Big Boobs in Diaryland

Yes, I meant to spell it that way! Diaryland is the on-line journal site where I encountered an endearing little story by a well-endowed diarist named Grace. Here’s a snippet:

“My boobs are obnoxious. I almost always buy clothes that hide the boobs because the alternative is that everyone spends a night talking to my boobs. It’s par of the course. My boobs are like an event. When they are exposed, it’s almost like a Pavlovian experiment. Men who would never speak to me, of all ages, races and creeds, try to spend time with them. It’s pathetic. Sometimes I throw them out there for shits and giggles. No one is immune – family, women, children. Those people will actually acknowledge it. My mom says my boobs are like cantelopes. My girl friends ask to feel them. They are their own entity.”

Click here to read more about Grace’s boobs’ night out!

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3 Responses to “Big Boobs in Diaryland”

  1. steve alaimo Says:


  2. SFL Says:

    I’m wondering how you stumbled accrost that one. I read more of her diary looking for more talk of her two escourts but with no luck, although she is a pretty funny writer.

  3. Jerry Feral Says:

    She seems like she may be in the porn business, but begrudgingly only. She’s quite an interesting person; I agree with SFL.

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