But over in Germany…

Just 19-years old at the time, Julia Miles hit big boob stardom in a major way when Score Magazine readers voted her Newcomer of the Year in 2001. Shortly after she took the crown, however, news leaked that she’d undergone breast augmentation surgery, causing publishers to pull the pictorials intended as a follow-up to her original Voluptuous Magazine debut. The good news is that she’s still going strong and, to the delight of her fans, has started performing in some serious hardcore videos (here’s a brief clip)! Boob job controversy aside, there’s no dispute that Julia’s 36H tits are phenomenal, like the rest of her…

Julia Miles 36H    Julia Miles 36H

Julia Miles 36H    Julia Miles 36H


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21 Responses to “But over in Germany…”

  1. hellboy Says:

    i cant belive than no one has make a comment about one of the mos beautifull big tit girls in the whole world! julia is a very dream come true to me!
    she gots the most perfect tits in the whole world, round, fleshy and firm
    i hope to see more of her soon!

  2. jochen Says:

    herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlich weiblich

  3. llllllp Says:

    this girl is damn good and boobs are almost to eat….
    more power to those boobs…….

  4. snort Says:

    typically fake and pretentious

  5. ashul Says:

    u have da biggest boobs in da world i wanna have sex wid u

  6. rex_walter Says:

    have you seen her xrated boy girl shots?

  7. saloma Says:

    oh shit

  8. foxi Says:

    the best boobs over the world from germany! wow

  9. Lass Says:

    Tu es sensationnelle, très belle et surtout très très sexy.

  10. tony carranza Says:

    ich liebe das frau juliah miles grosse tits

  11. BobDD Says:

    Fake or real, it matters not to me – for Julia was utterly sculpted for sex. Sensational voluptuousness, eyes that make me melt, she simply oozes with feminine goodness – glancing at her breasts is almost a nutritional supplement in itself! I envy the fellow lucky enough to be the cause of her lactation. ;)

  12. james Says:

    I Love her Boob and to fuck her hard if she comes to me. I will push my rod in her pussy and i will squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze her breast like nay thing

  13. baz Says:

    the best girl in site

  14. jamie Says:


  15. Kate Says:

    Wow,, tits look a bit fake to me, and her areolas are too small for the size of her breasts,, she doesnt do much for me,, she has a pretty face though

  16. botanybob Says:

    When I was in the US Navy I had a picture of her pasted to the inside of my rack. I would say goodnight to her voluptuous form every night. Wow the fun we should have had.

  17. tom Says:

    Those look fake

  18. karim Says:

    Hi Julia
    You are very well beautiful & beyond expectation women
    I lovely your bady & XXX
    I love you ( very well )

  19. larry Says:

    When she first hit the pages she said flat out that she had had a breast LIFT. That is a far cry from an augmentation. Her breasts have the characteristics of very large natural breasts (spread, wobble, sag, and flattening when on the back) that have been expertly lifted (note the slight change in skin color tone laterally near the armpits across towards the sternum and the upwards stretch marks in the cleavage). The controversy is artificial; the breasts are not.

  20. murat Says:

    Ilike Julia Miles :) I am writing from Turkey.I can not buy her vinds and puctures.Because If you write turkey adress credy card addres.Sistem says invalid.

  21. murat Says:

    Please send her adress to my e-mail.I can pay cash money her bank adress for her nice hardcore vids and pictures.And I want to meet her or send e-mail.

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