Warming Up to Rachel Aldana

Ever since my look but don’t touch blog, I’ve been making a concerted effort to alter my attitude toward this beautiful mega-busty babe. As a first step in my intensive behaviour modification regimen, I joined her website…


…having now spent some considerable time there looking over her pics and reading her personal diary, I came to the conclusion that she’s still a bit shy over all of the attention she receives as a consequence her extremely ample assets and is just now getting to grips with coming out of her shell. In this respect, she reminds me of a beautiful young female friend whom I love dearly that, although I’d shag her in an instant if that’s what she really wanted, it’s moreso a matter of me valuing the friendship that we share.

Granted, my definition of friendship is somewhat open-ended. For example, there was this one weekend when we’d been partying with a group of our mutual friends that included the lovely young lady mentioned above. Having driven a long way to attend, Vix & I retired to our hotel room shortly after midnight (old party poopers that we are) and were fast asleep within moments. Then, at 3am, we were awakened by a knock at our door. ‘Twas the gorgeous girl in question who’d come to ask, since she was experiencing some “difficulties” in her own room, if she could spend the night in ours instead.

Although we were both knackered and naked, we sat up and politely listened to her as she sat on the foot of our bed relating her tale of woe with sympathetic ears. When she’d finished, we invited her to join us as there was no additional bedding in the room. She stripped off her clothes and crawled in nude between us facing Vix so, naturally, I asked if she wanted a cuddle. Upon receiving a reply in the affirmative, I spooned up behind her and wrapped one arm around her small yet delightfully voluptuous body, kissing her gently on the back of the head as I did so. As one might expect, this resulted in a raging erection to which my little cuddle-buddy reacted by wriggling her beautiful bare bum even tighter against me, settling in for the night.

And, quite frankly, this is how I’ve come to think of Rachel Aldana – more like a cuddle-buddy than a potential sex partner. While I’d have no active intention to fuck her, the thought of the two of us spooning together in similar fashion with my forearm happily buried in K-cup cleavage is, I’ll admit, quite the appealing prospect (especially after having seen this photo!). And so, in recognition of my growing appreciation of this one in a million busty babe, here are a few sample photos from her most recent series in & out of her coral top & K-cup bra courtesy of her very own RachelAldana.com

Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com

Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com

Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com

Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com    Rachel Aldana 32K coral top series from RachelAldana.com

(note: actual photos available for download average 2000×3000 resolution)

…and, while I’m on the topic of her titanic tits, I should also mention that Rachel’s done another webcam video for us – this time fresh out of the bath with a refreshingly natural girl-next-door look about her. Once again, here’s 32K Rachel Aldana in one of her private videos from RachelAldana.com:

Rachel Aldana K-cupwebcam videos at RachelAldana.com



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28 Responses to “Warming Up to Rachel Aldana”

  1. x Says:

    When it comes to Rachel….I’d take whatever relationship she’d offer; cuddle buddy or sex-partner or cuddle-sex buddy. And Reese….how lucky are you? Teach me oh wise one !

  2. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Yeah, no kidding. Just about the only relationship with her I wouldn’t do would be strictly plutonic. What hell that would be. The only lady I can presently think of that is more staggeringly hot than Rachel never appears here anymore and that is Ewa Sonnet.

  3. Jes Says:

    I thought Rachel was reported as an L-cup now? Did I get my lines crossed again?

  4. Joey Says:

    This girl is amazing. That last photo just blows me away…talk about killer proportions! DAMN!!

  5. Vadd Says:

    Well ya know I HAVE to chime in on this!

    Cuddle bunny? Sure, of course! Of course you must have heard the saying “fuck like bunnies” before. So, there ya go!

    And those pictures (including the one of her laying down) and that video… makes me love her even more. I think we are seeing a blossoming of her personality. Remember, she is not only young, but fairly young to the business too. You watch, in a years time everyone will be praising her as they (rightfully) do Samantha 38G.

