A question of boobs…

I’m writing today because I need your help. Shortly after starting MyBoobSite, I began to be inundated with requests from models and webmasters who wanted me to promote their sites here. Some came to be regular features and others fell by the wayside. The deciding factor in every case was personal preference, often governed by my own attraction to the model and the size of her breasts (my original standard being F-cup & up, with a few exceptions made along the way).

However, I now find myself at a crossroads. Each morning, my e-mail inbox is stuffed with loads of lovely porn to perv over. Some of it is really excellent, but features females who fall short of an F-cup. Then again, I find a lot of the “big boobs” sites feature models as small as a C-cup. But by far the most disturbing trend is that I’m starting to find some of these lesser-endowed ladies – like Kelly & Kyra from MC-Nudes, for example, who are both mere D-cups – *gasp* attractive!

So my question is this: Do I start including some of these “smaller” models on MyBoobSite? Or do I just stick with the most massive mammaries around? Of course, I’d continue featuring all of the favourites here, but there’d be a larger range of cup sizes in the mix (which many still seem to classify as “big tits”). My alternative, of course, would be to start a separate porn blog for the stuff that doesn’t fit the original niche. Please post a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

Case in point; consider the following video galleries that I just received from BabyGotBoobs.com. The biggest breasts of the lot appear to be those of busty Brandy Taylor, who I’d say is a bit bigger than the 36DD designation they’ve given her on the site. But I also find myself increasingly attracted to the stunning Velicity Von, who’s also described as a DD-cup there. Hmmm, I’m beginning to sense a trend. In fact, every single model on Baby Got Boobs is listed as a 36DD, despite the obvious discrepancies in boobage!

But that’s beside the point – what I really want is your opinion. Should I start including some slightly smaller-breasted women here on MyBoobSite, or should they be banished to another outpost on the ‘net? Have a look and let me know what you think:

Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs

BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com

Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs

BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com

Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs

BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com

Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs

BabyGotBoobs.com    Baby Got Boobs    BabyGotBoobs.com



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65 Responses to “A question of boobs…”

  1. roder Says:

    I say include ‘em! D-cup and up is a big tit to me.

  2. Butch Says:

    Well, I am a slim and stacked guy!
    So, if they meet that criteria~


    P.s. Why haven’t I seen Yulia Nova here yet?

  3. Reese Says:

    roder: Perhaps I’ve been jaded by J-cups for too long, so I guess a few D’s wouldn’t go amiss. Still waiting to find out what everyone else thinks… :~?

    Butch: …I’ll take any body type, provided there’s boobs! ;~) As for Yulia Nova, she only “officially” appears on one site, and they don’t take kindly to anyone promoting them for some reason. In fact, they’ve launched legal battles against many a site that’s featured her photos, even if it’s with the best of intentions. :~P

  4. Nighto Says:

    I’d say to include D-cups.
    I think that what makes a big boobed women pretty is not actualy /only/ the big boobs, but everything. I tend to prefer much more someone like Velicity, with her not-so-big 34 DD but a perfect body, to a 123-ZZZ fat³ woman (nothing against BBW, but i prefer slim big-boobed girls :)

  5. coco Says:

    I like this blog because it has some of the biggest boobs I have ever seen, so I would say: just keep the most massive mammaries ! And you could make another blog, as you say, for the smallest tits, why not ?
    Thanks for all

  6. Alex Says:

    Dear Reese

    D Cups are very common and you did a great blog with bigger cups.
    For me under E cups there is no world and the best is JJ !!!
    See how exiting are girls like Alicia or Milena…
    Please continue to find us the biggest boobs

  7. Reese Says:

    Nighto: D-cup & up seems to be the consensus so far. And, of course, I can always blog the plumpers over on MyBBWSite. As I’ve said before, I’m just in it for the boobs, so any other bodily beauty is just a bonus!

    coco: Ack!! You’d never catch me blogging the smallest tits! :~o I just wouldn’t get the motivation (read “arousal”) out of it. No, I don’t care if a woman has the most stunning features in the world, if she doesn’t have a reasonable rack to go with it, that’s just a “no” (shallow git that I am). ;~P

  8. Sara Thomas Says:

    Sorry to sound negative – and being only an average girl myself – I still have to say that anything less than F cup and you’ll change the whole feel of the site. As it is, everytime I visit I like the feeling of inferiority it gives me – and if the girls’ chests start to match mine…. then I’ll have to look elsewhere for my little kink. I think your idea of starting a separate blog is the way forward – but please stick to your original ideas of F and above – its what makes your site standout! x

  9. Denis Says:

    You could make a special section on those, to give options, and be versatile

  10. Zhooibaal Says:

    I think it would be better to split the *smaller* boobs to another blog, just like you did for the plumpers with mybbwsite.

