What to do with E-cup breasts?

Dearest readers, I am troubled. Whilst I was away this weekend, an e-mail arrived from a lovely young girl expressing an interest in starting her own website and asking for my assistance. She’d enclosed a few naked photos as well which proved her to be a truly stunning vixen in most every respect. Trouble was, she was only an E-cup – a most unfortunate circumstance considering MyBoobSite’s “F-cup & Up” standards.

This left me torn, as those who know me are aware that I’m a major advocate of any well-endowed woman willing to get her boobs out on t’internet and am always eager to lend a helping hand. However, her sub-F cup-size would seriously restrict the promotional possibilities I could afford her.

So what am I to do? Granted, a vast majority of the general populace considers anyone who’s a D-cup or larger as having big tits, but I’m also aware that this sentiment is not necessarily the same amongst big breast lovers and especially the readers of this blog. I hate to turn her down, though, as I don’t want to discourage her from pursuing a topless career and any negative feedback at this early stage could be devastating to someone just having made what I consider to be such a brave decision.

Any suggestions that don’t involve me starting a blog for lesser-endowed girls (as I simply haven’t got the time at present)? Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any sample shots of this luscious lady, but I can provide you with a few examples of the cup-size in question. Thus, I’m going to break the rules for a bit and give you a handful of E-cup models to ponder in case it inspires any ideas. Here’s Micha (who’s got some fab flaps going on, btw), Vanessa & Maria Nilsson from MC-Nudes.com:

Micha e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Micha e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Micha e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com

Vanessa e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Vanessa e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Vanessa e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com

Maria Nilsson e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Maria Nilsson e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com    Maria Nilsson e-cup breasts at MC-Nudes.com




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40 Responses to “What to do with E-cup breasts?”

  1. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Honestly, Reese?
    I dont think anyone qualifies as *big boobs* with D-E cup … Im sorry.
    Girls in pics are beautiful but more bikini type , IMHO.

    Nowdays, the meaning of *big boobs* starts with F cup … So many models out there with D cups (real or fake) and they are in bikini or lingerie niche. You could help this girl with her own website but for heaven sakes do not position her as *big boobs girl* – that would be mock to really big tits lol …

    Jelena Jasper

  2. old_skool Says:


    I agree with Jelena’s post. Help her out as much as you can w/o compromising your current position on big boobs.

    Maybe you could just put a link to her site on the side of the page? (underneath the Big Boob ones, of course). ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Muz Says:

    Sorry Reese, they’re attractive enough but not what I’m here for. Dont lower your standards.

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    I have to agree even though maybe that post was somewhat said tongue in cheek.

    How about a sticks with tits boob site….as a side thing.

    She’s hot, pretty with a nice rack but is definitely an amateur. The hand over the goodies is a bit of a turnoff.

    I think there are more nice looking woman with nice sized boobs as opposed to what we here admire, true big busty beauties. They are few and far between and my idea of what a true sexy “woman” looks like.

    My personal favorite being CTexsins Chelle. Who could resist a big busty blond Texan MILF!!!!!!! I can’t!!!

  5. Wendel Says:

    I have to disagree with Jelena and old_skool, but only mildly.
    I think you should post any E-Cup YOU think is worthy of posting on your site. Some E-Cups SHOULD be featured her, though, I agree, not all, or even as a rule. This could be YOUR call.

    Maybe you could make a once a month E-Cup special post.
    Girls who you feel a worth a special look.
    A lesser cup among giants . . .

    To turn a phrase. ;)

  6. Mike Says:

    These women might be big-chested for the average person, but they’re really unimpressive for this site. Talk about bad publicity; compared to Alicia Loren, Bianca Bloom, Maria Moore, Eden, and the countless other women found on this site, these women look downright underdeveloped.

  7. Tony Says:

    no, those boobs do not belong here



  8. Ctexsinswebmaster Says:

    Well I can agree with both Jelena and Skool’s but I do want to say this. Seems this cup size things is on everyones mind this week I think breast size has to be related to the total package!! How can you say a girl who is less than 5 foot tall max weight of 90 when wet with E cup Tit are not as large as someone who is 5’10” 170 with a G cup. When you factor in body mass it almost comes out to be the same size body to breast ratio..

    Whats cups got to do, got to do with it!!

