caused by the excessive weight-from back and neck pain and skin irritation to skeletal deformities and breathing problems. Bra straps may leave indentations in their shoulders. And unusually large breasts can make a woman-or a teenage girl-feel extremely self-conscious.Breast reduction, technically known as reduction mammaplasty, is designed for such women. The procedure removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer. It can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. The goal is to give the woman smaller, better-shaped breasts in proportion with the rest of her body. Breast reduction surgery is for women who have large breasts and want to resolve one or more of the following associated problems including chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, poor posture, skin rash under the breasts, deep grooves in the shoulders from bra strap pressure ,restricted levels of activity, self-esteem problems and difficulty wearing or fitting into certain bras and clothing.Women who have breast reduction surgery span a range of ages, from their teens to their 80s. However, for younger candidates, it’s usually wise to wait until at least age 20 to make sure the breasts have stopped growing. If you hope to have children, you need to keep in mind special considerations. Breast reduction surgery may decrease your ability to breast-feed. And the overall appearance of your breasts may change after having a baby


  39. Kimberley Adams Says:

    Fuck me!!!! Why oh why did she do this, perhaps she needs to be kidnapped and held hostage by some of her big boob chums and brainwashed into wanting massive melons again. With her mind conditioned she could then have a nice H-cup boob job!

    LOL – Kim

  40. ERIC Says:

    1st off, I am an avid believer in anti-reduction laws! But, since that wol unfortunateky NEVER happen!!! Did she happen to pose for SCORE after reaching this breath-taking, jaw-dropping size??? Or did she choose not to, avoid a historic letter writing campaign begging her NOT to go through w/a reduction??

  41. mark Says:

    why are we surprised? I mean she had them altered before .lindsay hasnt been real for a long time.she had breast enlargement and now she reduced them.fake is fake regardless of size.

  42. salpecam Says:

    If she wanted to, it’s her decision. But:

    She existed in my mind only as a carrier for a pair of magnificent tits. She simply WAS a pair of massive jugs, and nothing else. In interviews she regularly revealed herself to be unintelligent, and her face was only moderately pretty. She realised early in life that her career was to be a famous pair of tits. Apart from those udders, she was of no earthly use to humanity.

    Now she is just of no earthly use to humanity. I hope her husband loves her for some other reason.

  43. Curvelover Says:

    I’ve been a LDM fan since she started in Score at 18 years old (though I know she was topless in the UK from age 16). She really was hot even when her tits were only DD or DDD, but she was also younger, firmer, and thinner overall. as she gained weight, she did so proportionally. Her amazing GG rack was balanced by her wonderfully voluptuous body.

    Linsey was a queen because, along with Chloe Vevrier, she teetered between two worlds, having a body type few other models have. As someone else alluded to, there are dozens of “DD chicks” working in big boob modeling and porn, but they usually have bodies more like Gianna Michaels or Sara Stone. Then you get the “H-cup and up” UltraVoluptuous types, like Samantha, Eden Mor, and Nadine Jansen. Even Milena Velba has a more bizarre figure, being possibly thinner than Lindsey but having even more Ginormous Naturals on her body. For some, the Milena/Miosotis size is TOO much – Lindsey was popular because she struck the right balance between fantasy and reality.

  44. Jack Solomon Says:

    Read the bottom of the newspaper article, she says:
    “I began to feel anger towards my boobs when I became a mother. Without them, I wouldn’t have done all the things I have done. But this operation means the end of the old Linsey Dawn McKenzie”.

    I also remember that her on some TV programme, where she said that none of her ‘exes’ respected her (or words to that effect) because none of them tried to stop her from participating in porn. In other words, she acts as if all of her life just ‘happened’ to her, but she CHOSE to do everything she did.

    More importantly, what type of asshole would marry a woman with beautiful breasts like that and even LET her mutilate and destroy them? And what the fuck is it with women? Why would ANY woman destroy her beautiful body, when she’s been lucky enough to be blessed with one in a million breasts like that? Talk about ungrateful.

    What sort of man would look at mutilated, reduced breasts and think “They’re so much better now with all those scars and their unnatural look, than they were before”? The sickos who perform these operations need to be locked up too, because they also have a MASSIVE problem with women’s bodies, and are only happy when they’re mutilating and destroying beauty.