  11. Billy Says:

    Stick with the most massive and create a separate site for smaller babes, like you did for the BBWs. While I am here, I think this is the best breast site on the net. (right next to bigbreastarchive)

  12. Thomas Coyne Says:

    I’m just an average guy who loves boobs the size you regularly feature on your site and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Thanks for reading

  13. Jay Says:

    I say only very large-breasts here. Everyone and their mother has C or D-cups. I don’t visit this fantastic site for anything less than Triple-D’s or bigger. This place is heaven.

  14. kaosbreaker1701 Says:


    i’ve only recently started visiting your site but i feel that if you start adding smaller cups you’ll change the whole feel of the website. however i think a blog for the other sizes is a good idea

  15. The Pope Says:

    This site sets itself apart beacuse the boobs are so big. It would become like 1000’s of other site if it went smaller.
    The bigness is the novelty of it! So therefore I completely agree with Sara.

  16. An. Reader. Says:

    There are a gazillion sites that focus mostly on papercut thin girls with a notch above small breats… with most of them beeing silikon implants. Yakk.
    You can spot them a mile away. Those bags point out totaly unnaturaly.

    I started reading this blog because it focuses on girls with B I G boobs. I think DD or E is a minimum. I like BBW, but not huge obeast girls. Dont mather if they have tripple R sized breats when the tummy is draging on the floor.

    I want nice rounded girls with big boobs. Slim girls with big boobs is ok too, like the Princess ect.

    Dont bother with the smaler onces…

  17. porkrinds Says:


    the promise of Alicia, Maxi or Milena is why this site is so unique. Let’s not foul it up with a bunch of fried eggs.

  18. macmole Says:

    As long as 100% natural (important), even a nice fleshy/hanging C cup is a good minimum for me!!! :)

  19. SunnyMack27 Says:


    Dude please don’t destroy what is mans last great gift, a blog dedicated to HUGE breasted women HELL NO!!!!

    thank you for your time!!!!!

    P.S. If she’s not stacked like samantha 38g, and maria more(my favorite) keep them away..

  20. dimension Says:

    i think that d cup girls should be posted on this website such as brandy taylor, velicity etc. they are hot! anyone smaller and you could start up a new blog site for them?

  21. Robert Says:

    I have fairly new things to say,
    just want to strenghten the party of those saying you should create a different blog for the “smaller ones” There are enough blogs featuring average breasted women (for me, that’s C-E Cup) everyday. Stay special, stay with the real ladies!

  22. Jason Says:

    DD and up is all good…

  23. bi-weekly Says:

    If you lower the filter to accomodate average-sized women, then this blog will be nothing more than a page three pitstop, leaving you with less time to focus your original viewers’ attention on new and wonderful discoveries such as the divine Alicia.

    Come on, you know it makes sense!

  24. Carlos BA Says:

    lo importante es que las chicas sean 100 % natural y no menos de (D CUP) AMO ESTE BLOG !!!! sigue adelante Reese con las TETAS mas GRANDES del MUNDO!!!

  25. Josh Says:

    Hey Reese I have to agree with Sara Thomas above, keep the site the way you have and create a separate site for girls with less endowed bosoms.

  26. Eric P Says:


    Your attention to the largest of the large, and most importantly the natural aspect of boob world makes this the breast, i mean best site on the net. I do agree with Zhooibaal and others who offer the solution of a splinter site (much like mybbwsite) to feature the less endowed. Don’t get me wrong, the girls on Baby Got Boobs are hot, but i would take a Samantha or Maria Moore anyday. Keep up the good work regardless!