  9. JG Says:

    Seriously, all this girl needs to do is get a myspace page and entice the horny hoardes with some risque but TOS mindful photos.

    After she collects a couple hundred friends, then she can start the site and let them know all about where they can see her naked (for a small fee)…

    …it’s worked for girls with much smaller than E cups… :)

  10. Andrew Says:

    Isnt’ Brandy Talore have smaller than E cup breasts who you’ve promoted from time to time and advertised prominently? At least her wikipedia says 36 DDD….just wondering?

    Personally I appreciate E-cups quite a bit and would be fine with a bit more variety on this site.

  11. Newcom Says:

    She may not belong in this blog, but she would fit into thebreastfiles wouldn’t she?

  12. MrHHH Says:

    Tell her to go to a site where the women have smaller boobs than her.

    If she hangs out with the K cup girls, she’s going to look like someone’s kid sister.

    Also, unless she wants implants, experimenting with breast growth pills wouldn’t hurt.

  13. Vadd Says:

    Jelena is 100% right. I think girls with D, DD or E cups can be extremely hot (great bodies, cute faces… the “bikini type” as she so perfectly put it) but put an E cup girl next to someone as perfect as Jelena… and, well, you can see my point!

    Give me F and up.

  14. Memeticle Says:

    I hate to tell you, but I don’t think they’re E cups. DD at best, but not E. So I don’t think you should include them.

    Just my two cents.


  15. ssendam yrammam Says:

    Featuring a model with less than an F cup is not completely new to this blog.


    As often noted in these pages, trying to determine breast enormity using the artificial construct of cup size is often misleading at best. Without taking into consideration band size, breast shape, breast fullness and stature of the model, cup size alone is almost worthless. We all know that a 38D breast is larger than one fitting a 30F. We can also see the boobs on 32K Cheron are much larger than 32K Rachel Aldana’s boobs, yet both are K cups. Accordingly, some E cups will look much larger than other E cups.

    So how exactly does this J cup cutoff work? Perhaps some flexibility is required in the determination.

    Here is something directly from our host, “In these cases, overall sexiness and a slutty disposition can go a long way in helping me to make my selection…finally, tiny Tiana came as a bit of a surprise to me, her breasts being far too small for my usual taste in tits.” I believe Tiana is a C cup.


    Ultimately, it is Reese’s call to include alluring models with E cup boobs or not.

  16. Sam Says:


    Sorry mate, I am going to have to join the chorus here. I think you’ve just made your first big booboo. Doing such things damages the brand mate. And, gives a very ordinary girl who isn’t even that pretty free adviertisng which her agent would have to otherwise, pay quite handsomely for. I would suggest you remove the post!!!!!!!!!

    I would hate to think that we have just upset the life blood of the site, our regular resident models such as Samantha, Jelena and Ctexsin et al….

    I think we should put this down to experience!


  17. FrankNZ Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s F-cup and up for the breast obsessed. That’s what makes MyBoobSite so unique and a haven for us serious big breast lovers.

    Within the context of this site and its loyal audience, “big” does take on a different meaning from that used by the general populace. Most of the time we’re not even debating the “E/F Divide” here.

    Let’s see, most recently Reese has posted, and we have enjoyed, women of the following dimensions: 32K, 34H, 38G, 30K, 34G, 36FF, 36JJ, 32F, 32G, 36JJ, 36JJ, 38K…

    OK, so cup size by itself is a crude measure. The body:breast ratio (aka “Sam’s Contrast”) has been discussed here before. In the end it comes down to our personal preferences. Granted that a slim model with E-cups will look stacked, but I’d rather spent my time admiring Jelena’s magnificent GG-cup breasts.

  18. Sam Says:


    I have to agree.

    Reese we all have our off days mate but we still love you though! Everyone is entitled to their once in a while mistake.

    Love Sam xxxx

  19. Jes Says:

    I thought this was what The Breast Files were for?

  20. BillyC Says:

    ssendam yrammam is right in that you have set a precedent with lower than F-Cup on multiple occasion but usually alongside others. Brandy Talore is officially marked as DDD and according to the new Bra Measurements page on Wikipedia the American size DDD is also F which is the UK E. Assuming Wikipedia is right F is about 6 or 7 inches over band size depending on UK Europe or US.