  45. Jack Solomon Says:

    Heather said:

    “Breast Reduction

    Women with very large, pendulous breasts may experience a variety of medical problems caused by the excessive weight-from back and neck pain and skin irritation to skeletal deformities and breathing problems.”

    This is all bullshit. How is it physically possible for Milena or Miosotis to NOT have ‘back problems’ then? Have they got magically stronger back muscles? These are all excuses that women use in order to ‘justify’ their self-hatred, and hatred of their own large breasts, so they can mutilate them.

  46. Dood Pooty Says:

    You dudes need to get out more

  47. Jay Says:

    Although I too am dissappointed, who are we to condemn her for a highly personal desistion. What we have is her enormous collection of photos and videos when she was the quintisential large breasted babe, and for those moments when Linsey shared herself so intimitally and completely, I am grateful.

    Her peak was probably in the 1999 t0 2004 time frame. My personal collection of her images is one of my most prized colletions. In all my searched across the web, I still have not found another woman who equals Ms. McKenzie.

    Her 5’4″ body was simply remarkable. Not just her breasts, which had no equal. But she has the most perfect legs, mmmm, slender yet shaply, and I find her face to be very attractive, particularily her eyes and her luscious lips. She also had a “come fuck me” attitude that incredibly sexy. I can’t tell you how may gallons of cum I’ve shot looking at her videos and pics.

    Its worth the price of admission to sign up for her site, to download her earlier work.

    Love you Linsey, hope you are happy. Thanks for the memories!

  48. robert Says:

    I still love linsey even if she is carrying less funbags. Maybe she just wants to be a family lady now and she will get away from the adult film industry. I wish her all the best.

  49. Dick Inya Says:

    She got her tits reduced and now it looks like her nose is growing. Wow. She surely does not look like the old Linsey Dawn I used to jack off to regularly. Check this recent picture of her. It is scary.

  50. jb Says:

    I just don’t understand women here, these surgeons are total hacks. Women do the research, take a look at the after pictures, the women look like freaks. Why is it women think they can whack off their breasts because in their opinion “they are not sexual organs”, imagine if linsey dawn’s old man came home and said he just hacked off 4″ off his manhood from his 11″ penis would Linsey be upset? your dawn right she would be. I guess now he supposed to except her with her freak show boobs, these doctors totally wreck these women’s lives. I’m not saying it isn’t ok once a woman reaches 50 or so but 18, 26, 36 no.

  51. jed maxwell Says:

    she claims she is 27….yeah right….she is 30 odd!

  52. Alan Says:

    How dare any woman do what she wants with her own body! Incidentally, what’s with the bizarre analogy between ‘breasts’ and ‘penises’? The equivalent part of the female anatomy to a male penis is a vagina… women can be sexy whatever their breast size but they usually all come equipped with a vagina as the fundamental sign of their womanhood. Also, as someone pointed out, Linsey already had several operations anyway, so ‘natural’ has been a somewhat innacurate term with regard to her for quite a while, not that it matters. You either like what you see or you don’t. Good luck to her.

  53. John Cresswell Says:

    I don’t think it matters any more.

    Unfortunately nearly all models have a fairly limited shelf-life (with the usual cut-off age being about 26/27 because the skin texture starts to go and there’s nothing that can be done about that – not even with P-shop).
    Looks as if she’s accelerated this by getting out in the sun too much. Nothing destroys the skin faster than tanning.

    If she’d stayed out of the sun and kept what nature provided (like Milena Velba, Chloe Vevrier and others) she could have gone on for a while longer.

    Most of her later sets (last 4-5 years actually) have been pretty rough.
    She was at her best in her very earliest sets when she was a teenager.

    If she seriously thinks she can carry on modelling with DD’s she’s in for a nasty surprise. No one’s going to be interested.
    Next please.

  54. John Cresswell Says:

    re.all good Says:
    March 31st, 2006 at 2:56 pm :
    “Have u ever thought about how hard it would be on a woman having h breasts with her body measuring 160cm from head to toe? They are heavy (think 14kilos i read somewhere).
    There is far more women having breast reductions than the other way round. Go ask your doctor.”

    Enlargements are many times more common than reductions ( your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he claims otherwise ) – for the most obvious reason – large breasted women pretty rare wheras flat-chested ones are only too common.

