Renee Takes K-COCK

September 20th, 2013

40 J-cup Renee Ross is an American gal from Virginia, who began in the business in 2009.

She used to be a cheerleader and now works as an Intensive Care nurse. That’s a proper real job, if ever there was one.

Her particular line of ICU speciality is Cardial Surgery. You know, heart surgery.

Can you imagine?! You’ve just come round from life saving surgery and there, looming over you is a pair of ginormous J-cup jubblies.

You’d surely believe, even if just for a moment (before you hear the machine that goes “ping”), that you did not survive the surgery and any minute now your spirit-being is going to leave your physical body and watch the boob blessed scene that is happening around you.

To be missing the chance of those tremendous tits brushing against your face would be a crime.

Renee’s bounteous figure of 48-32-40 would be totally wasted on you. For shame.

However, that is not the case. What is the case is a late night DJ working at K-JUGGS radio, gets to shag the voulptious vixen, right there in the studio.

Again, all we can do is watch, like so many life-spirits, kept out of the action.

Renee Ross at XLgirls

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Sweater Babe

September 19th, 2013

34F-24-34 Patty Michova may well be augmented, but she sure is hot looking.

I think she looks a bit mainstream. Like someone in a lads mag or the British tabloid press.

Of course, if the lack of movement of this kind of augmented/fake tits offends you, you can skip the video but then you’d miss Patty’s pretty pussy, which she toys with and slips a finger into.

Also, I am pretty darn sure that the photo, shown below, is ‘shopped. The midriff is absurdly slim. Maybe I am wrong (I’m not) because we can see far too much in the way of ribs, IMHO, so maybe that’s how she is actually built.

I appreciate some people like this look. Just, well, I think she would benefit from a meat pie or two.

Patty Michova at

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Girl on Girl with Sara Jay, and Dors Feline!

September 18th, 2013

The lovely Sara Jay is here, with chubby Tiffany Blake, poolside.

The girls are sunbathing, oiling each other, catching the rays, as the the pool boy does his stuff, when – whoops – he falls in.

The poor struggling boy gets rescued by the two top totties (makes me wonder why he can’t swim, doing the job he does an’ all) and they drag him wantonly out of the water.

Needless to say, it’s not long before he’s doing his other job, and servicing the pretty pair, with his long, hard cock.

Starting with an alfresco blowjob and being taken inside for a fuck.

The girls get slammed one by one whilst giving their girlfriend a lesbian lick out.

Sara Jay and Tiffany Blake

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And Dors Feline

I thought it only fair to post photos of the divine Dors Feline, now she’s had her breast reduction. Just to satisfy our curiosity.

No longer a 34 L-cup, Dors is now a 34 C. (Looking at some of these photographs though, I am not sure about that reported new size.)

Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction    Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction    Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction

;Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction    Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction    Photo of Dors Feline after breast reduction

Photo of Dors Feline from


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Shiny Slip Slidey Sha

September 16th, 2013

What am I supposed to do?

My current favourite model has a new photoset and video available.

Of course, the glorious slim and stacked beauty that is Sha Rizel and her glorious 32 F-cup tits are going to get posted up here.

I can see no way to resist.

Here is the young Ukrainian oiling herself up till she is shiny and super slippy.

Ah, that that I had a penis, so as I could slide it between those huge hooters for a good titty-fuck and work my way down to that equally oiled up pretty pussy. Alas, I have no such appendage and my clitoral hard-on is no use to a woman like Sha.

I bet she wouldn’t even bump donuts with me. Let alone a lovely lesbian licking session. :sad:

Sha Rizel at

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A Selection Of Sinners

September 12th, 2013

Three sinners for us to peruse, today. By which I mean three boob blessed babes.

We know of Arianna Sinn and Skye Synn but also here we have a newcomer by the name of Serenity Sinn.

All three are on XLGirls and before some of you complain about having too many chubby women on here, five of the last ten posts on MyBoobSite have featured slim and stacked sex pots. Big women have big boobs, too!

Arianna measures up at 41-26-34, so hardly the usual XLGirls material, being just a little thick around the middle.

Arianna is from Bucharest in Romania and is 28 years old.

Her tremendous tits get encased in a 32G-cup bra, when she wears one.

Arianna Sinn at XLgirls

Click here to visit Arianna Sinn at

Skye Sinn is a bit more of a plumper. With an impressive 38E-cup rack, Skye has vital statistics of 44-34-36

Her pretty face and her willingness to show us all she has, Skye is a super sinner indeed.