    I think Jelena is way of and perhaps somewhat detached from reality. In the Hollywood scene C is the norm, D is big and DD is very big. The majority of the public is unaware that boobs go above DD and so thinks DD is the pinnacle of boobage (Pamela Anderson is DD). Even amongs most Porn DD is considered large, see Gianna Michaels or any other popular boob star. Big tits often go from C to DDD with anything larger being unknown. Believing that “Nowdays, the meaning of *big boobs* starts with F cup” requires a detachment from reality which is a rather unfortunate fact of life in boobophobic America.

    Of course Jelena and the others could be from the UK and so openly exposed to the likes of Lucy Pinder. Which they would consider normal range. Sadly I don’t live there.

    In solution to your problem, someone suggested “stick with tits”, you could do “just getting started” for newbies who need publicity, or in line with your new obsession, a vagina Blog which is more in parallel with mypenissite. Than you could stop inundating the boob lovers with pussy shots they may not always crave.

    If she is UK E size then thats F US and so she passes the muster. But if not I say show her anyways just slip her in with some other bigger tits to satisfy everyone. Personally i say “C is for Cookie thats good enough for me” or “a C in the hand is better than an G in the bush”.

    Look forwards to myvaginasite or mypussysite

  21. Mick Says:

    “I would hate to think that we have just upset the life blood of the site, our regular resident models such as Samantha”

    NO!! [deeply offensive comment removed]

    These new girls look mighty fine, so well done for posting them!

  22. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Yeah Im from UK and yes E cup is small comparing to what Reese used to post on myboobsite. I had a great opportunity to witness ladies with smaller breasts in my career so I know what Im talking about. I agree that its not all about size but anything less than F is average to me. You talking about America with its silicon tits on every corner, well most bikini and lingerie models go up to E cup now because on slim bodies it looks big.
    We do not praise them here … as they are in different niche!
    Quote *Detachment from reality” – Huh??? How can you say that im detached from reality? Im in this biz for over 5 years now and I know whats big and whats not. Or if im not living in USA that means im detached from reality? What reality we are talking about? Who can know more reality then big boobs model? Im sorry im getting really frustrated here.
    My point is, Reese can blog whoever he likes on his site, in the end of the day its his business and as much as I like to read his posts about popular busty models, i dont mind seeing girls with smaller boobs … I was voicing my opinion against including this girl into TBF Playmates as she might look funny among huge tits.

    Vadd, FrankNZ. Sam — a big boobie hug to you guys!


    Jelena Jasper

  23. Sam Says:


    I didn’t quite get the first boob hug can I get another one but this time can I get inside you slowly while you’re busy hugging me!

  24. MaGnUs Says:

    The more the merrier. :>

  25. Jelena Jasper Says:

    you are naughty … i luv that :-P

  26. Memeticle Says:

    Can somebody give a link or point a direction to the discussion of “Sam’s Contast”? I’m intrigued!


  27. Samantha38g Says:

    She is cute and can have a great porn career. Companies like Bang Bros, Vivid, Score group,Brazzers, Reality Kings, Playboy love gals like her. There is plenty of mass porn market companies that would love to shoot hardcore action of this lovely gal.
    But she doesn’t have SUPER Huge Tits.
    Gianna Micheals is hot as hell, and her boobs are a true beauties. But they are not Super Huge like Christy Marks, Nadine Jensen, or Angela White’s.
    I welcome all hotties here and anywhere else. At least she didn’t hide her face. Never worry about the size of other gals tits, I just want to shoot them. LOL
    Reese you are truly talented at locating great sets of boobs no matter the size…..
    Now Reese, where is your blog about new Cummer BUNNY DE LA CRUZ? She is truly blessed with some awesome curves and a sweetheart.


  28. Sam Says:


    I am going to say this honey and I don’t care if it is a amiss slightly but your comments lately have been rather sharpe and not much fun! Everything has been quite critical and not very bubbly like you used to. Whats going on honey? You’re always hard around the edges. I used to like exchanging comments with you babe but now its just scary! We can never quite gage which person will turn up and when. It like living with a really sensitive stick of tnt.

    Just a thought!


    The first draft of my theory should be in the a post concerning the model DENISE Milan if not there it will be after that post under different girl.

    Note to Reese-

    why not have a search facility that would help find some of the best post and most classical posts.