  27. cd_RW Says:

    velicity von is a goddess

  28. jazzman Says:

    As always, I love all boobs. Boobs are boobs. Fat balloons rock and make the world better. That said, separate the gigantor-boobs from the big boobs (big being small-framed girls with c-f cups so their breasts look massive against their petite frames). Another site is always good, since you obviously have good taste in picking boobs.
    Also, for me anyway, a relatively small chest (big B-small D) make me content if the girl has an attractive face (smile, eyes, etc) on a nice frame. On campus, where I live, I’m surrounded by the hottest of the hot (preppy school where chicks look for rich future-husbands) so I’m used to C-D’s…but I like to see those smotheringly huge boobs from time to time. Keep up the great work, Reese. Whatever you choose, we’ll support it.

  29. jazzman Says:

    P.S. We trust your site, which is why we come back; no ass-clown pop-ups or spyware or other buggery. Thanks for that!

  30. Badgerla Says:

    I wouldn’t go below a D-cup. Maybe I’ve been lucky enough to have dated only well-endowed women, but for me a C-cup is just average. One of the things I love about this site is that you only feature truly big-boobed woman and your taste in those women… okay, two things I love about this site.

  31. Very Free Says:

    The short version: I vote for another separate blog for above average but unexceptional boobs. That is if, and _only_ if, it does not detract from this blog (and myBBWsite), in both time and interest. That said..

    After a cursory examination of the pics of this blog, I don’t see any that I’d consider worthy of this blog. But as many have already discovered, I don’t think size is the only criterion that should be used. I would rather see Samantha or Maria Moore with full areolas and G cups than Maxi or some other even smaller nips and areolas on JJ cups. I use Maxi as an example, however, I’ve compared her recent preggo pics with her older pics and she has ‘developed’ considerably in the nipple and areola dept, obviously because of the PG. So she isn’t so far down on my list anymore.

    On the other hand, I’ve given some URLs and names of women who have full but less than F cups that have exceptional (in my book) looking boobs, mainly because of the size of their nips and areolas. And as Reese pointed out, one model had a 30 inch chest and her boobs didn’t look that big, but that’s because she’s smaller chested. She looked fine to me.

    And the word exceptional should be discussed. I think what makes this blog popular and keeps its readership is that it features truly exceptional big boobs (even though the website doesn’t say myB-I-Gboobsite.com). I think this blog differentiates itself from the many others by featuring only exceptionally well-endowed women. As he mentioned, many other sites use the term big tits but are really less than big, D or even C cups. And that’s not what I come here for. On the other hand, if in Reese’s blog I saw a woman with less than F cup, say DD cup boobs, but with exceptionally large areolas and nipples, then I would welcome them without reservation. But I don’t see any such in the pics he included above in this blog. He may get aroused from their ability to use their smaller assets to better advantage, but then there are thousands of other blogs that review their less amply endowed but hardcore action models by saying “She’s hot!”, and that’s not exceptional.

    Referring to my comment above, perhaps Reese should start a new blog with a more narrowly named URL for Really Big Boobs. The example I used above is myB-I-Gboobsite.com, but something similar would be okay. Then go ahead and try to migrate the smaller babes into the original, and see where his followers end up. I know I’d very likely be at the new Big Boob site.

  32. ANGIE Says:


  33. Carey Says:

    I love the site the way it is, please, please, don’t change it. It is perfect.

  34. iwankaramasow Says:

    Please only the biggest tits.

  35. JR Says:

    Please stick with the F-cup minimum, it really sets this blog apart. There is nothing but the most fantastic breasts. I do love the slim stacked models, but if they don’t meet the f-cup requirement, maybe you can put them on a separate blog. I have been wondering why you don’t feature any non-white models, big breasts come in all shades. I know at the end of the day its your preference that dictates, but Chaka T (j-cup) and Emage (h-cup) at http://www.juggmasters.com are mind blowing, and Love (g-cup) at http://www.tokyotopless.com deserves mention. Other than that keep up the good work, and keep this site the absolute best of breasts.

  36. J Says:

    split them, cause we can always use a reason to visit ANOTHER site with nudity. haha
    I think to keep this blog’s true intention, keep your minimum standard; and to help appease the other boobie gods, make another altar for the “smaller” gals. All breasts are beautiful and deserve worship.

    thanks for all your great work Reese!

