Alice 85JJ Video + Her First Nude Shoot

It seems that the majority of you like her, going by comments & shares on our last Alice blog, so here’s a bit more of Alice and her JJ Jubblies… it’s her first fully nude shoot, with XX-Cel:

Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at

Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at

Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at

Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at

Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at    Alice 85JJ nude at

And, to top that off, here’s the first Alice 85JJ video from, too!

What is better than to see a busty chick jump from the furniture, whilst topless? Why, to see an ├╝ber busty babe do it, of course – Alice and Cel do not disappoint:

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28 Responses to “Alice 85JJ Video + Her First Nude Shoot”

  1. Paul Says:

    8th photo down is immense. However, will someone please explain what is wrong, if there is indeed. The veins are a little unsightly but the size and texture is goddess like.

  2. Paul Says:

    I meant wrong with the veins.

  3. Charles Says:

    This woman has such HUGE Juggs!!! Damn those are some low hangers. I’d totally be into having her for keeps! LTR, having 10 kids, endless sex! Mmmmmmm. Those veins just make those tits so alive!

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Hot damn – those tits don’t look quite as vein-y in the video. This girl makes we want to go to Germany reallll bad!!!

  5. dreyfuzz Says:

    Absolutely wonderful, thanks Reese!

  6. namegiven Says:

    I’m asking nicely. Please stop posting pictures of this…and I can’t stress how hard it is to say this….woman. She’s a horror show. Maybe she’s a fetishists dream. I don’t know. But. I think she’s fucking hideous. From the stretch marks to the face like a foot. She is seriously not the kind of woman I’d ever associate with hot. Seriously, I turn gay if I was given a choice between this he-beast and a guy.

  7. don Says:

    holy, HOLY fucking gobs of tits and lovely extra pudge. i dig it, discoloration and all.

  8. David Radnor Says:

    Wow, got mixed feelings on this one. I just love the size of the tits on this model. I can deal with the fact she may not have the prettiest face and is a few pounds over weight, but the circulation issues with her tits causing the black and blue areas are a major turn off for me.

    I don’t know if I would care to see any more photos, however I could go for seeing a video of Cel feeling her up and having his way with her big tits.

    This model is going to need to do some hard core, because she doesn’t have the looks like Mickey Bell where she can get away just showing her tits.


  9. Tommis Says:

    WOW, just WOW :)

  10. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Not keen on her tits, I prefer tits to be as round as grapes or rounder. I like the shot of her holding her belly as if saying “Look how fat I’m getting!”. Good stuff. XD

  11. Tommis Says:

    That snatch is driving me crazy!!! I’m sure she loves great bonk! What a find!!!!!!

  12. Mark Says:

    Got to admit that the veins did throw me off at first in the photos and not because they are veins. I actually thought they were bruises. It could just be the combonation of lighting and pjotography becsuse she looks great. But I personally LOVE veins in larger breasts.
    Veins are a sign of huge growth (oddly it reminds me of body builders having veins rise in there skin). I often admire them in women who get engorged lactating tits.
    So please continue posting!

  13. ca united kingdom Says:

    mmm,, just not keen on her im afraid,, ok shes a little bigger than i like in the body (too chubby) and yes i agree with others that the veins are a bit of a turn-off… the size of her tits is cool with me but they look bruised and damaged… sorry…

  14. Pastypies Says:

    Hmm I kind of like women like this simply because they are real. IMHO face OK, ass just fine, tits godlike. Would I swap this lady for Leane Crow for example then yes I probably would but in all reality the chances of ever even seeing someone like Leane Crow are very rare and the chances of boning a honey like Leane Crow are 1000’s to 1 unless you are a premier league footballer or a rock star. Lets face it if this chick hit on you in a night club or even in a pub when you were out for a drink with tits like that you would have to be well bent not to go home with her. Don’t think I would ever get bored of her knelling down between my legs juerking me off with her divine huge tits. :)

  15. Paul Says:

    It seems she also done a set for divinebreasts as well for those who are interested.

  16. Yummmmyboy Says:

    What a seriously lovely looking woman. If I met someone like this in real life, I’d be a very happy man indeed.

  17. toomuchofagoodthingiswonderful Says:

    Huge breasts have huge veins. That’s just a fact of nature. All that tissue requires blood. deal with it. And if you don’t like her looks, DON’T LOOK AT HER. Personally, I find her body perfect, and she has BEAUTIFUL eyes.

  18. nick Says:

    The veins are natural and there is nothing wrong with them, but there are some uneven red blotches on the tits that don’t look that good. All this could easily been taken care of if the camera crew gave her some powder to put on them or other way to make the skin look more smooth and uniform. Also for the arm hair.

  19. ca united kingdom Says:

    @nick, might as well photoshop instead of messing about with powder but then whats the point? Lets just see her as she is and make up our own mind on her.@tomuchofagoodthing, were all entitled to our opinions freind,deal with it.

  20. Femsup Says:

    Personally i think she looks very beautiful and I even love the hair on her arms.She is so sultry looking and the way she moves and the way the hang from the three quarter angle when she walks is unbeleivably gorgous.

    i too note the veins and think it might be macromastia that is causing it.I don’t thin it is healthy if it is not macromastia and the blood is not flowing properly. I always love hevy women so nothing wrong there.

  21. c.f. Says:

    with the www. instead! ;~)she all women and i love her not alittle boy toy but made for a man all natural big c

  22. Tony Says:

    Those veins are a sign she likes dick between those tits. Notice how it’s coincidentally in the tit fuckin area? ;)

  23. Tim Edwards Says:

    Veins in the tit fucking area?! I’d fuck the WHOLE of that glorious cleavage!

  24. Mickey Says:

    I visited her today as she works in Dusseldorf right now which is close to where I live. I was really excited to see such a model, that you normally only find in the internet, in real life!
    Her breast are really unbelievable big. Yes, there are veins and blue marks, but hey, look at the weight that she is carrying! She easily covered my whole face from ear to ear with one breast!
    This is a truly amazing creature. She said she will stop working soon as she will do fulltime for websites like Divine Breasts

  25. anon Says:

    shes gorgeous from head to toes, she could be also a very sexy mistress i would like to see her ballbusting a non-hispanic white american guy.

  26. colt13 Says:

    Looks like macromastia. I find her pretty, and those breasts would make me retire. Have to devote time to them.

  27. Tommy Moore Says:


  28. TTBOY Says:

    She needs to join the scoreland XLGIRLS for some hardcore action! Maybe Sensational Video, she’s great!

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