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It’s rare that something would prompt me to direct blog readers away from MyBoobSite but, in this case, I believe it’s warranted. You see, there’s now an official Alicia Loren blog out there, and its blogmistress is none other than the divine JJ-cup goddess herself!

So far, she’s introduced us her bosom buddy Gya Roberts and laments such misfortunes as starting out in the business with a bra-size for a surname. To quote Ms. Loren: “Hey guys I don’t like anymore my old ‘art name’ Alicia 36JJ, is like if some of my men’s friend here is named ‘John 46B': would it be nice to have your bra size in your name? Was a bad idea to put the breasts size into my name like Alicia 36JJ so I am happy to anounce that from now you can really find me only as Alicia Loren.” [ed note: John 46B? That’d be one hefty set of man-boobs! :~P]

Here’s hoping that this is but the beginning of a long and successful blogging career for Alicia. I think it’s a most wonderful development, giving us lowly fans yet another way of keeping in touch and learning more about the genuinely amazing young woman that exists behind those big boobs. Why not visit her blog now and leave a comment in support of her new endeavour? Then, and only then, are you welcome to enjoy the photos of lovely Alicia lounging on the couch at

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from    Alicia Loren 36JJ from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)


Alicia’s Webcam Site

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12 Responses to “Visit the Official Alicia Loren Blog !!”

  1. rex Says:

    Are there any pictures of her with pussy-shots?

  2. joe Says:

    you know, i’m not sure if i could ever read her blog. for some reason, i can’t get away from the idea of it not being actually alicia, but some dude that run’s her website tip typing away, laughing to himself about how we all think its this gorgeous busty gal, as he sits there chucklin and posting nude pictures of her :: shudders::

  3. fenderman31 Says:

    the good lord has totally blessed her with womanly attributes….wow wow wow

  4. Charles Says:

    Alicia is the Bomb guys!

  5. Soul Sold Separately Says:

    Imagine if she made videos with men, with breast smothering and titfucking? Registrations to her site would go through the roof.

  6. Lee Douglas Says:

    well what can i say….this woman is a legend……what i wouldn’t do!!!

    check out her myspace as well…well worth a look.

    one love to alicia.

  7. RRC Says:

    Alicia is delicious. I could spend the rest of my life sucking her beautiful tits.

  8. david wilson Says:

    Like most of us,I’ve viewed thoudands of pics, hundreds of models and Alicia Loren da best combination of face & tits. R-rated

  9. dd tits Says:

    my god those tits are gorgeous!!!

  10. joachim breitfeld Says:


  11. troy Says:

    she is seriously perfect!!

  12. cairns Says:

    Well you covered that pretty well didn’t you?

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