  6. codereduk Says:

    I, too, am really beginning to warm up to Rachel. I really didn’t like her early pics, she looked bored and uncomfortable. Obviously, she was just beginning her modeling career and she was finding her persona and getting her bearings.

    But, honestly, she is really coming into her own. These new pics are world class, and Rachel is becoming world class.

    Yes, I’m really starting to warm up to her!

  7. Hankloveshooters4ever Says:

    Gentlemen, what is not to love? Rachel is dynamite, totally out of this world. I agree with Vadd, she is starting to flesh out her sexuality. I couldn’t believe the negativity about her posted earlier on this site. It is almost if the men are intimidated by her beauty and breasts. There are two types of women to symbolize beauty, a Ginger or Mary-Ann or Betty or the Veronica type. Rachel fits into the Veronica and Mary-Ann mode. That is what makes her extremely desirable in my estimation. I love her dearly.

  8. FrankNZ Says:

    Did Rachel say in the video that her breasts are still growing? It’s mind-boggling, really…

  9. Charles Says:

    She’s quite young I’d not be surprised if she continues to grow another two cup sizes. Just remember Jenny Hill. If you saw her when she was 18 you would never thought it possible that she would grow. Now she is sooo much bigger nearing 30 it’s fantastic I see the same in Rachel’s future! No matter how you slice it, she is the heir apparent to long time Chloe Vervier fans. She will only get better and better with time.

  10. Sam Says:

    That’s my girl! Anyone who still has a problem with amazing girl and calls themselves a big boob lover is obviously lying about something. She has to be one of the cutest babes alive. She is sooo lovable. She doesn’t have that raw sexappeal yet but she doesn’t need it yet because she is still quite innocent and fresh. Give this girl time and she will not be able to touch anything without setting it alight!

    Rachel if you’re reading this baby you are all that and still some and you haven’t even nearly reached your peek. But, when you do honey bunch you’ll be untouchable! Don’t listen to the jealous detractors or the fake breasted plastic wannabes. They are not worthy of your time or comments.

  11. Joey Says:

    codereduk, I concur with you. I was really starting to wonder how a lovely girl like this would get bashed on a boob site. Sure, we all have opinions and i’m not expecting everyone to be zombies and like the same type of woman, but c’mon…fuckin’ hell, look at her man. Do you see women like her walking around anywhere? Her proportions are comic book like. Totally unreal.

    Coupled with her unique looks, I can’t fathom the negative comments about her. She might not be your favorite model, but on the strength of sheer tit size and boob to body ratio, she pretty much blows the vast majority of busty models out of the water. Sure you have your Merilyns and Cherons who’s tits defy their structure, but to see a girl this stacked without the extra “padding” is amazing.

  12. johnny h. Says:

    Absolutely stunning! She keeps getting better! More!

  13. Brett Says:

    I feel kind of strange for admitting it, but the fact that she’s into hair design interests me. Not in a sexual way, but creative people strike me as people I can relate to better. Isn’t it intriguing that she styles her own hair? I think it’s neat.

  14. Andy Says:

    Her breasts are a true natural wonder I hope she doesn’t struggle too much since they are so wonderful although I would not blame her if she had a reduction. I mean if she got them reduced to a G-cup they are still huge but it may take the pressure of her small frame. She is still staggeringly hot and is now definitely up there with Anya.

  15. Tasel Says:

    I am so warmed up with Rachel I feel like I am at camp fire.

  16. Sam Says:

    Did I mention shot number 5 is both classic and timeless. Pure unadulterated beauty!

  17. Vadd Says:

    Yes. She said they are STILL growing. Getting bigger. Makes the future look really bright! Can’t wait to see what she looks like when she is 25!!!! God, I love this girl.

  18. Charles Says:

    I still don’t quite ‘get’ why you guys are so critical. I mean you must admit that you are experienced sexual men who might even be a bit jaded about breasts because of viewing so many online. And here is this girl who is very young and nubile, and is still developing physically, and is surely “learning the ropes” sexually and has to cope with the eyes of the world on her. You really have to cut her some slack for not having mastery of “the slut look” on camera.

