Anorei Collins 38LL – Giant Breasts in an LL-cup

It was my mate BigDee who alerted me to the big breast breakthrough that super busty webcam girl Anorei Collins was bringing her gigantic breasts – no, make that massive mammary mountains – to BigTitsGlamour scarcely a week ago. I immediate contacted exceptional big tits glamour photographer extraordinaire Jessica to inquire about Anorei and indeed it was true. Well, just this morning I received the following Anorei webcam photos shot to help promote the free webcam shows she’ll be hosting at the BTG site the week of October 12th, and I was left “utterly” speechless…

Anorei Webcam

…with extra-large LL-cup breasts the size of watermelons (and I don’t mean those little round ones either, but the massive melons it take two strong arms to support), super busty voluptuous 38LL Anorei Collins is poised to move from former gigantic tits webcam legend to take the mainstream massive mammaries world of mega big boobs porn by storm, smothering big breast lovers with the curvaceous charms of her colossal cleavage canyon. Indeed, if she can titfuck a wine bottle so it’s completely buried in cleavage between her mountainous breasts (as demonstrated in the photos below, and a bottle of Big Ass Zin no less!), there’s no stopping her! And so, exceedingly pleased beyond words to introduce such an extremely well-endowed woman to MyBoobSite, here’s beautiful uber busty 38LL Anorei Collins nude in a small sampling of her first photos for

Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -

Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -

Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -

Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -    Anorei Collins 38LL brings her LL-cup massive breasts to Big Tits Glamour -


Anorei Collins at

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79 Responses to “Anorei Collins 38LL – Giant Breasts in an LL-cup”

  1. nicangelos Says:


  2. Juggster Says:

    Ah, baby, those look heavy let me get them for you!

  3. darrell Says:

    holey smokes.
    Those are ginormous.

  4. Fellini3 Says:

    Wow, she’s even bigger than Sapphire!

  5. ddr5000 Says:

    She’s incredibly beautiful! She’s like the new monique or something but all I can say is finally and seemingly much bigger! I need more! Are there videos too? I hope she crosses over to some of the other sites as well.

  6. Tony Says:

    I told her! :)

  7. Titstoknees Says:

    Thanks Reese…she is something special.
    Lets hope the industry doesn’t cock this one up.
    What a coup for BTG though.


  8. dreyfuzz Says:

    She’s beautiful! More of this lovely goddess, please!

  9. Dutch huge-breasts lover Says:

    This girl has the most enormous and beautifull breasts of them all!!! Let them hang around!!! :D:D

  10. Joseph Says:

    She just troucned Sapphire off the top of my list. her webcam shot is like….heaven. I just pray she never ever gets a reduction.

  11. Josh Says:

    Thank God that she got on with BTG! I am having uncontrollable ejaculations!

  12. Keith Says:

    ooh! BTG just got interesting!

  13. surplusexistance Says:

    Holy hell in a handbasket. She’s hawt.

  14. Greg D Says:

    THANK YOU for not getting a breast reduction and letting us breast fans enjoy what was given to you naturally! SIMPLY AMAZING. That is whole lot of breast meat.

  15. Greg D Says:


  16. Vadd Says:

    Super cutie! Hope to see lots more of her.

  17. Mentok Says:

    I gotta take a different stand here. While yes, they are enormous, there are other things that factor into a 10/10 for me besides pure size. For instance, good, clean skin.

    But despite that, thanks Reese.

  18. Alex Says:

    Please find a video of these fantastic boobs

  19. Sam Says:

    She is A FORCE of nature they are really big by any standard. I want to see how this one pans out.

    Wow the competition out there is of the highest standard. We now have a group of girls who belong to a super league of big breast models. There is just nowhere to go. We will have to start making them in test tubes! Genetically engineered models with gigantic breasts.

  20. Sam Says:

    Did mention she has the most beautiful red hair. I love hair!!!!

  21. Hellbound Says:

    Some tits. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Are just too big.

  22. Zo Says:

    i actually liked her better without the makeup on. she looks cuter.

  23. Phil from OZ Says:

    Big Tits? Definitely. Glamour? Well …

  24. johnny h Says:

    Wow, just…. wow. Fantastic!

  25. curvelover Says:

    Reese, I can’t believe you forgot I tipped you off about this girl weeks ago! True, I had no idea she would go Pro so quickly, but I’m glad.

    Unfortunately BTG has that Score problem of bleaching out their pics so everything is glossed over and you can’t really see the girls. I can tell she has some boob acne issues, but…oh well. I’m sure she can do something about that. The tits are still massive and awe-inspiring.

