Sabrina Meloni

A visitor to MyBoobSite over the weekend asked if he could see more of Sabrina Meloni (and, since I’d asked, it’s only fair that I oblige). So, here you go, Josh: Being a fan, you probably knew that the 31-year-old Pole with L-cup breasts was already up to a G-cup by the age of 15, and, over the past four years, has worn bras ranging from a 44J to her current 38L (or 90L in her native metric). But did you know that, in addition to being just one of the exceptionally endowed women of Boobs XL, Sabrina’s also got her own website? Launched toward the beginning of last month, her site features exclusive photos and videos of this matron of massive mammaries. Here are a few photos from her most recent series…

Sabrina Meloni 90L    Sabrina Meloni 90L

Sabrina Meloni 90L    Sabrina Meloni 90L

Sabrina Meloni 90L    Sabrina Meloni 90L

Sabrina Meloni 90L    Sabrina Meloni 90L

…and a selection of video clips, just to round things out a bit (although I must say that Sabrina’s jump rope video over on is one of the most impressive examples of huge boobs in motion I’ve seen to date):

Sabrina Meloni 90L - Video Clip 1    Sabrina Meloni 90L - Video Clip 2

Sabrina Meloni 90L - Video Clip 3    Sabrina Meloni 90L - Video Clip 4


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44 Responses to “Sabrina Meloni”

  1. Josh Says:

    WOW!!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! those breast are pound for pound some of the biggest and best looking i have seen…thank you reese you’ve made my day! I look forward to reading your all your blogs…keep up the great work.

  2. cuncun877 Says: those are melons……

  3. jim Says:

    andthank you for the most beautiful,well endowed woman i have EVER seen…if ANY1 has information on a video or a magazine featuring Sabrina Meloni,please e-mail me at or at….any and all info on Sabrina Meloni will be greatly appriciated……

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sheesh…so “she’s” 31? Looks like 61. Just cos she’s got boobs bigger than sacks of garbage can’t excuse the fact she’s friggin ugly. Uggghhh

  5. Ian Says:

    yes I agree not the hottest looking chick

    my top SEVEN




  6. Ian Says:


  7. the accomplice Says:

    i will list my top 3 …not that anybody should care but just cause i can…..

    starr moses……
    suzi sparks….

    killer rax on all……

  8. boobyCoockie Says:

    Well…that girl has really realy huge naturals
    is it possible to get more stuff of her here?

  9. obie trice Says:

    still it would be a dream for any tit man to have her lie there or stand there or to be behind her or underneath her and be able to play with those monsterous tits…..

  10. pop Says:


  11. IÑI Says:

    Yes,I belive she´s 55 years old or more.Ufffffff….How many years we can´t enyoy with her tits.

  12. gianluca Says:

    sei bellissima.. vorrei conoscerti…. .. un bacio

  13. Marco MELONI Says:

    I was looking for my cousin’s girl website and i found you. You are a very nice lady with very nice boobies.


    Marco MELONI

  14. canadian_phillip Says:

    31 years old, eh? and i’m a strapping 21 again! still, she seems to have lots of, uh, personality.

  15. francky Says:

    jolie poitrine tien voila mon adresse MSN

  16. pdp Says:

    …Sabrina Meloni is born in Poland and worked as a erotic-massage-model for some years in Berlin in a place called Prinz Erotik ( She called herself Nicole and was still as BIG as today. I joined her 4 or 5 times and it was – GREAT!
    Then she leaved Berlin suddenly in 2003 and settled down in a very small village near Hannover. There she also worked as a callgirl. Her picture and her telephone number were on the german callgirl site You can phone her to make a date for the next day – 1 hour for 120.- EUR. I visited her only one time, because this village was far away. At this time she appeared on the site . There you can see Sabrina/Nicole with some other callgirls. Agnes worked in Munich, where I meet her some times. Now Agnes is on a germany-round-trip. Birgit worked in Berlin in a massage-place in Wilhelmstr, I visited her some times. Maybe she quit her job at this place in is now somewhere else in Berlin. Ines is still working in Berlin. You can telephone her, make a date and visite her in her Appartment. I was there only one time – she is tooo fat!

    pdp (

  17. BigTitLover Says:

    I would eat this woman from head to toe

  18. Holger Says:

    Man, she is absolutly fantastic!!!
    Has somebody her adress and/or phone no. ?