    Just recall how Anya/Merilyn seemed to people when she appeared only at topheavyamateurs.com…. she did not smile, did not seem to be having a good time, and appeared to be just going through the motions. Give a woman the time to accept her appeal and give her time to develop and grow…. she will blossom into the stay you are hoping for. In Rachel’s case I’m sure of it. She has as much RAW TALENT as Lindsey Dawn.

  19. Charles Says:

    …. er, that should read “star” not “stay….”

  20. Davastav Says:

    Rachel still is an amazing female specimen…The pic of her in the black bra is phenomenal. The mere fact that she doesnt do hardcore or something seems to lessen her stock price in peoples opinions is just sad…She like Denise Milani appear to be more into softcore and thats fine with me…This is all just fantasy anyway…..

  21. Steven Says:

    I’ve been a big bust fan for almost 30 years and I honestly can’t remember ever having seen another model quite like Rachel in absolute staggering size and beauty. She recently was featured with Denise Milani and she actually made her look really small. That alone makes me realize that she’s in a class by herself in the slim and stacked category. To me, not having the slutty look is also definitely a quality and not a default!

  22. Kelly Says:

    I’m wondering how many people, apart from me, have had “room difficulties” among our mutual friends :D

  23. Reese Says:

    Hiya Kelly~

    Blimey! Can’t pull anything over on you, can I? ;~P

    Big Hugs,
    ~Reese! :~)

  24. Robinator Says:

    you are a legend Reese, yes I would love to cuddle the Busty Aldana

  25. curvelover Says:

    Rachel is truly aawesome a beauty, which is why my main problem with her comes from the way she is shot and her pics are retouched. Too much light, too much smoothing out. I’m already not fond of the smaller nipples on big boobs thing, but they all but disappear under this picture treatment.

    I hope she branches out to other sites and photogrpahers…the Big Boobs Glamour “look” is more annoying to me than SCORE’s photography even. The girl is already incredible, no need to make her loook like a plastic blowup doll. There’s really no excuse for some of the blurring I’ve seen done on her gorgeous face.

    As an example, let me say I used to think Maggie Green (same site) was hot, but a little distant. Then I saw the Blooper reeel of her “My and Jana’s boobs are real” video. OMG!!! Being able to see her actual skin, and the real light catching it, the lovely light veins and other marks of a TRUE NATURAL BUSTY woman got me much more excited over her. Plus hearing her talk and seeing her move and interact as a normal person, and not some fake slow-motion posing session was awesome. THAT’s how you see big boobs in action…by letting them bounce and move as the girl does normal things like lean over, walk around, and (best of all) turn suddenly!

    Photographers and videographers of natural big boobs, HEAR MY PLEA!!! Stop trying to “perfect” women whom nature has made perfect already.

  26. bOObeTube.com Says:

    Rachel is so amazing. Huge natural boobs, and how old is she?

  27. Bruce Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing with us these natural wonders of the world. You sure should post more photos of them wearing bras, like this set with Rachel in her huge sexy black bra and one set of Sapphire’s. Well endowed models wearing bras are very teasing and a real turn-on. It’s just like appetizers. When you know a nice main course is coming, and a nice bottle of wine is popped, how can you go without some good appetizers to complete a whole meal?


  28. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » The Other Side of Rachel Aldana Says:

    […] Remember my Rachel Aldana Look but Don’t Touch blog wherein I asserted her GILF potential was low because she looked sexually unapproachable (granted, I also said that she looked a bit like Stacey Slater cum Branning from Eastenders only with bigger boobs (shame about her hubby’s untimely demise, btw, although I sincerely believe the soap’s writers missed out on the prime opportunity to introduce Zombie Bradley to Albert Square))? I did warm up to Rachel by my very next big boob blog about her, but still can’t get past the feeling that it’s the highly polished and professional look of her pin-up style studio photos and videos which limit her super busty girlfriend potential in my ideal big tits fantasy world as is amply evidenced in her latest lovely Lavender Boudoir photos from the RachelAldana site… […]

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