Odd bra sizes…

Blame this one, once again, on my friend and copious correspondent “Very Free”. As you may recall, he was the one who’d goaded me into blogging the massive breasts of Karola, as well as discovering the 34G gorgeousness that is Kelly Garnett. Come to think of it, he should probably have a big boobs blog of his very own, as his research abilities are nothing less than impeccable. This time, his inspiration came as a comment to my recent “Comfort Boobs” entry:

“Man, like we’ve said here before, it must be the water. They can sure come up with some fine looking babes with nice, big tits in Poland. Maybe not the biggest, but they jut straight out, just inviting to be suckled. I think I’m falling in love.. I found a link to this blonde goddess Sonia…”

As usual, VF was right. Although Sonia’s breasts were a wee bit smaller than those to which I’m accustomed, I still found them to be most succulently suckable. She’s got a delightfully voluptuous body to boot. And, of course, she’s a blonde. So I visited her website – Boobs.pl – and encountered yet another wondrous collection big breasted Polish babes, complementing the “Busty Polish Co-op” I’d blogged oh-so-long ago.

However, the bra sizes they posted struck me as a bit odd…and quite literally, too, as I’d never encounter such a size as 35E before. In my humble experience, the band is usually an even number. Eh, must be a Polish thing, and who am I to question the customs of my homeland? Nonetheless, that’s no reason to curb our enjoyment of even more Eastern European endowments (mind you, VF, Sonia’s still my favourite of all the beauties of Boobs.pl – good spot, my man!):

Michelle 35E from Boobs.pl    Laura Lion from Boobs.pl    Paula from Boobs.pl

Olivia from Boobs.pl    Sonia from Boobs.pl    Magda 36EE from Boobs.pl

Barbarella from Boobs.pl    Julita 36E from Boobs.pl    Agnes 34D+ frpm Boobs.pl

Pati 35DD from Boobs.pl    Zuzana from Boobs.pl    Debbie 36EE from Boobs.pl


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13 Responses to “Odd bra sizes…”

  1. Anderson Says:

    I just came across your blog and wanted to know that hv u ever blogged Pamela Anderson.Please do if u hvn’t.I just can’t stop dreaming about her boobs.uuuuummmmm, it just got hard.PPPLZZZZZ. blog her !~

  2. Reese Says:

    I’d need to obtain permission to post her pictures first before blogging her. If you’ll send me some links to the sites Pam appears on, I’ll try to contact the webmasters to see what I can get…

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. mangaphreak Says:

    Actually I think the problem with the bra sizes here is that they are trying to convert standard European sizes to US or UK sizes, which are generalls different anyway…!? The cup sizes are similar, but not the same, which is confusing by its own…

    Cup sizes aside, they probably convert the European bra size from centimeters to inches and then just use that number…so a German bra size “90 F” would come out as “35 F” in that conversion processs…

  4. Reese Says:

    Ah, good thinking! ;~)

  5. mangaphreak Says:

    I guess it helps seeing this from a European perspective…! ;-)

    Greetz from Germany

    P.S. Speaking of hot Polish boobs — did you guys know that Ewa Sonnet had her own music video some time ago…?! Check it out:

  6. Reese Says:

    Re: Ewa Sonnet‘s music career, she’s got a whole website devoted to it!

    Here’s a link: Ewa Sonnet – pierwszy (first) album – Nielegalna (Illegal)

  7. mangaphreak Says:

    Well, the problem wirh her musical “career” is that she can’t actually sing…! ;)
    She’s a hottie and some people may have fun watching the video…but who would buy the CD…?! Watching her is fun, listening to her really isn’t…! ;)

  8. Dirk Diggler Says:

    Michelle 35 E from boobs.pl has a GORGEOUS face, and the boobs ain’t bad either

  9. ayrton Says:

    Well we have Britney Spears, Christina Agu whatever,Jessica Simpson, e.g. so Ewa certainly has them beat by tit size alone. None of them can sing, but with tits like Ewas who cares. Shes so hot

  10. Very Free Says:

    OOps! I just got thrrough posting the rediscovered followup before I read this, and it looks like Reese beat me to the punch. Looks like he’s on to Sonia and the others like flies on dog doo-doo! Wowee, she’s got a nize pair! As for the odd bra sizes, it’s probably because they use centimeters, not inches, and when they translate to inches by multiplying by 2.54, the number comes out odd.

    Well, I’m down here in (not so) sunny So Calif, not far from Disneyland, and classes started this week at the coilege. The high today was 88 deg. F (31 C), and I’m checking out all the pretty wimmen in skimpy tops with their bare skin, tattoos, etc. We’re not getting as much sun because the smoke from wildfires up in the hills have darkened the sky, and instead of snow flurries, we have ash flurries blowing around, and the ash isn’t good for the paint on the cars. And the smog control folks are saying that the smoke isn’t good for the lungs – smells pretty strong when we go outside. I guess everyone’s heard about the wildfires; it’s been on national news on TV. Over 7000 acres, and 2000 firefighters on the lines. Other than that, the weather’s fine! If I find a ‘Wonder Woman’ student with Ayrton’s specifications, I’ll be sure to ask for her picture and let Ayrton know. On second thought, I’ll probably keep her for myself! :o)

  11. mangaphreak Says:

    Not so sunny…having 31° C there…?! You should be grateful for having the chance to enjoy girls in skimpy tops instead of having to freeze your butt of in snowy Munich, like I have to…! ;)

    I hope of course that all the fires won’t do too much harm…I guess there’s always a downside to good things…!?

  12. ram Says:

    i like big boob women

  13. I like you style Says:

    I like big boobs women

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