  19. XBound Says:

    absolutly fantastic!!!!
    message by: Diego da Cruz Pereira
    from: Brazil

  20. Samantha Says:

    absolutely lovely. I would lick you from head to toe! I love your breasts!

  21. Samantha Says:

    absolutely lovely. I would lick you from head to toe! I love your breasts! i would love to meet with you

  22. Mike Says:

    Sabrina is hands down the best model I have ever seen. I am absoulty amazed by her beauty. She is more beautiful than a poem. Now that Is the pinnacle of a voluptous model. I would give anything to meet a woman of such beauty. but that will probally never happen. keep on coming out with your of luck….hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!

  23. gazza Says:

    She may be a bit minging from the neck up but has the loveliest HUGE tits I have seen!

  24. saeid Says:

    i love you
    I love your tits
    I want to fuck your ass……How?

  25. saeid Says:

    Please anserw my mail

  26. Wolf Says:

    It’s a wonderful big Lady in our century. I like her tits very much, because Sabrina is wonderful. If I can, I lick her every day, week. month, year and so long she likes. Where are you?

  27. Manfred Schnelldorfer Says:

    She is a wonderful Lady like Mona Lisa of our century.
    If Leonardo da Vinci knew Sabrina Meloni in his time, he paint her and forget Mona in Louvre from Paris.

  28. Ws Says:

    Very sexy fatty girl! I like fatty girls.. but she is perfect! Very cute

  29. Chris Tyler Says:

    I fuckin love her big tits. i would like to fuck them thangs or lay between them. She makes my dick get so hard!!!

  30. Chris Tyler Says:

    i would like to met her sometime!!!!!!!!

  31. big brown nipple lover Says:

    nice jiggly breasts! :D I like that in combination with a belly and thick thighs, it’s so soft to play with, and she’s got that!

  32. My Boob Site » Blog Archive » Elaine Hershey at GigantischeBrueste Says:

    […] …once I’d finished my sentimental journey down mammary lane, I decided to check out the rest of the site. I was pleased to find our old friend Sabrina Meloni 90L amongst the aggregation of generously endowed German girls who grace the site. Here, inclusive of L-cup Sabrina, are a few of the others you’ll find on […]

  33. Hanar Says:

    I love Sabrinas huge tits, they are so lovely! I would have her lay over me, on me, and suck, play with those huge tits of hers, and fuck them, those tits make my cock rock hard!

    However, I have written to her a few times, and the little of what she told me, I was able to pick up on that she appears to be very selective, and quite picky about the kinds of guys she really does want. I cant believe she was ever a call girl, or anything else- she may come on as erotic, but dont let all that fool you. This woman is different when knowing her more closely. I’m not sure, but I was left with the impression, that you are not going to get what you wish and hope for. She is just a tease, and just that. Dont waste your time or money on her!

    If anyone wants to comment-please e-mail me at:

    Good Luck:

  34. DeOndrai Says:

    i would give anything ANYTHING to suck on them one time

  35. Fred Says:

    The women is a marvel. The absolute queen of tits!!!

  36. TRISTIN Says:

    HOLY F#$@%NG $H!T

  37. daniel Says:

    I love Sabrinas huge tits, they are so lovely..I have a question,,you’ve lost weight wiht exercice or was necessary the surgery?? you re beautiful now…always

  38. Hisd Says:

    the best

  39. miles Says:

    I want to meet you, how can i phone to meet

  40. Jyri Snellman Says:

    I’d like to watch her and not those ugly ICRA-logos.

  41. amit Says:

    i want marry because i am a handicaped

  42. Christfor Says:

    I like your big boobs. please send boobs video in motion nonstop.

    thank you very much.

    Love you

  43. Gigantomastia Guru Says:

    i want to makielove with all of you, individually & together…any takers?don’t be shy!

  44. oliveira Says:


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