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Although I tend to go for short women with big tits (the three true loves of my life having measured between 5′ & 5’2″), having a stunning statuesque blonde with massive breasts to have and to hold from this day forward til death do us part would certainly not be out of the question. And such would indeed be the case with mega-blonde super-busty Argentinean beauty Dalila from XX-Cel whom I’ve blogged but twice on MyBoobSite before…

Dalila from XX-cel.com    Dalila from XX-cel.com

…a truly stunning striking streak of blondness with huge pendulous tits and a semi-voluptuous body that can’t be beat (unless said busty Amazon woman is the one administering the beating as beautiful bleach blonde dominatrix extraordinaire with leather bullwhip firmly in hand) and an imminently ample ass begging for a spooning cuddle-fuck (ah, to slide one’s probing penis between those sexy ass cheeks in search of pussy whilst reaching around that gorgeous Rubenesque figure of Amazonian proportions to fondle heavy handfuls of breast flesh in a sinful feast of fertile fecundity fit for a king (am going a bit OTT here, aren’t I?)), Dalila is just too beautiful not to lavish never-ending praise upon.

And prodigious praise of big breast worship be due today as super tit-man Cel has just posted her long-awaited first video to the site which is indeed a well-endowed wonder to behold as she offers us the rare opportunity to experience something a little different in that sublimely sexy accent of South American origin before furiously pussy fucking the whip handle as her huge tits hang in pendulous pulchritude from her chest – her big boobs bouncing and dangling delightfully as Dalila masturbates with wild abandon (not to mention the fact that a girl masturbating with a bull whip holds a special place in my heart from past erotic experience) – until she lays back on the couch with those gigantic breasts cascading across her chest in a cavalcade of colossal cleavage ready to titfuck said leather masturbation implement with its steely shaft made wet and slippy from being summarily steeped in her own natural juices. *sigh*

Before I launch into further lewd and lascivious platitudes praising this most gorgeous girl who epitomises my mega-busty blonde ambition to big tits and pussy whipped perfection, I’d best move on to the massive mammary movies of beautiful flaxen-haired horny H-cup honey Dalila 38H wanking away in leather bull-whip masturbation videos from XX-Cel.com:

38H Dalila Videos from XX-Cel

Dalila titfucking a bull whip in massive mammary masturbation videos from XX-Cel.com    Dalila titfucking a bull whip in massive mammary masturbation videos from XX-Cel.com

Dalila titfucking a bull whip in massive mammary masturbation videos from XX-Cel.com    Dalila titfucking a bull whip in massive mammary masturbation videos from XX-Cel.com

(note: actual videos available for download from the site are 640×360 resolution)


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6 Responses to “Dalila Videos at XX-Cel”

  1. sameer Says:


  2. sameer Says:


  3. Andrew Says:

    So how tall is she?

  4. FrankNZ Says:

    I haven’t seen much of Dalila before, but her huge, pendulous tits swaying as she masturbates herself hard is a sight to behold. The rest of the day is looking up!

  5. Dan_Sky Says:

    OH MAN.. she is from my country? really ? XD hehe.. good XD Vamos vamos Argentina XD hehe.. I was looking about her. where can I find her own page?or website? thnkx


  6. Geff_UK Says:

    Dalila is absolutely stunning!
    I saw one of her galleries on xx-cel and it was great to read your blog post about her.
    She is one of the sexiest women i’ve ever seen!!!

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