Anekee van der Velden

Although visitors have been banging on about Anakee van der Velden since the inception of MyBoobSite, I’ve eschewed blogging her simply because I couldn’t find much in the way of details on this enigmatic big bust model. Despite being an apparently erudite and intelligent woman, posing deep philosophical questions like, “What’s the link between a spiritual revolution and two large breasts, you ask?” (well, actually, I didn’t, as it seems so overtly obvious), Anekee just doesn’t let on much about herself.

And so, rather than allowing this mammary mystery to persist any longer, I’ve decided instead to turn to you, MyBoobSite’s loyal readers, in hopes of being enlightened upon the whys and wherefores of the beautiful big tits blonde that is Anekee van der Velden from

Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from

Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from

Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from

Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from    Anekee van der Velden from


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32 Responses to “Anekee van der Velden”

  1. Will Says:

    I used to visit Anekee’s site a lot but there have always been issues there. First off, she only updated once in a blue moon and it never seemed to me like there was enough content to justify much of a subscription fee, much less her $29.99 pricetag. Then, all of a sudden, the site vanished and a splash page for some other model showed up. There’s a link to a still mostly non-functional version of the same on Anekee’s homepage.

    Also, maybe it was just a translation thing, but her opinions often seem deep, and are certainly based on a pretty good education, but are usually fairly pathetic and don’t hold up well under scrutiny.

    She’s gorgeous, smart, and mysterious, but her site has never really been what it needed to be to feed her fanbase.

  2. DQ Says:

    talk about airbrushing…

  3. Mr. Unnatural Says:

    Wow! Today’s my Bday, this makes for a great BDay posting. Someone needs to tell this turbo hottie to stop teasing and drop the gear though.

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    Yes the pictures are either airbrushed or digitally changed or she has a good makeup person and either she is intelligent or someone she hires is. Her site sux and is probably a ripoff. No to mention I’m not sure if there isn’t a little augmentation breast wise. Maybe even a nose job because some pictures shows a different nose on her, it could be the lighting, makeup or enhancing the photos


    She is HOT!!!!!!!!!!

    And when I see a big boobed blond like that my knees get weak. I’m glad I am sitting at my PC. If I was standing the only thing holding me up would be my erect penis against the computer table.

  5. Dale Says:

    There isn’t much content on her site at all, infrequent updates as mentioned by Will above and only still photos, no videos.

    And as DQ says, there is some extreme airbrushing going on which has the effect of almost making some of her pictures appear fake.

    Spectacular tits for all that, though!

  6. ND Says:

    Anekee was a huge topic of discussion over at the BEArchive many years ago, with a lot of argument going on about whether or not the pictures were actually morphs. Eventually someone got a straight answer either out of Anekee herself or her webmaster (it’s been a long time and my memory is fuzzy) that indeed the pics were morphed. Shortly after, her website went stagnant and she was no longer a topic of discussion.

    Still, it’s fun to dream, though.

  7. Geoff Says:

    don’t know where to put this suggested look-up link…

    talk about some models not being willing to show their faces
    (on a postage stamp)!

  8. Jesse Says:

    I really doubt if her breasts are real though, and that kind of makes me lose all respect for her.

  9. KC Says:

    All here pictures are fake!

  10. dreyfuzz Says:

    She looks familiar. A tall blonde from the Netherlands? I think I’ve seen her on some escort site.

  11. You know Who!! Says:

    OK , enough is enough, I have remained silent long enough!! While yes it appears theres some education there its my belief, that is not from her! Reading the 30$ entry under her photos section, which start something like this “‘Im not of the kind of those desperate girls showing off on the Internet just to earn their living,” I think what she meant to say was I’m not one of those… So back to the point. Seeing as how there is nothing decent theses days for 30$ we better close down our site Reese and go home. What a waste of a perfect pair of fake tits!! So if she is not showing herself off what exactly is she doing on the net? We all know girls like this, High Class my shit don’t stink, high maintenance bitches that are more trouble than there worth!! I like my McDonald’s, my little house, modest job, Ford Truck and sexy little middle class wife who doesn’t have to charge 30 buck to her site so she can cover the psychiatrist bills. The photos are fake so I would be willing to bet the rest of the package is too!!

  12. FrankNZ Says:

    Anekee seems to suggest on her website that it primarily is a place to share her writings, rather than a model site. While she may be intelligent, her writings border on being confused, vitriolic rants. Just skimming through the text on her site, I can’t quite count how many times she refers to the reader as an idiot, a pervert or similar. She also makes frequent reference to being sexually abused as a child, which makes the concept of the whole site quite disturbing. I wish her well.

  13. Tony Says:

    terrible, please don’t waste your or our time again

  14. RaiDei Says:

    Yeah, I ran across her site some time back and was really taken aback by how abusive her writing is to those that visit her site.

