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In yesterday’s Busty Merilyn blog, I featured a clip of our G-cup goddess brushing her teeth. “Why?” you ask? Well, ever since I was a wee laddie, I’ve harboured this bizarre oral hygiene fetish. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s admittedly been a recurring theme in my life. The first little song I ever wrote was entitled “Sunny Days” but, despite the cheerful title, was all about the pain of getting your wisdom teeth pulled (I still have mine, btw, making 33 in total (oral mutant, I know)). My first girlfriend had braces on her teeth (another oral fetish of mine), and I fondly recall the feel of those tiny rubber bands snapping against my cock as I grazed against her teeth when she gave me a blowjob. Then, in my early-20s, I fell in love with a dental hygienist. See? It just happens again and again.

And so, whenever I’m surfing for porn, any content involving teeth really stands out for me (now, if only I could find a model with big boobs and braces, I’d be well sorted!). And it just so happens when I was visiting Boob Study today that I serendipitously happened upon two galleries of girls with big tits brushing their teeth…

Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Denise from    Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Denise from    Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Denise from

Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Katrin from    Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Katrin from    Big boobs toothbrush fetish photos with Katrin from

…just lovely, innit? Or am I just strange?? Come to think of it, this is the fourth time I’ve featured tooth brushing on my blog, the most recent two being of Merilyn and the first featuring Cindy Milley!!

But, seeing as this is probably a grossly underpopulated niche market, I thought I’d best supplement this entry with a few models not brushing their teeth. To that end, I’ve selected our lovely 30JJGC Kitten Angela White (after all, this is the site from whence my favourite Angie gallery comes), Carly, Kissy & Ines Cudna to flesh things out with a less obscure fetish. Here they all are courtesy of

Angela White at    Angela White at    Angela White at

Carly at    Carly at    Carly at

Kissy at    Kissy at    Kissy at

Ines Cudna at    Ines Cudna at    Ines Cudna at

…and, last but certainly not least, a rather stunning and slightly slutty busty blonde babe named Brooke of whom I’d love to see more! However, as there were no galleries available featuring Brooke, I’ve had to instead cobble together a few photos. And so, for her first of what I hope will be many appearances here on MyBoobSite, here’s beautiful Brooke in her school girl uniform (don’t you just love big tits in suspenders? or, as the British say, “braces”, which really fucks with my metal mouth fetish as I was once asked, “Hey, Reese, did you see the girl with the big tits and the braces?” only to be sadly disappointed) in these photos from

Brooke from    Brooke from

Brooke from    Brooke from    Brooke from

Brooke from    Brooke from



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9 Responses to “Big Boobs Brushing Teeth + BoobStudy Brooke”

  1. Georgio Says:

    I really could look at that first picture of Brooke for an inordinately long while………….infact I just have………….even though she has her clothes on. I think I might have to look at it tomorrow too.

    (I also thought that I was the only person on the planet who found dental braces sexy but I’m not alone then!)

  2. x Says:

    Ines looks much more sexy with her platinum blonde hair !

  3. MaGnUs Says:

    School girl? YES!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. BigBoobFan Says:

    Not sure about the tooth brushing… but Katrin is gorgeous! Absolutely amazing. Fantastic breasts. I’d go as far as to say… stunning. Yes.

  5. FrankNZ Says:

    The dental fetish doesn’t really grab me, but I’d love a little Angela with my milk!

  6. Jes Says:

    Thanks Reese!

    I had always wondered what had happened to Carly. I remember first seeing her as Carly Juggs (Ashley’s little sister) back in ’03. I hadn’t been able to find her since.

    You ARE THE MAN!!

  7. BigDee Says:

    Kissy is now pregnant and enjoying life with her friend Stu.

  8. T Says:

    I Love the teeth brushing i wan’t more

  9. Helen Says:

    Angela is just wonderful! Such a cute face and pretty eyes… oh, and of course those luscious juicy breasts :)

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