Bigger Boobs on Nancy Navarro

This is Nancy Navarro:

Comparing Nancy Navarro

At least, this was Nancy Navarro.

The Venezuelan vixen is listed as a 34F and maybe she was.
Nancy appears to have grown bigger boobs. In fact, she appears to have put a little weight on, all over. I’m not saying that she’s got fat, but a little more chubby. A little more softness to cuddle.

Which means a little more fun-bag flesh. Superb!

She believes she has grown to an HH cup. I think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but Score say:

It was a huge surprise to hear from Nancy that her already big boobs had unexpectedly grown even bigger. It seemed to Nancy that it happened almost overnight. Nancy thinks they may be double-H cups now! They look more than twice as big as they were. She’s not exactly sure what kicked it off. These events are not always understood but they sure are appreciated and ours is not to reason why but to enjoy and savor.

Those are not Scorelands guess at her size, but Nancy’s.

I have also seen her listed as a 38G, which I believe to be far more likely.

Before anyone points out the red lines under her boobs (here) as evidence of a boob-job, I think those lines are there as a result of wearing a bra that is far too small for those terrific tits. (All bras do that to me, whether too small or not.)

But, some of the photos do make her boobs look a bit of an odd shape, so it did make me wonder about the naturalness of the norks.

Then I watched the following video where Nancy is swinging those magnificent mammaries about in slow motion. That makes her breasts look incredibly natural. Maybe they are after all.< .p>

She never gives away her age, but she looks a tad too old for her boobs to still be growing. I have seen on-line that her modelling career started in 2006. Now, to be generous (IMHO), lets say she would have been 18 – the minimum age you have to be to do this kind of work – that would make her 26 now.

I think that is also a bit erroneous. I guess we’ll never know. My point being that even if she is just 26, that is still too old to be growing up (and out) unless it’s all to do with putting on that bit of weight.

Or getting augmented.

I just can’t decide.

So, now, this is Nancy Navarro.

Nancy Navarro big boobs F cup G cup HH cup?    Nancy Navarro big boobs F cup G cup HH cup?    Nancy Navarro big boobs F cup G cup HH cup?

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  1. Darmund Says:

    I’d say she’s all natural because one breast is larger than the other and noticeably so. This of course is normal, but not always noticeable, but when women do get boob jobs they always insist on an ‘evening out’ of the boobies, making them an equal size and shape etc.

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