Breast Milking Close-up Lactation Video

Just a tiny teen lactating tits quickie to say I’ve just posted a most beautiful close-up breast milking video on my pussy blog. “Why there?” you ask? Well, you put up with more than mouthful from me going on about my non-breast fetish for flaps on My Boob Site so I thought it only fair large labia lovers got a taste of breast milk for a change. That, and there seems to be some law in porn that “teens” have to have small tits as a niche and I just couldn’t “bare” to see small breasts on my big boobs blog. So I’ll just give you a couple of close-up nipple dripping breast milking video caps from

Breast milking big nipple close-up lactation video still of small boobs teen's lactating tits on My Vagina Site from    Breast milking big nipple close-up lactation video still of small boobs teen's lactating tits on My Vagina Site from

…or click my animated breast milking .gif below for some sexy scenes from this close-up lacation video on

Breast milking close-up lactation video from


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2 Responses to “Breast Milking Close-up Lactation Video”

  1. Matt Says:

    Love the lactating gif. I always wonder how those are made? And even though this girl doesn’t have the biggest boobs, she is still very hot. I always enjoy milky tits of any size.

    My guess as to the stupid law in porn that “teens” have to have small tits exists is that for the most part teens are still underdeveloped physically. Larger breasts are a sign of womanhood and that might be a turn off to some teen fans.

    Even when they look developed in high school, many boobs continue to grow and then develop some more because of pregnancy. An extreme example is September Carrino: at 18, she was a D cup, F at 21, G then H at 23, and J at 24. So a lot of small teen boobs could just be that there are not many big boobs at that age (one of the reasons I hate the American epidemic of young girls getting implants; couldn’t they wait to see how they will develop on their own and get them done later with patience? I’m a natural fan myself but can’t blame a girl for wanting more on top.)

    There must exist many busty teens out there, but there are many dumb rules of porn out there. Lactation is still something that is very taboo in the mainstream but I feel there could be more of. Of course I think pregnancy and having a family is a private time for many women (September again is an example of this), therefore it’s not likely it will ever be mainstream.

    [Reese replies: Tit’s simple, Matt; I just open the video in Photoshop, select the frames I wish to include in the lactation animation, set the timing and loop, et voilà, animated .gif tits! :~)]

  2. Mason Says:

    Sorry gents but I don’t get the lactation fetish…

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