    Yes, I’m sure carrying the weight around must be inconvenient ( though Milena Velba is on record as saying she has no problems at all ) but I think it’s pretty obvious that there are some rather big advantages for the woman that compensate them for this. Think of all the money LDM and those similarly endowed must have made for no other reason than that they were fortunate in their genes.
    She’d not have made much without those tits would she ? Her life would have been totally different. Just the kind of life that so many women try to escape from by having enlargements.
    They’re called “assets” for a reason.

    A lot of the women who opt for breast reduction could save themselves the money and achieve the sam,e objective by:-
    a) getting themselves a bra that actually fits properly – the vast majority are apparently wearing the wrong size (by a large margin).
    b) getting some of the flab off – breasts are made of breast tissue and fat – lose weight and they generally get smaller.

    What I think the breast reduction thing does demonstrate is something that most men will have realized by now which is that, unless there’s money involved, most women really couldn’t give a toss what men think, what they like or what they want.
    Not a pleasant thought but unfortunately obviously true in most cases.

    Aesthetically the results are usually painful to look at, even worse than breast enlargements, most of which look as if the surgeon had his eyes shut or his guide dog wasn’t allowed into the operating theatre.
    Or maybe there’s just a kind of twisted contest between surgeons as to who can produce the most grotesque cock-up ?
    I know cosmetic plastic surgeons are not really at the top of the tree as regards the surgical profession but really some of them shouldn’t even be allowed near a loaf of bread with a knife let alone a human body.

  55. Kelly Says:

    “Think of all the money LDM and those similarly endowed must have made for no other reason than that they were fortunate in their genes.
    She’d not have made much without those tits would she ? Her life would have been totally different. Just the kind of life that so many women try to escape from by having enlargements.”

    ^^True, but hasn’t anyone considered that she is a real person with real dreams and desires other than getting people off? She made a very smart move if you ask me…she made all the money off her breasts she could when she was in her 20s, suffering any physical hardships that came with her chest size because it may have been worth it for her. Now that she is nearing 30 and starting a family, however, her priorities have likely changed.

    Look, I loved those huge boobs as much as all of you. As fans, we all have a right to be put out. But this woman has no obligation to you. No one MADE you subscribe to her website or buy her videos – you did it all on your own. Many of you are trying to exalt what she does as a career and insist that she can never be replaced and that she’s a goddess, while at the same time belittling her decisions by arguing that she’s worthless without an FFF cup. Are you serious? What a sense of entitlement many of you posters have – to think that it’s all about you!

    “This is all bullshit. How is it physically possible for Milena or Miosotis to NOT have ‘back problems’ then? Have they got magically stronger back muscles? These are all excuses that women use in order to ‘justify’ their self-hatred, and hatred of their own large breasts, so they can mutilate them.”

    ^^Uh, not true! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You act like every woman is the same – well, guys like you tend to think women ARE the same, though…Anyway, that’s just one woman’s word.

    I wear a DDD cup myself, and while I enjoy my boobs now and the pleasure they give me and my partner, that’s not everything to me. My back has been hurting every day since I was 14. Maybe that’s not true for Milena Velba, but it’s true for me and almost every large-chested woman I know. I’m not a pinup model like Linsey so I won’t have a bunch of horn dogs bashing me on the internet if/when I reduce mine, but I completely understand and support her decision. Those of you who got angry and bitter need to grow up and get off the computer.

  56. name Says:

    Is it so important?,

  57. mynamesrequired Says:

    *sigh* When I first heard this, I thought, “well, maybe I’d do the same in her place.” Now that I’ve seen the results, however, I have to say, “Oh my fucking God!” They look terrible. They look worse than saline implants, which I’ve always thought look disgusting. I guess she thought she wouldn’t be going back to modeling. I’d say take a lesson, women, but that’s really immaterial, because no woman we’re likely to see naked is ever going to look like Lindsey used to, and now, thanks to the surgery, no woman ever will. It’s a tragic loss. Maybe in twenty years scientists will have perfected gene therapy and Lindsey’s formerly perfect breasts can be restored to their former glory. I wish there were photos of her after the baby but before the surgery.

  58. jacko Says:

    I…..I…..I don’t know what to say. It’s just……it’s just……..terrible.

