Bianca Bloom loves MyBoobSite !!

I was so not going to blog today, being totally shagged out from a dirty weekend away (and, frankly, I’m unable to see straight at the moment), but then I remembered a conversation I’d had with my big tits photographer friend Jessica wherein she was telling me how much JJ-cup busty beauty Bianca Bloom from BigTitsGlamour enjoyed MyBoobSite! :~D So much so, in fact, that she’d had the following fan photo taken especially for us…

Bianca Bloom 36JJ and Big Tits Glamour love MyBoobSite!

…thus, I just wanted to pop in and acknowledge Bianca’s lovely kindness with a brief post to say “va multumim frumos” (I hope I got that right). And so, here’s the ever beautiful 36JJ Bianca Bloom with her marvellously pendulous massive breasts and lustrously light large areolas out in the kitchen for a bit before she does the unspeakable and coaxes them back into that tight yellow top in her latest photo series for

Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at

Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at

Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at    Bianca Bloom 36JJ massive breasts at

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1536×1024 resolution)


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13 Responses to “Bianca Bloom loves MyBoobSite !!”

  1. Bloom Fan Says:

    we need to see her pussy

  2. Veeres Says:

    And we love her, how can we not? Wow, she’s wonderful.

  3. Sam Says:


    Thank you very much for such a kind jesture! We love you very much her and still wonder at the shere size of your beautiful endowment. Please stop by again but this time with a little less clothing we would love to share the rest of you!

    Sam (on behalf of the regluar)


  4. Charles Says:

    I’m just looking at that high quality photo with the fishnet and the flowers in the back ground. Man it’s a high resolution you can almost fall in love with her pretty lips and face. TALK ABOUT BIG LOAVES. Seeing pictures never tells the whole story. Spending time around Bianca must be a never ending hardon! Wow, those are big and soft!

  5. tyrr Says:

    Hi Bianca,

    Now, I’m not so keen on pussy shots… but I’d like a smile.
    Not all the time, but some of the time.
    To light up your pretty face….

  6. rex Says:


  7. FrankNZ Says:

    And MyBoobSite loves Bianca! Summer holidays in Romania, I think.

  8. mike Says:

    just wanted to say, bianca you are simply amazing!!!!!!!!! you carry your self very well and are by far extremely sexy and beautiful! i would love to be with you for a night just to say i died a happy man! thank you so much for your ssplended body and boobs ! beauty of undeniable measures!

  9. don Says:

    the ultimate a-few-years-older fantasy. well, next to milena. my god i would love to be seduced by those smooth, silky mammaries

  10. James Robster Says:

    Bianca has beautiful pendulous breasts and they are so full too. I would like to see her copy Alicia Loren and suck and lick her own nipples. They are very similar in size so this shouldn’t be a problem for her.

  11. Hilbig Dirk ( Deutschland) Says:

    we need to see her pussy

  12. juan Says:

    exelente tetona estas bien rika bianca

  13. oliveira Says:


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