  37. tonifrancis Says:

    I think everybody,who visits your site wants to see girls like Milena
    and Alicia.
    Its sure that a woman with D-cup or less is also attractive,but they
    should get a new site.
    Keep on posting the huge tits.

  38. peter Says:

    just not inlcude it

  39. aidey Says:

    tempting, but stay as is, that is what helps keep your site unique :P

  40. Mart Says:

    No way.
    There are tonnes of sites for small boob girls.
    keep the big boobs togther, don’t confuse me!
    Any boobs under an ‘e’ are out!

  41. Doug Says:

    Stick to the really big boobs, let everyone else handle the forgetable masses of porn stars with less than D-cups.

  42. Pete Says:

    Think of it this way: I’d rather see breasts in proportion to the size of a woman. That’s what a BBW really is: the breasts are big, but so are the women. A small woman with big breasts is irresistable. Keeping that in mind, a 28D looks better than a 48G any day. Change your thinking about cup size, and instead think about proportion.

  43. Mort Says:

    Please don’t!
    Your blog is the only site I know which doesn’t give in and show the “small” ones you already find all over the internet. If you start doing it too, there’ll be no reason for this site.

  44. detroit bigot Says:

    Love your blog.

    I say no.

    This site is special because it deals primarily with chubby bitches with giant funbags, its god damned brilliant!

    Keep up the good work.

  45. Carlos Says:

    Firstly, what a great site.
    I say keep them bigggg. Alot of sites have d cup models and although d cup is a good size, in this day and age it’s nearly average. If it goes to d cup then it will dilute the good stuff. keep them f cup and above.


  46. Finnish Booblover Says:

    I would say D-cups is big breasts…and of course beautiful if they are natural!! U have my permission to post D-cup girls also!! And btw…thx for this excellent blog u have here…keep up the good work m8!!!
    Ps. My first comment ever to this site

  47. John Says:

    NO D CUPS! No DD Cups! You have a great thing going with F and beyond! Start another site for the minimal Ds. Most of us read this site with the same interest that you had in mind when you started it. I love massive tits, and frankly, you’ve spoiled us with all the great tits on this site. To do less would be a shame. Start a my-tad-bit-smaller-boobsite. Afterall, you still get readers to the BBW site, I think you’ll still get readers to the D site as well. But let’s don’t mix match genres now.
    But, keep up the good work none the less!

  48. Marcus Says:

    If you start posting girls with smaller boobs, the site will turn into a regular big boob site, the type you see all of the Internet.
    If you want to keep this site successful, don’t change it. Because I come to this site for something different, not what I have at home (DD’s). Here there is F+, which is very good for the eyes. LOL
    Look how successful it hasn’t been Reese, you would be mad to change it.

  49. Mom Lover Says:

    I am a marketing consultant. I will tell you the cardinal rule of marketing is that once you have become successful in a niche, don’t try to broaden it to include other niches. Keep mining your original niche. In layman’s language, stick with “the most massive mammaries around.” If you feel compelled to do another site, featuring “some of these ‘smaller’ models,” go ahead. But I would suggest that since you have shown terrific talent in what you have put together to date with My Boob Site, continued to explore the niche, continue to delve deeper into your mission: “A big boobs blog for the breast obsessed.” Quite frankly, you have only begun to tap into all that you can do. Speaking for the massively obsessed, we need you.

  50. Robert Says:

    @ Pete:

    Great comment. May agree 100%-ly on you. Proportion should be what counts. I know Reese has a thing for BBW, but nevertheless women like Merilyn Sakova, Jana Defi, etc. are what makes me love big boobs. Plus, it’s myBOOBsite. So let’s focus on the boobs. I know that’s somehow contradictory to what I said before, but Pete, once again, you’re the man, and made me think!!!

  51. Roger Says:

    SOMEWHERE ELSE….. AND PUT ALL PICTURES OF LINSEY DAWN MCKENZEY THERE AS WELL…… In all seriouness….You do a great job and thank you for all that you do… keep up the good work….

  52. sam Says:

    no d_cups please !
    Continue to post Huge Breasts, it’s perfect like this !

  53. DVD_RW Says:

    Keep up what you’re doing. Your sites good enough as it is, and I think D-cup is slightly small.