  26. Cleavage Craver Says:

    I guess they could be bigger but she’s young and she’ll get older and hopefully bigger. But right now, she’s massive! And that’s such a fantastic thing.


  27. Dan_Sky Says:

    wuao.. pls reese talk more about her.. and if she will get her own page.. cuz i never have been in big tits glamour its good things there? she is really hot!

  28. Foxx Wertas Says:

    I’ve been looking all over for the video of this but can’t find it anywhere. Please someone help!

  29. Ward Says:

    Haha it’s so awesome to see Anorei on here. I went to high school with her and was sad when she moved away. Glad to see you’re doing well darling!


  30. Charles Says:

    A star is born. She has MASSIVE knockers much bigger than Monique (who’s I’ve been lucky enough to meet once). Only Karolya is bigger, and Norma Stitz I think. And CUTE! Such a youngen she’ll be with us a long time!

    Where’s she from?? Hope they have high quality medical clinics and she is donating eggs! We need more like her!

  31. Tom Says:

    I am in love! Please post more content, movies, pictures ASAP! Anorei is the new Queen of big tits!

  32. mommiesboy Says:

    curvelover has it correct when he says-” Unfortunately BTG has that Score problem of bleaching out their pics so everything is glossed over and you can’t really see the girls.”
    These sites, is another offender lately, are all using soft focus lenses for a “glamour” look. Someone needs to tell these people we LIKE seeing the blue veins and stretch-marks they like to cover up airbrush style. Like the airbrushing in old Playboys it’s B.S. I won’t buy.

  33. Charles Says:

    I’ve had Anorei on my mind ALL DAY since I first saw her yesterday and I’ve had several wet dreams about her since. She is the best of a ‘new wave’ of breast models. I mean we’ve had some giant breast models for a while but she is very young and I can’t think of anyone as young as her that is in the II cup and over club. I mean Jenny Hill already in her 30s! (I feel old now I saw Jenny start in V-mag at 18 and I was much older than her…)

    Anorei rocks! She has the perfect ass. She is a mega-breast star but not a super fattie. Love it! Get used to her she’ll be around a long time. BRAVO Anorei, we love ya!

    I will say that as bigger and bigger models come out that are J cup and bigger I think we need another statistic besides cup size. Like how big around is each breast. Several models post pictures like this. That’s how to tell who’s got giant FAT tits and who’s got huge cups but nice hangers. Like I saw a Jenny Hill video when she was young she measured at 20 inch girth. Now I’m sure it’s well over 23 with her growth. We need to know these numbers for women like Karolya, Anorie, Sabrina Meloni, and others. How BIG around are those huge cups?

  34. ramon Says:

    sin palabras es la mas hermosa

  35. ddr5000 Says:

    Almost perfect, but they should consider getting her hands out of the way???

  36. tom Says:

    Anorei is MUCH BIGGER in bust than Milena Velba, MUCH BIGGER than J. Hill and BIGGER than Nelli Roono, only for Miosotis i have a doubt, is her beat Mio for breasts size ……. opinions?
    In any case she is superbusty!

  37. Tom Says:


    Does anyone know where to find more content featuring Anorei Collins? Movies, pics etc?

    My impression is that she is only a BTG girl at the moment. What will be next step for her?

  38. Tom Says:

    I completely agree with Mommiesboy. My impression is that too many sites are airbrushing and glamourizing their pictures, I like the real deal. Any good links to real and natural big tits?

  39. kitsune Says:

    woah! babyface + uber large breasts = epic win!

  40. Anorei Says:

    Hi guys =) It’s great to see so many responses here ^_^
    As far as where else to see me, I do live, free webcam shows every tuesday night at 9pm EST (pending cam4 failures and death/dismemberment/grievous injury) and I’ll be doing cam shows for BTG members as well =)
    My own site should be live within the first few weeks of November and I promise more pics sans makeup =) I’ve also heard that a lot of guys love to see pics with the shirt/bra still on- any confirmation? lol

  41. BigDee Says:

    well let me say that it is indeed difficult to find a lot of videos about here,
    any vids of her were captures from her free Webshows , I happen to have most of them.however they are quickly remove once posted , so you have to catch them. not sure why most vids post are deleted, it might for some copyright issues i suppose , though i doubt it.
    We also know that Divinebreast will have nothing to do with her and BTG
    BigTittytube has some clips as far as i know.
    As far as comparing her with Monique, she has a different morphology. I don’t think she is bigger, I have seen pics of Anorei in side view and she is not any bigger IMO.
    I know Monique very well and cup wise she is comparable if not as big.