  59. Rick Says:

    Well…she made a big mistake…I mean she and Chloe Vevrier were both the best two natural big tits around…I love them both…but Linzy always been a great performer…she was defintely the best stripper in Boobs area…amazin dancer the hottest stripper it’s a shame…

  60. saggy lover Says:

    What a shame. She would have been bosom buddies with gravity as she got older. The best was yety to come and now its gone. More guys need to openly praise and worship these huge tittyed woman so they feel special and beautiful. My wife is a fifty ff and some bitches all flat busted have said some horrible things to her. She was a cosmotologist and was even told she would not be hired because she did not want her swinging all over and wrecking the place

  61. saggy lover Says:

    When you get involved with a large titted beauty you have to learn to accept and expect what gravity will do to her. Your understanding will be rewarded. I tell my wife everday I find her huge saggy tits covered with dark bulging veins and deep stretch marks that she looks better everyday. Lend a hand or two lol and these beautiful saggers will be happy and not do anything very sad like lindsey did

  62. Tit Lover Says:

    Very sad to see the type of surgery Linsey chose for her reduction. For each breast, when would it be a good idea to have nipples 4 to 5 inches to high? The surgeon should have pointed out how unnatural this would look. Also scarring like a road map, how can anyone find that attractive. She must have regrets no matter what she says publicly.

  63. chileanguy Says:

    The weirdest thing of all was knowing that after the reduction, she did had a boob job last year! I mean, come on! Screwing her tits up once was painful, but twice…

  64. Paul Says:

    Shocked and saddened to learn of this. Looks to me like she got a bad reduction job, then got implants to try to get back what she lost. But there’s no replacing what mother nature gave her. It’s really sad and I say fuck the doctors who butcher women like this. These fucking cosmetic surgeons play God and they almost always fuck up. They lie about the complications. They lied about the risks. They lie about the percentage of patients with problems. Fuck them all. The sad thing is she was a legend in her field. She introduced Kerry Marie to the profession. Someone who, despite major weight gains, avoided surgery of any kind and is now looking fit and healthy. It’s just so sad when mother nature blesses someone with perfection (those amazing boobs) and these greedy doctors mess it up. I can see having surgery for something that is wrong… something that needs fixing… but to have surgery on something that is already perfect?? I hope Lindsey uses her status to speak out against doctors who butcher women like this. She can’t undo what she did, but she can help others avoid the same fate.

  65. Jack Solomon Says:

    Lots of sickening comments from breast reduction shills here, I see…

    “I’m a woman with DDD breasts and my back hurts”. Nobody believes you. You are a breast reduction surgeon who wants to make more money by mutilating beautiful women’s bodies. Sick scum.

    The laughable idea that “It’s Linsey’s body and therefore nobody can have an opinion about it” is getting old. What she dies was completely wrong, insane, and shows such ingratitude and self hatred it’s unbelievable.

    How many men do you know who have some sort of surgery to make themselves LESS attractive? Why are women so pathetically obsessed with their looks? Because that’s ALL they’ve got, that’s why. Because even Linsey Dawn McKenzie, in her heyday, wouldn’t have had the guts to ask a man out. The same goes for ‘weird camera angles’ Rachel Aldana, who always has a look of faint disgust on her face. Does she have the guts to go up to a stranger and ask him out? Of course not.

    The fact that Linsey has apparently had bloody implants put in just makes this all the more sickening.

    Go and look at some before and after photos of breast reductions – every single ‘after’ photo looks terrible, absolutely vile, and some of the before photos are unbelievable attractive – or WERE unbelievably attractive – what sort of mindset did those women have, to have their most incredible assets destroyed forever? They could have had ANY man they wanted – i.e. the most handsome, the richest, the most famous, or a combination of all three – yet they blamed their breasts for somehow ruining their life, so decided to have them mutilated in the most disgusting fashion.

    No doubt encouraged by their female so-called ‘friends’, who weren’t at all jealous, of course…

    And therein lies the whole problem: women hate each other. Women will never help each other, due to their pathetic “lie back and wait to be approached by a man” attitude, so they are all, always competing with each other for men’s attention. A woman with beautiful, huge breasts is seen as a massive threat to ALL other women (or at least, the ones with smaller breasts than hers, which is 99% of them), and they will continually tell her how much ‘better’ she would look if she had them ‘reduced’. (I think they mean ‘permanently mutilated’).

