Oh no, another skinny chick!

I don’t know what’s got into me lately. Like most gentlemen, I prefer blondes. Big blondes, at that! And not just big in the breast department, but a lovely, well-balanced, voluptuous body to complete the package. So why, then, am I blogging a skinny brunette bird?!

Try as I might, I just couldn’t resist Anya. A mere stick insect at 115 pounds and measuring 32G-23-34, she flies in the face of my usual preferences. She’s just too cute, though, and my departure might also have a little something to do with those incredible G-cup boobs.

You can see more of Anya at Top Heavy Amateurs, along with dozens of other models ranging from a smallish 34D to a bra-busting 34HH! Yet for all the bounty of bosoms I found there, Anya is still my favourite. For some reason, that last photo of her walking away really does it for me…

Anya 32G    Anya 32G

Anya 32G    Anya 32G


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34 Responses to “Oh no, another skinny chick!”

  1. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Meet Merilyn! Says:

    […] P.S. Upon closer inspection, it appears that our “newest big boob sensation” here is none other than Anya. It did seem too good to be true, didn’t it? Oh well, at least she’s got her own website now. […]

  2. ayman Says:

    hi anya i am from egypt and i love u very much and ur boobs and i want to to fuck u and make love with u and i want to know where r u fom plz reply my message bye.

  3. travis Says:

    i love small women with huge breast.i hope that we see more of them in the future.

  4. dan Says:

    I would do any thing to have babies with this baby, she is smokin

  5. Paul ( aka Sticky ) Says:

    Merilyn is the PERFECT skinny CUNT. She has the body
    ( except for those FUCKING HUGE TITS) of a 16 year old.. tiny skinny thighs, tiny round ass and a tight little girl tummy & along with her skinny arms, her tits look even bigger. I’d luv to see this cunt do a Bukkake blow bang with a dozen guys or more. Imagine her face and tits covererd in spunk from a dozen hoses. I’d also love to see her in a John Thompson 666 piss and cum video. Merilyn is the PERFECT FUCK PIG . WOW !

  6. Rich Says:


    The depths of crass never cease to amaze

  7. HAFIDH Says:

    I am attracted you have liked Bahk Do you want unmarried monogamy like Atakplin or one of the Akhtiarki be beautiful

  8. mr Says:

    night flight my darling
    wend you and i are asleep
    my hopes of not awakning you
    my drive is too serv- only my love and my love for her
    only then pitty me for my fall , and yet we still have not met
    do you think iam nice or lovely or compasion as you could be
    may i as that of you

  9. JJ Says:

    simply…..amazing….more lol

  10. daniel Says:

    this better be a leadin cause that’s one hell of a momma ship

  11. =D Says:

    o well at least it got tittys *cums everywhere*

  12. Fons Says:

    Strokability factor on a scale from 1-100;100 points!
    She’s erotic optima forma!Uberbabe!
    I hope she doesn’t goes hardcore,she doesn’t need that and (in dutch)
    ‘Ik zou zeer jaloers worden’.

    Good luck 2 this natural beauty,more goosebumbs 4 me!!

  13. Eiken FreaK Says:


  14. Bouncy Says:

    HUge fucking tits. I wanna sqeeze my 20” cock right between them, then fuck that nice little body of yours. Then I’m gonna totally rub those titties all over my dick.

  15. NOOR Says:

    i love boobs(samll+bige)

  16. Schelski Says:

    She is Ukranian of course. Could be Byelarusian.

  17. msbobo Says:

    I feel sorry for her. how does she buy clothes? her boobs are soooo out of proportion on her body – it looks unreal. no one ever looks her in the eye. she is probably accused of having fake boobs. and her back must be so sore.

  18. zengoth Says:

    zengoth say i´ve seen and done strange tinx

  19. talal Says:

    hi there!!………………will u marry me plzzzzzzzzzzz………..i jus love u ur gorgeius face nd then………..ur worlds most natural massive knockers……….ilove u madly………kissess!!

  20. magnolia fan Says:

    I think she is hot can’t waut till she fucks about 3 or 4 big dick black guys on camera. Pay her whatever it takes to make that happen please!!!

  21. John Says:

    Merilyn is a freak of nature. I suspect she was created by aliens to help modern people deal with increases in stress and anxiety. When you gaze upon the unbelievable curves and alluring smile of this beautiful creature, it is impossible to stay focused on negative things. Her breasts are well beyond absolute perfection, they are the size of Texas. The rest of her figure and face maintains the same rigorous standards. On a scale of 1-10, she is a 14.

  22. Simone Says:

    Hi Anya i am italian and i love you….you are so beautiful but i prefer speak my language…ti amo Anya sei bellissima

  23. jerry Says:


  24. laykan Says:

    i can kill myself because of big breast. i love big breast

  25. titfuckingfan Says:

    She really is one of best girls in the big tit world! I can imagine a better girl to get my big cock between her tits! ;)

  26. NP Says:

    She really is one of best girls in the big tit world! I can imagine a better girl to get my big cock between her tits!

  27. The Rippa Says:

    You a sexy bitch, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m gangsta, so thats how I talik. If you were mine I’l fuck you eceryday, two and three times. You heard!!!

  28. wowow Says:

    LOL who are these people who think they are speaking directly with this girl.

  29. VERMARUP Says:

    lovely boobs , appreciated and well maintained .

  30. HOT BOY Says:

    love to see a slim ho with real big one, makes you wonder how they stand up without tipping over

  31. jojo Says:

    man after i saw these huge ass titty i wanted to see more

  32. FELIX Says:


  33. Richard Says:

    I know some of you may disagree, but to me huge breasts (especially when they’re natural) and a tiny waist are simply mindblowing. Merilyn AKA Anya is unbeatable, undescribable, sublime.

  34. JJ Says:

    wow Paul aka Sticky you sound like a pedo :/. since when a 16 year old girl is sexually attractive (except those around her age)? disgusting

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