Ashley Sage Ellison Nude

Apologies for interrupting your perving over Simone, but I’ve been waiting for boob news from Score ever since I first blogged adorable Ashley getting her JJ-cup boobs out for their flagship site. Well, my dreams of Ashley got a bit closer to reality today when I logged in to find a new series of this pleasingly plump busty dream girl sensually showing off her beautiful brick shithouse body nude! No longer must I longingly lust over her conspicuously clad curvaceousness with but a teasing glimpse of vulva flesh immediately above her plump pussy and witnessing only the compelling clothed contours of her labia as Ashley’s pubic mound strains against her panties. And so it gives me great pleasure to present 32J Ashley Sage Ellison naked for the first time ever in her all new nude photos coming courtesy of

Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for

Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for

Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for    Ashley Sage Ellison nude in her first naked photo shoot ever for



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31 Responses to “Ashley Sage Ellison Nude”

  1. lol0 Says:

    dream tits,ass and face

  2. rich Says:

    Simply stunning. Perfection personified.

  3. kinkywebmistress Says:

    My chest is swelling with patriotic pride….Ashley is a true Brit – we salute her beautifully increased curves and fantastically fuller figure. I hope you’re all standing to attention ;-) xx

  4. Joey Says:

    Perfect specimen.

  5. codereduk Says:

    Is she a Kitten? Could she be a Kitten?

  6. peeb Says:

    To me, Ashley has the best body of any model working now. Clearly its only a matter of time until her induction in the 30JJGC.

  7. Hankloveshooters4ever Says:

    WOWSERS! What a marvelous ass. Great set of (.)(.)’s. I was at attention when I laid eyes on Ash’s Ass. I love the shape of her body. Her body reminded me of a bass chello that I wouldn’t mind playing on. Love Ashley all the way, Baby.

    Hank :D

  8. Sam Says:

    This girl is carving her way to the top by simply ignoring the competion. She is so wonderfully beautiful but has managed to grow up but still hold on to her cutness. That is not an easy task but she does seem to be pulling it off. I wonder if she will be able to carry personality as well. If she can develop talent and a charming personality she will be full package!

  9. johnny Says:

    I wish she would smile more

  10. Reese Says:

    Tee hee – Sam said “pulling it off”! :~)

  11. Busty Angela White Says:

    OH MY GOD! Is she perfect?

    I would LOVE to meet her!

  12. Reese Says:

    Hi Angie!!! *waves*

  13. johnsmith Says:

    very pretty too – something that ive for overlooked for her more obvious assets
    score usually has a reputation for making even the prettiest girls look plain with their photography but thyve cleaned up their act

  14. aeroboobs Says:

    For sure she’s one of the perfect busty babes in the world, like you Angela ;-)

    It would be great if you could make a shoot together you and ashley !

  15. bearhug Says:

    Really, with those biggies, and being so curvy, she’s perfect for me.

    I would love to see her with Tanya Song and/or Christy Marks… And of course, with Angela White! ;3

  16. hehehe!! Says:

    Hey ozzy girl….nice to have u here:)

  17. Frank T. Tank Says:

    I’m obviously in the minority here, but she’s certainly no Faith. I’m not a fan of the smaller aerolas/nipples Ash is rocking.

  18. FrankNZ Says:

    What a body. Ashley’s curves are simply magnificent. Could she be a Kitten? For the 30JJCC members participating in this discussion, feel free to nominate her on the forum!

    For those not well-versed in the history of the 30JJGC, I actually nominated her in February 2008. Sam objected at the time, saying that she wasn’t the finished article yet. No one else commented at the time, so that was that. So, Sam, is she there yet?

  19. charles Says:

    Plain and simple: I want to titfuck this girl until there is a sloppy mess all over her and the bed.

  20. BigBoobFan Says:

    She is awesome! All around amazing. Curves, hips, ass, breasts and a devilishly cute face. Fantastic! Puts nasty thoughts in my head… yes indeed.

  21. Sam Says:


    Just to answer your question mate I think she is finished enough to be nominated into the best gentleman’s club in the cyberboob world! I take that as a nomination!


  22. BigBoobFan Says:

    Holy crap – I did not realize this was the same Ashley from “I dream of Ashley” way back… wow, she certainly has come a long way… wow.

  23. lostfused Says:

    As much as I believe Ashley is one of the world’s most beautiful women the lousy makeup jub at score ruined her for me……..

  24. mustafa Says:

    shes sexy i hop see when she fuck and see pussy ashey

  25. mustafa Says:

    ilove see more picture pussy ashley where i found picture pussy ashley where

  26. mustafa Says:

    ashley is no 1 busty in world is have hardcore

  27. Tone Says:

    Yep thats the one! Ta matey!

  28. sbemail Says:

    yes, she is FANTASTIC. Just please, turn off the sound if you watch a video. Her voice totally ruins her looks.

  29. Skyler Allen Says:

    I Say that there is a god and that he has blessed us with the holy grail of hot big breasted angels in this world and i for one am brought to tears just looking at her marvelous beauty and lovely naked body

  30. abhishak Says:

    you are so sweet.every want you in their life

  31. carl Says:

    Ashley Sage Wllison has gone right down in my estimation. I just found her on an Escort site advertising her services for sex.
    I like girls but girls who prostitute themselves…I mean Ashley must make thousands from her modelling, why does she need to sell her body?

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