Venus Nudes & Veinous Boobs

Since my last XX-Cel blog, Cel’s got himself (oh, and XX-Cel members too, of course) a nice new pair of massive tits which boob fetish fans of visible veins on breasts will surely appreciate. Indeed, what big breast aficionado would be able to resist the huge tits temptation of tracing their fingers over the milky white translucent flesh barely concealing the sexy blue veins on boobs of HH-cup proportions stretching across her tits like an erotic roadmap to guide us down her ample chest to her nipples perched pendulous upon the saucer-like large areolas below?

Sexy blue veins on breasts visible through translucent skin on the big veiny boobs of voluptuous veinous tits Venus from

Big Veiny Breasts courtesy of XX-Cel

The lovely veiny big boobs belong to beautiful busty voluptuous 38HH Venus whose much anticipated arrival at XX-Cel was hearalded with this tit squeezing teaser Cel had shared a month prior to her debut there. But veinous vixen Venus is no stranger to MyBoobSite, with me previously having introduced voluptuous Venus at Divine Breasts just over six months ago. However, the DB version of Venus leaves a little too much to the imagination (imho), as all the shots are topless only and I prefer having my well-endowed women nude so as to appreciate every last intimate and erotic nuance of the sensual female anatomy.

So leave it to Cel to come through for me again (as he had done in the past with the luscious lower lips of Angela) by providing a fully nude Venus exposing all of her curvaceous charms to the camera! The full body nude of Venus laying naked in bed with her plump pussy in the foreground offset only by the “uddely” massive breasts pancaking to her sides toward the back is my personal favourite, but I’ll give you a small yet sexy selection from the series so you can choose for yourself. And so, here’s the beautiful 38HH busty voluptuous Venus baring more than her boobs for the first time in fully nude photos from

Venus nude at    Venus nude at    Venus nude at

Venus nude at    Venus nude at    Venus nude at

Venus nude at    Venus nude at    Venus nude at

Venus nude at    Venus nude at    Venus nude at

Venus nude at    Venus nude at    Venus nude at


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15 Responses to “Venus Nudes & Veinous Boobs”

  1. Tony Says:

    OMG she might be the next Rembrandt in the big boob modeling industry!

  2. dreyfuzz Says:

    Oh yeah… SHE’S GOT IT! :D

  3. Sig6229 Says:

    WOW! I know this is a boob page, but her shaved pussy is beautiful!! I would spend a whole weekend eating her out :)

  4. Juggernaut Says:

    Yea, baby. Just like that….

  5. Charles Says:

    No coincidence that Venus rhymes with penis. How poetic. :D

  6. king Says:

    great boobs perfect bbw

  7. Sans Says:

    Venus is attractive in many ways. She has a sexy body, a nice smile, and great hair. It’s a nice change to see someone without tattoos, high heels, painted toenails, etc. A very natural appeal. I’d love to see her unshaven. But more than anything else, check out her eyes. Gorgeous!

  8. YsoSrs Says:


  9. peeb Says:

    Note that she models elsewhere, I think at Scoreland, as Anna Beck.

  10. Charles Says:

    Dear God this girl is perfect. Well there are MODELS who are more hot, but as far as the ideal and total fuck puppet this girl is exactly what I like best. For my particular height I like Venus, man. I’ve been lucky enough to have scored with some G and H cuppers but this chick is optimal. Total love monkey!

  11. Charles Says:

    Anyone know her height offhand??

  12. Gary Says:

    She is total beautiful. The most amazing girl I’ve seen in a very long time. Amazing tits and a fantastic body. Absolutely perfect 10/10. I for one will be joing xx-cell.

  13. saggy lover Says:

    Impressive young sagger. Reminds me of my wife in her late teens. Karola is still the best. She has two advantages great size and alot of years that gravity has been very good to her. plumpers and big women magazine had a one year celebration issue that featured a beautiful sagger named sarah. A free video offer was made which i have. Find these photos. She looked tit wise of course like karola but she was maybe twenty. Find shots of her now. That would be amazing

  14. RoRo2468 Says:

    Wonderful breast man i love them

  15. bbws Says:

    Is there a way you can post a link to the video of sarah?

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