    I always assumed that her photos were digitally altered to make her breasts seem larger and that she was mentally damaged in more ways than one….

    Avoid at all costs….

  15. marfwah Says:

    I thought this was all discovered, sorted out and rubbished some years ago. The photos are mostly fakes being morphed in some way or another and the writings are not hers either, they are the work of some guy who set up the website. Please don’t waste your time on this one. There are far more beautiful, real and talented girls on here to get your cock excited.

  16. Topcliff Says:

    The whole thing is fake from beginning to end. I once saw a detailed pixellated analysis of two of her photos by an experienced photoshopper highlightling where the image had been manipulated and showing the tell-tale signs.

    Everytime I see these photos I feel my intelligence is insulted – and that’s before getting onto the adolescent politics. Yuk!

  17. Georgio Says:

    After reading a few snippets of the puerile garbage she seems to think is profound writing I don’t even care about seeing her tits whether they are real or not to be honest.

  18. JD Says:

    There are a lot of movies with glaring plot holes, horrible scene transitions, and scripts that make you want to puke. However, if you can push those thoughts from your mind sometimes you can still enjoy the movie for what it is.

  19. AndyC Says:

    There was some discussion of Anekee a while back on Freeones, I think.

    She claimed to be from The Netherlands, but now living in Milan. She spouted a bunch of pseudo intellectual stuff on her web site. Boobs and brains? What more could anyone want. It turned out to all be nonsense, made up by a webmaster as a cunning (and reasonably successful) way to drive traffic to the site.

    The model herself was genuine, though (albeit Swedish, rather than Dutch), and although there was probably some morphing going on for some of the photos, it wasn’t a lot, and she genuinely does have big tits, as can be seen in the few rare video clips floating around.

  20. St. Paw Says:

    Well since her boobs are big and real, why hasn’t she made any new clips? She had some on YouTube, and now they’re no longer there.

  21. shandy Says:

    Just a prossie form the netherlands with a complex against men who like tits.does she think she is some kind of sexual anarchist what a nutter.
    why slag of the clients that she needs to promote her site.
    this machine is a business. big business. and i for one will not be buying into it.
    i could swear i have seen her in a window in the dam.

  22. ^_^ Says:

  23. Will Says:

    On here site she had a gallery where morphs had been done of her tits. She didn’t mind those. But she kept them separate from the rest of her galleries. She also did have a couple videos showing how big her boobs were, so there’s no doubt that they’re pretty awesome. Still, there are way too many problems with her and her site. The whole thing is really weird.

  24. Phil Says:

    ^_^, gotta love that megarotic site … ROFL at the link to “Flag as inappropriate” !!

  25. Tony Says:

    Her site is ok but does anyone know how to save images from it to your computer ? Every time I right click an image it just closes and returns me to the thumbnail. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to save the images to your hard drive ?

  26. Sam French Says:

    Simple, Tony… all you do is go to “Tools” in Firefox and click on “Page Info”…

    Then the Page Info box pops up and go to “Media”…

    Go down the list until you see the file (it will be previewed below if you highlight it) Use the down arrow key until you see it in the preview…

    Then, when it’s highlighted, click the “Save As” button on the right and it will save the file…


  27. Freddy Says:

    She iss the most Beautiful and Sexy woman ever. I have never seen any better than her. She will always be Beautiful and Sexy as she is now, forever. She would have the best looking babies ever.

  28. larry Says:

    dont get me wrong this Anekee Van der Velden is beautiful an all but the only good thing about her is her fun bags or is it like i read in 1 of the comments that they r airbrushed 2 make them look bigger then they really r she no bbw so she not for me but my gf would like 2 know how much she paid for them lol

  29. Vince Says:

    She’s on Face Book now, with a free discussion board. So whether real or photoshop or padded bra, she looks good and has a nice group of topics, where she’s honest in her responses. One video and a couple of photos…and yeah, the controversy will never end.

  30. Mike Says:

    I watched the megaporn video with her. I think that they shop her boobs and chest to seem bigger. I agree about her site. She seems to think she is an intellectual who is above the people viewing her site. She forgets that shes just being a slut taking her clothes off for people. Hot but she’s a dumb bitch.

  31. TV Addict Says:

    I LOVE your site.

  32. lollerskates Says:

    She’s beautiful and her tits are big and real. Too bad she has such a horrible attitude. She loves to hate western men, society and culture, which is what enables her to do what she does and live the life she does. She should try out North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Sudan, or for that matter, a week in Detroit. I’m sure she’ll love it.

    She’s proof that there’s nothing charming about a mix of stupidity and arrogance.

    No thanks, there are so many others to chose from.

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