    This entire industry of breast reduction sickens me to the core. What the hell is wrong with women, and when the hell are you going to stop destroying each other’s lives?

  66. Paul Says:

    Well said Jack! I agree completely.

    I’ve seen many images of women after breast reduction surgery. Without exception the breasts look unnatural, misshapen and there are normally horrible looking scars which run from each nipple down the breast.

    Linsey had amazing breasts. She mutilated them, regretted the decision, then got implants! Of course she won’t admit to any regret. Denial is her only option.

    It really is sad. You don’t see some guy blessed with a 9-inch dick saying, “I hate myself. I’m going to take 3 inches off.”

    It’s really a warped mindset. Women read these stupid fashion magazines that pick away at their self-esteem. By fashion industry standards, a beautiful woman is a size zero. A virtual skeleton, in other words. So women starve themselves, become anorexic, etc., all in an effort to meet that industry standard.

    What they fail to understand is most men don’t even like that body image! Men love curves. Some more than others, but it’s pretty well known we like women to look like women… not 10-year-old boys.

    Here’s a woman who was blessed with amazing breasts. Her huge naturals made her rich, famous and loved the World over. Then she basically cut them off.

    I’m not saying horrible things about her like some former fans. I don’t wish her a bad life. I wish her a happy life. It’s just a very sad situation. I hope her story inspires other women to appreciate the gifts they’ve been given.

    It’s why I love Kerry Marie. Another British model with huge naturals who would never dream of altering her body. Even when she got chunky (and had an obvious belly) she never got liposuction. Heck, she proudly displayed her belly and STILL looked smoking hot! She lost the weight and still models to this day on her own website.

    Ironically, she used to credit Linsey with getting her started in the entertainment industry. I notice she no longer mentions Linsey on her website. I’m not suggesting Kerry is no longer grateful. I bet she is. But perhaps Kerry wanted to distance herself from a big boob model who allowed self-loathing to get the best of her.

  67. Gianni Says:

    I AM IN UTTER SHOCK!!!!! What would possess her to do that? Not only the breast reduction but the nipple reduction as well. Her tits look HORRIBLE!!!!!! I am really beside myself. I can’t believe that someone with such natural gifts, after YEARS of success with her NATURAL BEAUTY, would choose to butcher herself with plastic surgery. I’ll even accept the fact that she wanted a reduction if they got bigger after her pregnancy, because a lot of women complain about back pain, but the fact that she altered the look of her beautiful nipples for smaller ones is clear that it was a choice in aesthetics. It’s a complete SHAME and WASTE of TRUE BEAUTY, and a SAD reflection on our society that another woman with such NATURAL BEAUTY turns to the knife expecting resolution. I’m truly sad for her and that she let self-loathing get the best of her. I’m sure she’s lost A LOT of fans, now adding one more. What a disgrace!!

  68. curt dog Says:

    I see alot people feel the same way I do. How in the hell could linsey cut off some H cup titties. I just recently found out she had a breast reduction and then she got breast implants. Is she confused or what. I think I know why she did it though. she probably felt like her tits were getting too big for her body frame. she was only about 130 lbs with H cup titties and she wanted her tits to be perfect they were when she was 20 yrs old F cups almost too big but not. then she had a baby and women tits loose some of their firmness after having a baby. So they probably weren’t quite ass firm or perky as they were before she had the baby. her tits were perfect before her pregnancy. she was about a G cup and that was bigger than when she first started doing porn. but what Linsey didn’t know is that men dont care if women tits are not as perky as they were before as long as they get bigger. She realized she made a mistake with the reduction because she went and got breast implants because nobody recognized her E cups. she would have made more money with loose H cups than she would have with hard fake F cups. If she gained some weight and wasnt so skinny her H cups wouldnt look so odd on her. she needs to gain about 40 lbs get up to 180. right now you can see her bones yuk. I think she had something done to her face also because it does not look like her. I hope no other big boob legend removes their tits. So far this is second model that I know of with a breast reduction. the other girl is bbw melanie anton. her tits were about the same size linsey’s G cup but she had a bigger body 200lbs. and now melanie looks terrible. she is about 260lbs with a C cup yuk. I hope Linsey has realized what she has done.

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