Big Boobs Bra Removal with Sexy 34J Simone

Hair today, gone tomorrow as I’m bored with the whole hairstyle angle and instead spent the day selecting photos and editing videos for beautiful busty J-cup Simone’s first fully nude appearance over at the Plumper Pass family of BBW porn sites. This gave me a good opportunity to bow down to big boobs in bras as inspired by a comment MyBoobSite reader radic wrote in my most recent Christy Marks blog: “I know you are not a big fan of the bra Reese, but thanks for including a bra shot here. There is just something exciting about big ones contained in bras … anticipation? Or maybe hearkening back to my first porn … the bra pages of the Sears catalog!”

Well, radic, I, too, share in the Sears catalogue legacy of early porn pervery since that was the only thing available to me at the time (and the bras therein only went up to a D-cup or DD-cup at most!) and gigantic J-cup juggs on super busty girls were but a big breast fetish fabrication of fantasy to which my early tits on stick figure drawings with unfeasibly large breasts will attest (I learned early on the you had to draw the boobs first because they overhung the sides of the body lines by at least half of the girl’s chest’s breadth!). So, although today’s big boobs BBW blog was firmly focused upon voluptuous Simone’s fabulous big belly flesh being naked rather than covered up with clothing as is her convention, I deliberately decided to include a selection of J-cup bra shots and two big bra video clips, too.

And so, radic, this one’s for you and extra-large bra lovers all the world over. You’re right in saying that I’m not a fan of bras, apart from the cleavage they create, so I thought I’d make a special animated boob banner illustrating my all-time favourite massive mammary moment when I’ve got a busty girl in a bra hovering with humongous heavy hooters in a tit-hammock before me – the moment the girl removes her bra and her huge boobs come tumbling out nude with nipples beckoning for attention – as a graphic link to the BBW belly blog in question. Here’s the ever lovely 34J Simone getting her boobs out of her bra so that her massive breasts run wild and free as all good free range tits should be in my big belly blog for MyBBWSite:

Big boobs in and out of big bras in J-cup bra removal videos from sexy 34J busty plumper Simone at My BBW Site


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2 Responses to “Big Boobs Bra Removal with Sexy 34J Simone”

  1. radic Says:

    thanks Reese!

  2. Booby Lvr X Says:

    Damn that’s a nice pair of Js! I could have a lot of fun with those. :)

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