Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G – Big Tits Dream Team

It’s rare that I blog a particular model twice in a row, but this time I feel I have good reason. You see, our very own Ctexsins Chelle has taken advantage of one of those exceedingly rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to do a girl-girl photo & video shoot with the legendary Samantha 38G (although, considering that these two busty blonde babes have become fast friends and already have another shoot scheduled, thus rendering the once-in-a-lifetime bit was somewhat inaccurate)!

But that’s not my sole motivation for today’s blog, as I also wanted to take this opportunity to say “hello” back to Sam, who ever-so-kindly gave me a shout in the video before oh-so-cruelly sticking her tongue out in a most teasing manner because she gets to freely fondle Chelle’s gorgeous G-cup breasts whilst I’m stuck 6,000 miles away in front of my computer… :~P

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

(video clip courtesy of CtexsinsChelle)

…despite my jealousy, I must thank Sam for recognising the fact that some of us guys do enjoy pouring over models’ measurements and statistics (this obsession with numbers seeming to be a dominantly male trait). To that end, Sam’s deftness with the tape measure reveals that Chelle’s bust-line is 43 inches around with 2.5 inch areolas and 6 inches depth of cleavage (so I suppose I should be so terribly jealous since I’ve got a 43″ bust-line close to hand, albeit the bigger band-size making it a smaller F-cup). When Chelle measures the likewise G-cup Sam, it’s an entirely different matter altogether with Sam having a whopping 46 inches of bouncing boob-flesh, 7 inches of cleavage and a huge areola diameter of 4 inches!

This all just goes to show that measurements and statistics don’t always portray an accurate perspective on breast size. As Sam & Chelle so aptly demonstrate, even two pairs of G-cups can appear dramatically different in size. In order to be totally accurate, we’d need both the under-bust measure as well as the circumference immediately above the boobs and below the armpits. It’s all too complicated, really, bringing me to question the “F-cup & Up” credo of MyBoobSite. I mean, I’ve seen some DD-cup tits amongst our models which seem to comprise significantly more breast-flesh than some genuine G-cups, so I guess it’s all relative. Hmmm, I’m definitely going to need to explore this issue in greater depth…

But I’m getting ahead of myself as well as wildly off-topic here, as I’d come to talk about Chelle & Sam: Well, shortly after Chelle’s Playmate Site opened, Sam contacted her with the offer to do a photo shoot together. When I was then phoned with the excited news of this amazing and career-launching opportunity, especially for a model like Chelle who was totally new to the big tits scene, all I could say was “GO FOR IT!” [Sorry, Sam, I know it was supposed to be a secret surprise for the content to just suddenly appear on my doorstep, but that’s just not the kind of good news that you can keep to yourself! ;~)] Wait – better yet – rather than me going on and on about how the meeting between our two busty beauties ultimately transpired, I’ll just let Chelle’s hubby & photographer Mike tell the story in an update he provided me subsequent to the encounter…

We got a call early yesterday from Samantha38G telling us that she had a studio we could shoot with her in, when ever we decided to come up. After giving it about 30min of thought, Chelle and I called her back and set up a time on the same day!! After getting ready packing up all of Chelle’s wardrobe, shoes and tech gear we made the long drive to meet up with Sam and her photographer D. Wise.

We started shooting around 6:30 that evening taking about 300 or so photos and about 30 min of video. It was a great time and we had quite a lot of fun. Chelle got some good advice from Sam and D. about what she should do next along with the great opportunity I had to actually shoot the wonderful Sam through my own lens. I have attached a few of the photos from that shoot and a small clip from the video. While I would like to put this shoot right up in Chelle’s Playmate gallery I am going to hold them for now as we have all ready started planning another shoot with Sam here at our Ctexsins studio in the next couple of weeks. This shoot we did with her last night was a girlfriend style shoot very simple and clean. Sam will be using some of the content on her site Samantha38g.com of which she intends on helping promote Chelle’s Playmate page at the Breastfiles.