Skye Sinn at XLgirls

Click here to visit Skye Sinn at

And here is the new-cum-mer, Serenity Sinn.

Other than knowing that her 46H-cup hangers measure 57 inches all around, I know nothing about her, just yet.

Another pretty girl, Serenity doesn’t take long to show us those bountiful, bouncy boobs.

I wonder how long it may take her to get a little more adventurous.

Serenity Sinn at XLgirls

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Slim or Chubby? As Long As She’s Stacked.

September 10th, 2013

I was (am) struggling with indecision, today. So much so as to ask on Twitter whether to blog a slightly chubby girl with huge boobs, for whom I have photos and a video, or a slim and stacked girl for whom I have photographs yet no video.

I am sure the video will cum along soon. Well I hope so.

I have, as yet, had no replies to my query, so I have decided to do both of them.

So, let us start with the former of the busty beauties I have for you today… Janne Hollan (AKA Jana/Brenda) is a seriously well endowed blonde, blue eyed babe.

Listed with a bra-size of 38F (I think she needs a re-measure; she looks bigger than that to me) and overall stats of 43-29-39 she is a little on the chubby side.

At 5’5″ tall her 168lbs (12st/76kg) is a healthy looking weight to me, but according to BMI calculators, she is in the overweight category.

To be fair, as I said in the title of this blog… who cares when she’s stacked with tits like these!?!

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Janne Hollan at

Click here to visit Janne Hollan at

And so to the latter of the lovely ladies. Slim and atacked Sha Rizel.

You have probably realised that Sha is one of my favourites. It is fantastic to see more and more of her, these last few months.

Another blue eyed but this time brunette babe, Sha is 5’8″ tall with 32Fcups and weighs 112lbs (8st/50.8kg). Again, she looks fit and well to me, but the BMI charts say she is underweight.

Bollocks to BMI, then.

Sha Rizel photograph from Scoreland   Sha Rizel photograph from Scoreland   Sha Rizel photograph

Photograph of 32H Sha Rizel   Photograph of 32H Sha Rizel   Photograph of 32F Sha Rizel

Slim & stacked Sha Rizel photo   Slim & stacked Sha Rizel photo   Slim & stacked Sha Rizel photo

Underwear photo of Sha Rizel   Topless photo of Sha Rizel   Topless photo of Sha Rizel

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Naked photograph of Sha Rizel

Photo of Sha Rizel showing pink

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Czech Out Terry Nova

September 9th, 2013

Czech born Terry Nova was born in 1986, in Prague.

With her spectacular 34H boobs she stuns with stats of 42-26-38

Here we see Terry in a pink mini skirt, lace up top covering her big, pink bra and some fishnet knee-highs under a pair of sexy black boots

She pops her perfect puppies out of her H-cup hammocks and shows us the goods. We also get to see her naked and we can have a prolonged peer at her pretty pussy, shaven haven that it is.

      Photo of Terry Nova from HotOnHeavies



All of the above come from Heavy On Hotties. The site has more than huge breasted women, it has women from teens to twins, in fact every type of European woman but “no fat chicks”!

Well, as long as the bounteous boobs are there, we’ll can all be happy.

Here’s a video selection from the site, with a range of different sized models with boobs from tiny tits to huge hooters.

They’re getting sucked and fucked. They’re sucking and fucking. They’re giving titty-wanks and doing much finger- as well as cock sucking.

The guy getting his rocks off to all these varying vixens is, as he says, . In that he’s Fat, he’s French and he Fucks ‘em all.

Loading the player…

(click here to download video preview)

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Roped In

September 6th, 2013

Here’s another big breasted beauty that has never had her own post on this blog, although she was part of a multi model blog, back in 2009.

Katarina Dubrovna (AKA Katarina Hartlova, amongst other aliases) was born in Chlumek in the Czeck Republic, in 1985.

The beautiful babe has been seen as a blonde and a redhead before. That long luscious hair framing her pretty face and leading down to her stunning slim and stacked 34E- 25-37 figure.

In this video we see the huge hootered honey tying her tits up with what looks like Shibari rope.

She soon lets the bondage go and slides the rope across her vulva then finishes herself off with a vibrator, toying with the dildo in and out of her pussy, through those dark coloured labia minora (or piss-flaps, if you prefer).

All of this after she sheds that incredible fish-net top, which draws attention to her magnificent mammaries. (Like Katarina needs anything to help her draw attention – a cock would stand to attention when Katarina comes into view, in an instant erection, for sure!)

