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Writing for MyBoobSite as I do, I tend to receive an awful lot of topless and nude photos from busty girls who wish to break into the big boobs modelling market. Jaded as I am from having so many big tits pass my way from day to day, I occasionally fear that I’m not giving all of these well-endowed women the attention they truly deserve. Stunningly beautiful though they may be, I’ve come to become perhaps too particular in assessing their ample endowments and overlook other aspects of the sublime beauty which lies beneath (or, more aptly, behind) their beautiful big breasts.

Sometimes, though, I receive an e-mail from a woman who stuns me beyond belief, wherein her unique combination of sultry seductive beauty coupled with correspondingly well-proportioned huge breasts to die for just totally floors me. Such was the case early this month when I received the following photo from a girl in Texas called “Ctexsins Chelle“…

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

…I couldn’t get in touch with her fast enough and, learning that Chelle had previously only released a handful of photos on the free Voyeur Web and a small modelling portfolio site used to promote her and her husband’s artistic erotic photography business, immediately commenced the chain of events necessary for Chelle to get a personal website of her own.

Oddly enough, during the course of our mutual preparations, someone on the VoyeurWeb site grassed Chelle up as a “pro” – which, at the time, couldn’t have been further from the truth – and her picture posts on VoyeurWeb were instantly disqualified and CtexsinsChelle was banned from the site. I also sadly learned that Chelle’s stint on VW hadn’t been a smooth one at all, and that more than one member had previously posted rude or disparaging comments regarding Chelle’s nothing short of amazing body.

Indeed, it seemed that on the Voyeur Web site, if you had huge breasts and an all-natural womanly figure, the misgbegotten voyeurs who visited the site automatically classified you as a plumper or BBW (reminds me of a bunch immature teenage boys that I knew in high-school, really, too childish to appreciate the sensual allure of a real woman and any girl who had what I’d consider to be adequately large breasts was branded a “fatty” by these childishly churlish misanthropic miscreants).

On the contrary, CtexsinsChelle falls more toward the slim & stacked side of spectrum as far as MyBoobSite is concerned, and I feel that her 34FF / 34G breasts in perfect proportion to her slender body more than qualify her for genuine G-cup goddess status here!

I can somewhat understand the misguided supposition that Chelle might be a professional model, though, as her photos embody a degree of erotic artistry rarely, if ever, seen amongst amateurs. In fact, that’s precisely what Chelle and her husband are striving to achieve with their clients, elevating others’ wives and girlfriends to near supermodel status through exceptional erotic photography worthy of Glamour Shots and beyond!

But enough of my whittering on about this wonderful well-endowed woman with a gorgeous sexy smile, beautiful FF-cup breasts a voluptuous body built like a brick shithouse (that last “brick shithouse” bit is what they’d be wont to say in Texas, isn’t it?). I’d best get on with illustrating my enthusiasm for you with a few more examples of why I’m so breathtakingly besotted by this beauty. And so, I am thrilled beyond measure to present for the first time ever here on MyBoobSite 34FF busty blonde Texan Ctexsins Chelle courtesy of her very own CtexsinsChelle Playmate Site:

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle

(note: actual photos on CtexsinsChelle’s site are at least 1024×683 resolution)


CtexsinsChelle at her Ctexsins Chelle Playmate Site

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18 Responses to “Ctexsins Chelle at CtexsinsChelle”

  1. Josh Says:

    Wow, she is HOTTTTT! Good job Reese on finding another woman I can masturbate to!

  2. Xan Says:

    well shit, she’s a keeper.

  3. Bill Says:

    Very nice. Best new model for a while. Now we need some vids! :)

  4. Tony Says:

    I looove her smile :)

  5. Big Daddy Says:

    Nice, can I take her home, just for awhile please.

  6. Sam Says:


    Nice find Reese and she is surely slim and stacked! Great body!

  7. toomuch Says:

    Very nice. Looks a bit like Wifey with a few years and pounds added; not at all a bad thing.

  8. Frank Says:

    What a find – a G-cup goddess indeed! Ctexsins Chelle is a wonderful advertisement for the beauty of mature women. Blonde, great curves and huge, pendulous tits – I’ll be adding her to my wet dreams!

  9. BigBoobFan Says:

    We need to see much more of her! What a beauty!

  10. Samantha38g Says:

    Texas sure does have something in the water.
    Reese you should do a blog on all the Texas big boobed hotties.
    Seems that soooo many of us are from there.


  11. Joey Says:

    I love her floppy juggs. Very nice.

  12. Philip Says:

    What a goddess! Not only is she wonderfully big and pendulous, she has the most erotic nipple jewellery as well. This, I think, makes her unique on this site.

    My first post. Great site.

  13. Philip Says:


    How on earth do you pronounce her name?

  14. Ctexsins Chelle Says:

    Hey All, I appreciate all your wonderful comments. Looking forward to getting to know you all. XOXO Chelle

    PS say the name like this…. C TEX SINS Chelle= Shelly
    Thanks again Reese XOXO !!

  15. Mason Says:

    Chelle, I am more than happy to travel to Texas and sin with you any day love…


  16. Willy Says:

    She is the most refined talent since the Ice Age but I can’t cough up my dough without a little video of her sucking on that nipple ring. then it won’t jus’ be my wallet coughing stuff up but my toy-soldier too

  17. Kelly M. Bray Says:

    I think she has the luckiest husband in the world!! Can you imagine going to bed with a woman like that every night???? People pay thousands of dollars for a few hours with a woman of that caliber. He sees her every night on the house!! Lucky, lucky man!!!

  18. chubby lover Says:

    damn she’s sexy! love that smile and tits!

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