After talking with D. and Sam, Chelle also found a better comfort level with steeping up her content. So for all her big fans out there looking for something a bit more spicy from Chelle you can rest assured that it will be cumming to a site near you in the very near future.

While we are starting to do some real heavy promotion of CtexsinsChelle, she has told me on several occasion that no matter how big she gets she will still be the same Chelle you all have today!! She wants to insure that she will always stay in close contact with her fans on the forums and her own BBS. She has no intention on traveling all over the country doing shoot after shoot just for the money.

Just a few projects in the future for your thoughts, Chelle’s cellophane dress, Jeans and T, and another trip back up to do a solo shoot in the Studio for some dungeon dominatrix shots, sexy secretary, and about 7 other studio rooms which should give us enough content to covers us for about 17 months on top of what we already have. Expect to see much more video going up in her gallery also as we plan to add 3 videos a month and increase our updates from two a month on the photos to three!!

Attached are the photos from Chelle N Samantha’s girlfriends shoot, will send photos in second email!!

…the really good news, however (well, apart from the fact that Chelle has a cellophane dress which I am most eager to see), is that rather than just being able to show your the handful of “teasers” I’d received, our G-cup glamour goddess Chelle has since posted the photos & videos from this monumental mammary meet to her website! So, rather than me continuing to whitter on inanely as I do, I’ll just take a breath for a moment whilst you enjoy these photos of 34G Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G together for the first time at the former’s CtexsinsChelle Playmate Site

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G at CtexsinsChelle

(note: actual photos on CtexsinsChelle’s site are at least 1024×683 resolution)

…right, then – back to my whittering: Apart from deliberately poking fun at my sad inability to enjoy a similar close encounter with Chelle’s beautiful breasts, the videos which accompany this photo series simply serve to reinforce my view that Sam, in coming face-to-face with big boobs other than her own, suddenly transforms into “Samantha the Sapphic Succubus” (tee hee – sounds like a character from a kiddies’ book, dunnit?), corrupting the busty women of the world! :~o

As if it wasn’t enough to erotically educate a formerly-innocent Chelle on the profound pleasures of “motor-boating” (i.e. sticking your face between the cleavage of a pair of suitably voluptuous huge breasts and wagging it from side to side whilst going “wulla wulla wulla wulla” within (or, in our creative Chelle’s case, taking artistic license with the practice and blowing raspberries instead)), Sam goes so far as to get Chelle down on her hands & knees before mounting her from behind and humping her doggy-style (“I wish I had a dick” indeed!) whilst leaning over to grab heavy handfuls of the glorious G-cup boobs bouncing beneath! Are there no limits to this wanton woman’s lustful lechery?! Can we just allow Sam to go about freely corrupting all of our new and generously-endowed girls through the sensually undeniable allure of her own curvaceous charms??

Yes. Yes we can. […is the short answer.] You see, jealous though I may be, I can but express my admiration and appreciation to Sam for the great service she’s providing for us big breast lovers in encouraging new models to open up to erotic possibilities left previously unexplored. And so, Sam, a sincere thank you from myself and everyone at MyBoobSite for helping to propel Chelle to the next level! Thus, here are but a few more preview clips of these two exceptionally well-endowed wonders of of nature – 34G Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G – frolicking away in the most recent videos at Chelle’s own CtexsinsChelle Playmate Site:

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G videos at CtexsinsChelle    Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G videos at CtexsinsChelle

Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G videos at CtexsinsChelle

(note: actual full-length videos on the site are 640×480 resolution)


CtexsinsChelle at her Ctexsins Chelle Playmate Site

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25 Responses to “Ctexsins Chelle & Samantha 38G – Big Tits Dream Team”

  1. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    What fun we had Reese!!!! Thanks for the blogs, I appreciate them a bunch!!

    Looking forward to the fun Sam an I will have when we get together again.As always you will be first to see!!