  29. Azurhan Says:

    I’m honestly shocked at some of these posts…I know that large breasts are on the rise and all in the populace but the national average in most places is still what a B cup? and there are doctors out there telling every girl thats larger than a C to get a reduction for problems they might not ever have. So with the average bust size in general being under a D cup by two cup sizes an E cup is pretty impressive, and whats this with the Bikini comments? I’d think any woman that does not look emaciated would look smashing in a bikini regardless of cup size. Thats like saying that all incredibly well endowed women (i.e. I cup like my wife or F cup like our lover) have bodice or corset bodies…which is just as silly to me. Do E cup women belong on this site? That my good friends is up to you and you alone Reese.

    Yours in Darkness


  30. Sam Says:


    You owe me, I have just trailed through months of blog to find not just the first but second expression of my theory. Here is the first:


    and here is the second,


    I must also give an apology to Reese for being hypocritical about this very same subject. In searching for these posts I came across quite a similar post where I took the opposite view and defended Liz 32EE quite heartily I might add. So, I have to withdraw my comments. But, haven’t we just discussed the fact that in European standards EE is actually an F…. I don’t know maybe someone else can help.

    Sorry REESE……… GROVEL

    Reese I have also noticed you haven’t added Rachel and Cheron to the directory..My task would have been far easier if you had.

  31. Sam Says:


    Here is the very fisrt in the expression of my law that defines the real difference between BBW LOVERS AND Big Breast lovers.


    Oh, by the way Reese the beauty that belongs to this post should definitely be revisited.

  32. Samantha38g Says:

    I post my true thoughts and ideas.
    Don’t see where I am explosive.
    “Sam” your comment came out of no where.
    These girls Reese just blogged about are cute. But he set his standards for this board a long time ago. There is plenty of work in the industry for all shapes and sizes. Fail to see how that is negative or tempermental.
    I am an Aries, the fire sign. Always passionate in everything I do, will never apologize for that passion.
    Reese at any time can ask me to stop posting here.
    Plus controversy always sells. Gets people riled up and going. Love to stir shit up. Always up to mischief one way or another.


  33. Sam Says:


    I wasn’t picking a fight I just miss the old you who used to be the peace maker when I used pick fights with everyone else. And, there is no need to go that far, Reese would never ask you to stop coming here at all, you know that just as well as I do. In fact if he hasn’t got rid of me yet I cannot imagine any scenario where he would ask you to leave. Unless you bit his monster off!

    I remember when you would never comment on another girl regardless of how you really felt but would still demonstrate statemanshiplike qualities which still conveyed the message but didn’t get your hands dirty.

    I’d just love to see the, life is just one big blast sex pot return thats all.

    When you laugh the world laughs with you; when you cry, you cry alone!

  34. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Very well said, Samantha :-)


    Jelena Jasper

  35. typesetter Says:

    Wow I amazed that such sexy women like Samantha and Jelena post comments here! As a fan I just think that is totally awesome.

  36. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Im down to earth girl, i am :-)
    Big boobie hug to ya!

    Jelena Jasper

  37. Betrunken Says:

    man who cared, dem girls is hot =D lol

  38. BillyC Says:

    I apologized for the detachment comment, it was written in undue haste. What I meant behind that comment was that the average (not in the industry) is C and C is the expected level for Hollywood. Stars such as Angelina Jolie are often referred to as large breasted despite having only a C while “actors” such as Pamela Anderson are considered massive with only DD.

    All I meant to say is that the main stream media, On this side of the pond, believes that DD (sometimes DDD) is the biggest available. (Poor them)

    I am aware that in Britain the scales are somewhat different as main stream models can be F or G.

    All I meant to say was that the world outside the big boob community considers E to be big.

    PS I’m from Toronto Canada (which I admit is one of the top places for plastic surgery’s) but Silicone tits of larger than DD are rare.

  39. Crux Says:

    Let ‘em in!

  40. Jax Rhapsody Says:

    Damn Reese, I thought I would’ve been the first to say tits as they may be boobs they are not. Not saying I dont like her(even though she’s skinny) cause she’s okay. If I can properly tit-fuck a set then they pass, lol. But lets have the big’uns like Samanthas or Normas, The things dreams are made of- normally wet dreams.

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