  54. Piers Knight Says:

    I’ve always set MY standard (ever since I was a kid of 11) at a G cup as a minimum. An attractive pose does not make up for a genuinely big cup size, – and let’s be clear here, – breast size is not about bust size, but bra cup size. Afer all, a fat girl might have a 50 inch bust, but tiny tits! I assume that, like me, people come to this site to view genuinely BIG natural tits. Of course, firm shapely breasts are preferred, but usually the genuinely big tits are so because of more alvioli (breast glands and milk ducts). Please stay true to your dream to seek out the biggest, shapliest natural boobs around. As a post script I must say that I now set my standard by how much of my head can be buried in a deep cleavage!

  55. Piers Knight Says:

    Proportion IS essential, but 28D? Wouldn’t 28 G be better? Or even better – 28 J?

  56. Bigger is better Says:

    Please, don’t include smaller tits. Yours is the only blog that really delivers huge natural tits, not “huge”. We all are so tired of those pop-ups advertising “big” tits and then only getting D’s or DD’s. Really. DD is not big. It’s average. F and up are big.

    Don’t change a thing, please. I’ve only just recently started reading your blog, and it it THE BEST because it really has the hugest tits. No small or average tits like D’s or DD’s. Everyone’s got them – you only got the real goodies, F and above.

    If it ain’t broke, why fix it? So please, don’t go under F. Please.

    Yours truly,
    “Worried in Helsinki”.

  57. dd30 Says:

    Don’t do it! Dont include tits smaller than F! Separate site will be the best decision. In other case you will loose big part of your today’s auditory.

  58. mich Says:

    A separate site makes the most sense, since those people who like the D-cups can go there, and the rest of us still get what we want, the classic myboobsite. why dilute the quality of this blog when the startup cost of another one is virtually nothing.

  59. Dr_K Says:

    For God’s sake don’t include any smaller or silicone enhanced breasts. Your site is a fantastic one precisely because it DOES offer what it sets out to offer – BIG breasts. To compromise would make you just the same as the rest – boring, and predictable. And what would I do with my hand then…?

    Seriously – big breasts in, smaller out. And by the way, Vix, if you’re reading this, you are DEFINITELY IN!! (But I guess you’d know that from me!).

    Keep it up…er…if you know what I mean…

  60. jim-40 Says:

    i am crazy about your do not change a thing keep it the same keep the Fcups and bigger on this site make another site for c&dcups

  61. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    An interesting dilema to be sure. Taking the “baby got boobs” girls for instance. All of them are young and attractive from what I’ve seen. However, except for Brandy Taylore they’re not too stacked. On the other hand, no offense intended, some of the gals I’ve seen here are by my standards very unattractive. Sabrina Meloni and Serenity Davis being prime examples. Overall, I wouldn’t start putting D – DD cup gals on the site. I also wouldn’t put ugly women on the site just for virtue of having big boobs. There’s nothing wrong with being selective, waiting for another EWA or Merilyn Sakova. They’re out there somewhere. I mentioned this under the Lindsey boob reduction blog, why not place pix of Milena Velba?

  62. Reese Says:

    *sigh* OK, I relent, F-cup & up it is from now on…

  63. sabre Says:

    C cup minimum, but in separate part.
    Where I can read more your titfight story?

  64. boobiesexualwoman Says:

    I see I am coming in on the vote quite late and my opinion my not be worth much but don’ change what you are doing. This site is perfect just the way it is.
    I am a DD woman and believe me I can only wish I had the breasts the women pictured here have. I consider my breasts too small. But at least they are all natural, natural breasts are the best.
    Keep up the wonderful job.

  65. Gordongekko Says:

    You should realize that women lie about bra size and just because someone says they’re a __D or DD or any other letter and inches it’s completely unreliable. Very few women are fitted properly or even know how to buy a correct sized bra. Many refuse to buy certain sizes because they don’t want to believe they’re bigger than they really are or smaller than they really are. I dated a girl once who was intent on squeezing into a DD (boobs falling all out of the top and bottom) until I convinced her to get properly fitted and she was a G cup! The bottom line is, if they look good and big enough for your site, then post em. Forget about the sizes. It’s all marketing BS and most of the time these sits take pics through fishbowl (wide-angle) lenses to make them look bigger. Keep it real. Peace

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