    PS… Don’t forget Sam’s Birthday is tomorrow!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!!! XOXO Chelle

  2. Jelena Jasper Says:

    Oh gosh!
    Ladies, you’re yummy!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous photos …


  3. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    Kisses Thanks Jelena, MMMM and thank you for the complement!!! It is great of you to stop in. Kisses , XOXO Chelle

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    More, I need more…OMG…awesome!!!!!!!!

  5. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    lol hey BigDaddy, Glad you like them. I hope there will be more in the future, if we can coordinate another meeting. Kisses XOXO Chelle

  6. Tony Says:

    Samantha, YOU ROCK!!!

  7. Surplusexistance Says:

    You’ve missed a trick though Reese.

    While both Chelle and Sam have the same CUP SIZE, they do not have the same CHEST SIZE. Samantha is a 38 chest (that’s thirty eight inches around as a measurement underneath the bust), while Chelle is (as listed on her breast files profile) a 34 chest. That’s four inches smaller than Sam’s

    The fact that there’s only a THREE inch difference between Chelle and Sam in the “around the nipple” measurement, suggests that Chelle’s are actually larger. It’s obvious to the eye that this is simple not true though.

    The reason for this is in the shape of each of there boobs. Chelle’s spread out to the sides more in a natural stance, than Sam’s do. In otherwords, she looks like she has more of what I think you referred to as “Sidewinder boobs” than Sam does. This somewhat explains the illusion of Sam’s apparently bigger boobs, despite Chelle’s measurements suggesting she actually has an extra inch in terms of cup size.

    Another somewhat important factor is the height difference. Sam is (I’d guess) about four inches taller than Chelle. This will mean she has a larger build than Chelle, under the same logic they use for Body Mass Index (BMI), that the taller someone is, the heavier they should be. Since Sam is four inches taller, she should, if everything else was like for like, appear to have a bigger chest than she does.

    Lets not forget that in the videos shown Sam is measuring Chelle, and Chelle measures Sam. While I don’t dispute these two know what they’re doing, the only way to remain statistically fair is to have one person do all the measuring.

    The only way to fairly compare who has the bigger breasts requires a complicated mathamatical formula, and several measurements. As things are now (and without going to the effort of trying to work out such a formula), the only way you can fairly say “your boobs are bigger than hers” in instances like these is the tried and tested “hands on” measurement.

    But I’m probably overthinking this far too much.

  8. ssendam yrammam Says:

    In the theme of Surplusexistance’s in excellent analysis, I’d like to add a bit more. Reese, this is exactly why you’ve seen some DD-cup tits amongst our models which seem to comprise significantly more breast-flesh than some genuine G-cups. Those examples you gave have a much larger band size on 44DD Dawn DD’s than 34G Tohphevy Tiffs. Not to mention I question the accuracy of bra sizes published on many sites. Additionally, there are different measuring methods in different countries and the cup sizes are not always the same.

    For comparison, Topheavy Tiffs’ 34Gs are substantially smaller than either 32G Jana Defi or 32G Anya Sakova. Even 32G Faith Nelson is obviously smaller than either Jana or Anya. So you see, it is all in the promotion, which has not one whit of concern for accuracy.

  9. daniel Says:

    Hi,its my dear samantha birthday,i think god creat a goddes in this day!!!
    sam i really love u, i saw all your pics,and movies and really enjoy, i love your personality and your face!
    best wishes for your new year of life!

  10. FrankNZ Says:

    Chelle and Samantha… Together…

    When visiting MyBoobSite this morning before setting off to work, I was simply left speechless when seeing this post. The first photo, with both of our blonde G-cup goddesses clad in such sexy lingerie, stuck with me all day.

    Chelle and Samantha… Together…

    It would be fair to say that I have been thinking about returning to this post all day. Now that I have had the time to take in these gorgeous photos one at a time, I can honestly say that I’m drained. Without putting to fine a point on it, fluid replacement therapy is in order here.

    Chelle and Samantha… Together…

    Ladies, in my humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful, sexiest things that it has been my pleasure to experience. Especially since both of you are such active contributors here, that personal touch makes you both irresistible.

    I thank you both, as well as those that have brought these magnificent images to us.