Katarina Dubrova at

Click here to visit Katarina Dubrova at

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36JJ Reyna Mae

September 4th, 2013

Beautiful redheaded Reyna Mae has lovely, soft 36JJ cup tits and she’s shaking them all around in a fuck film from Plumper Pass.

She last featured here on MyBoobSite back in January, last year.

Here are a couple of shots from her latest gallery. There’s also the aforementioned video over on MyBBWsite.

Reyna Mae at

Reyna Mae at

I have managed to find a list of Reyna’s favourite things, which I thought I would share with you, just in case you ever get the chance to meet her… you can take her her favourite perfume, maybe, then get a blowjob and a doggy style shag.

Food: Cherry Garcia ice cream, new york style pizza
Drink: Fuzzy navel, sex on the beach, midori sours
Movies: Grandma’s Boy, Team America, V for Vendetta, Boondock Saints
Sexual position: Doggy style
Sexual act: Blowjobs and Bondage
Sports: I am an avid hockey fan. My team is the Chicago Blackhawks.
Music: Blues, punk or classic rock
Things to Do: Reading, going out with friends, lounging at the pool, traveling, movies, shopping
Scent: Coconut Passion, Pure Seduction or Issey Miyake
Lingerie: Corsets, thongs, heels and thigh highs
Turn ons: Confidence, licking my ear and neck, intelligence.
Turn offs: Know it alls, arrogance, bad hygeine

You can also find more from Reyna Mae at ReynasHouse.

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Plump Zoey And Her 38F’s

September 3rd, 2013

Over on MyBBWsite today there’s 38F Zoe Andrews.

Not a BBW so much as a chubby plumper, but with tremendous tits.

If you don’t mind a bit of tummy, pop on over and have a look.

Zoe Andrews on MyBBWsite

Click here to visit Zoey Andrews at

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Campus Cop

September 3rd, 2013

This is Chicago born G cup goddess, Jessica Roberts.

Now living in Miami, Florida, Jessica is in her mid twenties and is kind enough to furnish us with the following information:

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight:160 lbs
Bust: 43″
Waist: 34″
Hips: 37″
Cup: G
Dress: 8
Shoe: 9.0
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Tanned
Shoot nudes: Yes

In these photos and video Jessica is also kind enough to share that ample bosom and that cute, tight pussy with us.

Jessica Roberts at

Click here to visit Jessica Roberts at

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Meet Jennica Lynn

September 2nd, 2013

K-cup Jennica Lynn is new to XL Girls.

As yet, I have little information on her except that she is Swedish and now lives in the UK.

Born in 1988, Jennica wears a 34K bra, stands at 5’5″ tall and weighs 154lbs (11st).

The beautiful buxom brunette has milky white skin and the resultant blue veins on those heavy hanging hooters.

Jennica Lynn at XLgirls

You may recognise her as Zorrosteaser from elsewhere.

Click here to visit Jennica Lynn at

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Bikini Bust Out

August 30th, 2013

From Michigan, USA, 26 year old Melissa Manning is stacked up with spectacular 36 H cup tits.

Those bountiful boobs fit perfectly on her 43-27-38 figure.

At the age of 16, she was already in a 34 G bra, so she is no stranger to the attention she must get from those fabulous fun-bags.

Score tell us that this is Melissa’s first bikini bust out set. Just wait until you see those knockout knockers bounce and swing in the pool… mesmerising!

Melissa Manning at

Click here to visit Melissa Manning at

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Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl

August 29th, 2013

Patty Michova is a quite stunning, slim and stacked, Slovakian.

With measurements of 38F-24-34 she has the hourglass figure we dream of doing bad things to.

Here we get to see her beautiful boobs bounce as she gets bonked at the bar.

Here’s the strange thing – she has never featured on MyBoobSite before!

Patty Michova at

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Slim and Sexy

August 28th, 2013

Slim, sexy and stacked, beautiful, brown eyed brunette, Estelle Taylor, is back with another set of photographs and a video.

With her 32 E cup tits and hourglass figure (38-24-32) not to mention those long, long legs in stockings and high heels, she totally floats my boat.

At the start of this video, we hear Estelle talk. In her sultry Romanian accent she asks us if we want to see her body. Well, durr! Is that not why we are all here? To see big bouncy boobs (and tight pussy)?

Estelle does not let us down in the following pictures and film clip.

Estelle Taylor at

Click here to visit Estelle Taylor at

See Estelle as MystiqueXX on IMLive

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