  42. skydog Says:

    thank you so much for sharing yourself with us… its not only about size but attitude, personality, face, body etc….
    You my dear (as far as I’m concerned) are the complete package. No need to compare or contrast you with anyone else. You are in a league all your own. You are Anorei, enough said….

    Hope you enjoy the ride modeling and you are surrounded by quality people who care about you…

    Best of luck sweetie in all you do! And thanks again for being bold enough to literally jump in/out of our computer monitors….

  43. Sans Says:

    I do find the breast size comparison comments to be rather odd. I really don’t need to know who is bigger or what the cup sizes are. I just appreciate that many of the women on here are quite sexy and have wonderful curves. Anorei certainly qualifies! Very cute, too.

    I agree with the comments above about heavy-handed photo retouching. I think the same can sometimes be said about the posing and how the photos are cropped. I like to see all the curves of a busty woman, including hips, rear, and tummy. I can understand an emphasis on the chest, but there’s a happy medium.

    Anorei: To answer your question about pics with a shirt on (or clothing in general) — absolutely! I’d love to see more photos with everyday clothing. It’s a nice change, and I think it stimulates a different kind of fantasy, for lack of a better word.

  44. Titillating Says:

    Anorei – Fabulous! Awesome! Incredible! And I agree with ddr5000 – we need more shots showing them just naturally hanging – no touching, grabbing, holding…just letting them “be” naturally! You’re stunning, doll! :)

  45. andy Says:

    Such huge tits and soo beautiful – perfection in my view

  46. Richard Says:

    This is incredible, i love those huge boobs!! And she so beautiful, thank you for this wonderfull photo,s!

  47. GREG D. Says:

    Yes, would like to see what you wear on a normal day! Would really like to see you in some type of work uniform. scrubs, retail, etc.


  48. Some Dude Says:

    You are absolutely beautiful. I found your webcam a few weeks back and I was wondering when we would see more of you. I’m glad you’re professionally modeling now!

    Check out titsintops, I think you’d have a large following on their forum!

  49. myke Says:

    damm damm fuckin fuckk!!

  50. boobman2u Says:

    Wow she has a huge set of tits. She reminds me of a girlfriend of my wife, her names pam and i’ve always wanted to slide my cock between her 42DDD….She gave me a bra she has been wearing for a week, so i could jackoff into it…..I’ve dreamed many nights of her DDD’s hanging down in my face as she rode my cock.

  51. John Says:

    AMAZING!!! And I thought my girlfriend, Jamie’s 42J rack was impressive?!

    I just love the barely-legal “babyfaced” look she’s got going, and the “glasses and no makeup” look just adds to the “someone you might meet while shopping” image. I’d love to know ALL of her stats (height, weight, other measurements, etc.). The full nude look in the preview pics I’ve seen is especially erotic. A nightie that gets dropped by the bedside during foreplay is my idea of truly erotic bedroom attire. Barefoot is a must, too. A real LADY would never wear stockings or “fuck me heels” past the bedroom door. I also hope she doesn’t have and NEVER gets one of those trashy “tramp stamp” tattoos. Tasteful “ink” is cool, but a “tramp stamp” is NOT tasteful! Sent my last ex packing within 24 hours of her getting one. Met Jamie 11 months later.

    The thing about Jamie, though, is that she gained a large amount of weight before we met due to a recently-diagnosed and now-treated medical problem and she’s been losing weight at a slow, steady pace ever since. She’s 5’4″ and was at 350# with 48DDD’s when we met, but an unusual side-effect of the “slow and steady” weight loss is that her cup size increases with decreasing weight and band size! Gotta love that! At 275# now, she’s in a 42J bra and I imagine that at her goal weight of 180# she’ll be sporting a 38L or 36LL rack by then. No pics yet (that she’s OK with sharing, anyway) because she’s still self-conscious about her weight.

  52. John Says:

    A couple more questions / comments.

    I read that you’ve lacatated before. Was that natural (pregnancy) or self-induced? Do you have children? How many? Speaking of pregnancy, I hope you like doggy style (easiest way to conceive girls as I understand it) because the genetics responsible for your figure deserve to be passed along to future generations of daughters (my grandson’s generation will be eternally grateful someday, I’m sure)! I’ve read you’re engaged. I’m sure a lot of guys are disappointed at that news, but committed relationships really ARE best.