  11. Jessica Says:

    They seems to have lot of fun!:)

  12. Mason Says:

    Now that is what I call “BOOBAGE”!!!

    The third video is amazing. Thank you to Chelle and Samantha for going above and beyond to setup a shoot so quickly and making it successful.


  13. dreyfuzz Says:

    Nice set, huh!

    Happy birthday Samantha! You just get better and better every year… :)

  14. BigBoobFan Says:

    Oh. My. God! I think I have died and gone to heaven. Chelle and Samantha, together. WOW. I can barely contain myself. This is truly a magical day. I have always been a big admirer of Samantha’s work and now Chelle has quickly risen to the top of my list. Seeing these two busty and curvy beauties together is truly an amazing thing. Ladies – you are oh so damn gorgeous and look like you are having so much fun – that is really quite refreshing to see. I only wish I could have been there in person to witness and perhaps participate! HA HA! Great blog Reese – tops in my list. Chelle, Samantha – keep up the wonderful work. We all love you!

  15. BigBoobFan Says:

    OH MAN! Almost forgot – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Samantha! Hope all your wishes come true today! :)

  16. BoobLover Says:

    When it comes to fantasy there is no clothing better suited to the task, IMO, than Bustiers/Corsets…especially when they are filled to overflowing…my god…Thank you ladies, Thank you!

    And Happy Birthday Samantha…all the best :)

  17. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    FrankNZ, Your humble opinions are always welcome, I take great pleasure in reading them. Careful not to strain yourself, drink plenty of fluids. LOL XO

    Thank you Jessica , we had a load of fun!!

    Hey Mason, Boobage indeed!!! Can be slippery lil rascals, not so easy to hold on to. Well not so little lol… XO

    Dreyfuzz, happy to oblige. Always nice to know you enjoyed them.XO

    Hi BigBoobFan!, Another wonderful Gent who always knows the right things to say….You never cease to make my face turn a few shades of red, with your kind complements. I am glad we could bring a little magic your way!! XOXO Chelle

    Happy Birthday Samantha!!

  18. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    Hiya Booblover, I love the corsets and attire as well. So glad we could strike a fancy with you!! XOXO Chelle

  19. BigBoobFan Says:

    Chelle, Samantha – I think it’s so great that both of you are really aware of your fan base out there on the internet. It’s great to have you ladies participate in these discussions and be able to get some real feedback from all of you. Most of us can only wonder what it’s really like on your side of the camera. Having you ladies on here, giving us updates and feedback is truly appreciated. We love our big boobed ladies, that’s for sure. :)

  20. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    Hey BigBoobFan, Thanks I have to say I appreciate you all as well. If it weren’t for the lovely comments and your interest in our photos, I think I would just be another face on a page. LOL (well and BOOBs) LOL XOXO Chelle

  21. henk Says:

    Is it just me or is there no actual strapon? Would have loved one, always love big titted girls with fat strapons

  22. ctexsins_chelle Says:

    lol your correct sir, will have to work on that and may be make it a possibility, no promises!! take care lol Kisses, XOXO Chelle

  23. henk Says:

    oh please do! And boobjob too (or am i asking too much)

  24. WrongBraMeasures Says:

    Well, this problem is not very difficult if we know something about bra systems and cup/band conversions:

    if chelle has a 34″ underbust and 43″ bustline, his bra measure is using the EN 13402 Bra-Sizing Standard is a 85F!! (a 38DD cup in many US bra manufacturers)

    if Sam has a 38″ underbust and a 46″ bustline, his bra measure is using the EN 13402 Bra-Sizing Standard is a 95E!! (a 42D US bra system)

    Remember a 32D cup is the same boob size as a 34C cup or a 36B cup. So the band is as important as the letter of the cup size.

    If we compare a 85F with a 95E the biggest is the 95E (samĀ“s boobs) because a 85F is as bigger a 90E or a 95D, and a 95D is one size smaller than a 95E.

  25. Wisdom Teeth Says:

    Wow this is awesome. I can’t wait to use this information.

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