    As for “the business” I hope you’ll ALWAYS remember that your curves are worth their weight in gold and therefore YOU make the rules!!! Don’t let “the industry” dictate to you that you have to do “extreme hardcore” to make it. If you want to keep it soft and sexy (the best image to have) then that decision is yours. It’s best for your health that way. Telling anyone who offers you dope or tries to get you to do nasty shit to “Fuck off!” could save your life. Your TRUE fans love you too much to ask you to do anything dangerous. Stay true to yourself!

    I did get a chuckle out of the reference (in the white Marilyn Monroe Halloween dress video) to the milk-chugging thing. It’s an “inside joke” between Jamie and me. The medical issue that made her gain all that weight she’s in the process of losing used to upset her stomach severely, and she jokes that she can now “puke on cue” from having learned to control when and where to “let go” when she was feeling really shitty. So, she learned to laugh about it.

  53. John Says:

    Definitely stay in the Softcore sub-genre (Softcore-only seems to be working out well for Yulia Nova!) or at least insist that you’ll only do Hardcore scenes with your fiance’ (and/or a trusted girlfriend).

    You’re younger than one of my kids and both of my stepkids, by the way.

  54. Claudy53 Says:

    Really the most beautiful landscape in the world where I dream to live. Your boobs are so perfect, so gigantic, so massive and so powerful, I can disappear between them. Bravo Anorei, I adore you and venere you. Many many french loving kisses from Claude.

  55. fattitman Says:

    by god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would suck and fuck her her creamy white flesh bags for eternity,

  56. Bob Clevenger Says:

    Hi Anorei,
    How do you pronounce your name?
    Yes, photos with a variety of clothing, both amounts and styles, would be very welcome. I tend to like see-through tops and button-up blouses with some buttons open.
    You are a class act. Take care of yourself.
    No need to compare you to anybody. You are great, ’nuff said.

  57. John Says:

    @ Bob Clevenger “How do you pronounce your name?”

    Her name is pronounced “Ann-Or’-Ay” (accent second syllable, rhymes with amore’, the Italian word for love).

    @ fattitman “by god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would suck and fuck her her creamy white flesh bags for eternity, ”

    While she really doesn’t mind being the object of mens’ “dirty fantasies” obviously since she’s showing her curves to the world via the Net, you’d really be missing out on a lot if that was ALL you saw in her.

    As a friend (online) of Anorei’s with whom she’s shared very personal thoughts and hopes that I’d never reveal to random strangers, I can assure you there’s far more to her than most guys expect to find in any naked woman on the Net. She’s not one of those dime-a-dozen Porno Princess girls. This girl is a true Erotic Artist. There’s a very engaging and sharp mind behind the beautiful face and a big, warm heart behind those awesome tits!

    Those who only want to fantasize about f#cking her, she’s perfectly OK with starring in those kinds of fantasies. For those who appreciate women on a deeper, more personal level, she’s a dream come true. She does have a steady boyfriend, but she’s open to friendly online messaging with those who can impress her with a few paragraphs of originality (which is what most women with average-size tits prefer, too), she does reply to most messages that go beyond the usual one-line or two-line “lust and nothing more” notes. It could take a week or more to get a reply sometimes, though, because she’s super-busy launching her own site and tending to all the daily IRL activities the same as everyone. Be polite, be respectful, be patient, and be original and you’ll discover true “Friend” material in her.

    She’s on Facebook. (beware of fake MySpace and Twitter pages bearing her name, she’s ONLY on Facebook)

  58. John Says:

    Anorei is so sweet that even my IRL girlfriend likes and respects her. In Anorei, I see a glimpse of Jamie ten years before she and I met.

  59. Mark Says:

    Damn is your site good. I’ve been a fan for a long time. She literally blows me away. 23 years old? She’s huge! Giant tits I appreciate you keeping on top of this story. I first saw her in a Yahoo group. 2 long webcam clips. Those tits are all OVER the room she’s in. And she’s cuter than hell!

  60. Mr. Booby Says:

    Anorei is simply magnificent. I couldn’t have even imagined a more voluptuous, delightful, sexy, sweet babe. Isn’t mother nature wonderful sometimes?! Her beauty and appeal is timeless. She will always be hot!
    I think a huge part of her appeal is a natural girl-next-door look. She doesn’t need lots of make-up — she looks sensational with or without it.
    Always treat yourself good, Anorei! Wish you happiness and a lifetime of success!

  61. larry Says:

    she is amazing beautiful,smart,sexy and she is a redhead that is my weakness her perfect body is just a plus i could set and watch her all day its hard 2 believe she dont have a man well any who keep smile sexy. u differently give a new meaning 2 the word twin towers OMFG!!!!!!!!

  62. In love with Anorei Says:

    She’s the hottest girl ever!
    Those massive heavy tits,that cute face,pouty lips and full belly..oh man!
    I’ve jerked off 8 times today looking at her photos and i’m getting hard again just thinking about her now!
    I would give anything to fuck her!
    I hope she gets bigger,she will be even hotter.

  63. moshe segev Says:

    any news about her?

  64. Paul Mersen Says:

    What would be the guess on the weight of each breast? 10 lbs each?

  65. Mr Ed Says:

    I have the biggest cock on the web and she has the biggest boobs. What a pair!

  66. martin grossberger Says:


    These udders are heaven on earth, she makes me so hot that i
    could go nuts ! ! !


    U N B E L I E V E A B L E ! ! !

  67. Roberto Says:

    No doubt about it, Anorei a heaven dream come true! But disappointed by lack of photos and small/grainy videos after I subscribed to BTG. Wish each photo session spread had about 500 photos of her from endless angles rather than a couple dozen. And after paying $19.95 to subscribe, I not only discovered photo options were no more than what you can see on free blogs but also discovered I had to pay another $25 for Anorei’s blog to view video or videos for 20-mintue limit. A waste of money because knowing there is a time limit you get no enjoyment. Hope Anorei’s new site offers many more photos and more angles with bigger and clearer videos without distractions so she’s not hidden! Though no site yet offers oodles of good looks at Anorei I guess better to get some views than none.

  68. angellistheshit Says:

    OMG i haven’t seen anything this BIGG!! but they are the best and i am a boob lover. i want to see more of you. where do i go to see more vids of your gorgeous bod?

  69. Mike Says:

    omg she is beautifull!!! i need to meet her..

  70. mike n Says:

    Wow its great to see such a young saggy
    Nbeaurtiful girl please shower her with only posirtive comments about her one in a million tits my fifty four ff wife with saggers that are down to her hairline would be proud of her sagging down to her hairlinew is somerthing she will hopefully achieve and ecen surpass

  71. $30 wasted! Says:

    Sorry guys to sound like a complainer, but Anorei’s new site is a huge disappointment! As of March 17, for $30 you only get 7 small photo shoots and only one lousy video which really isn’t that great. You can go to sites that only charge $24.95 and can’t possibly look at all the videos and photos in a month. Yet, Anorei’s you’re done in 15 minutes. Certainly no bang for your buck on Anorei’s site. For lack of volume she should only be charging $9.95 and I wouldn’t even pay that for it.

  72. Richard Sanchez Says:

    Hi Anorei I just wanted to say I love U very very much and you are so beautiful stay in touch ok….Love Richard :)

  73. jakemeister Says:

    GREAT BODY, just simply GREAT and a angelic face to match this girl should have the world by the shorthairs. Hard to believe the luck of that dopey lookin stoner who is seen in some of clips could possibly be soooo lucky that he’s actually SAMPLING the rather ASTOUNDING charms of this magnificent creature, but hey life is funny/fucked up like that. I would love to see her produce some serious solo masterbation material on dvd as oppossed to simply just webcam / website shit. Call me “old school” but I don’t join sites. I’m sure she would be IMPRESSIVE, but then again ROBERTA SMALLWOOD had some tape busting assets, and yet was a complete DUD in front of the cameras in my humble oppinion. The porculent “ROLLY POLLY” MELANIE ANTON stole every freakin video she ever shared billing with her or any other performer for that matter. FAT CHICKS CAN BE VERY VERY HOT!!!!! She proved that over and over again.

  74. doc dre Says:

    Great interview on play boy radio!!

  75. digigert Says:

    Anorei announced this morning that she is now two months pregnant. She carries the baby for a friend who is not able to carry her own child. I think that is great!
    She is really a fantastic girl to be a surrogate mommy for a friend. Her breasts will therefore even be growing bigger. Hopefully she will show her pregnancy in some picture sets..

  76. clarisonic Says:

    Been looking for this article for long time ago and finally found here. thanks for sharing this post. appreciate!

  77. Shapeshifter Says:

    Sigh…her Facebook account is down again. I’m getting to wonder if that’s because she recently changed her relationship status or if it became too time consuming.

  78. fouad Says:

    Anorei Collins have any pornographic movies vaginal sex
    Are there pictures of her having sex with a man

  79. the punisher Says:


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