Devyn Devine has her own website!

Just a quickie to say that Devyn Devine (who loves me, btw) finally has her very own website! The illustrious co-host of Howard Brown Live and guest model for several other sites has at long last struck out on her own. So, in just compensation for Devyn’s hitherto unrequited love, here are a few galleries from her all-new

Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine

Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine

Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine

Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine    Devyn Devine


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17 Responses to “Devyn Devine has her own website!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Yes! more Devyn… I love this girl, she gets my jucies flowing :) My dream would be to photograph her in my studio… Oh Boy!

  2. shady Says:

    she’s fat bottom girl

  3. Vadd Says:

    ANY Devine is good! She is in my top ten!

  4. Ashton McElroy Says:

    Fat bottom, fat arms, fat belly, thunder thighs and tons of cellulite. Granted, she has huge boobs, but what a price to pay. This overall unhealthy physique places her in danger of a heart attack, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. Not to single Devyn out, this applies to many, if not most, of those pictured among these pages. Pleasantly plump is one thing. Obese (excessively fat) is another thing and a feature possessed in abundance here.

    Everyone is entitled to their own taste, sordid as it may be, but these women need to shed the unhealthy baggage for their own well being.

  5. Chris Says:

    Niggaz don’t give a fuck. we like fat white bitches! I know I do!

  6. rob Says:

    very hott im obsessed with very large tits

  7. salim Says:

    jaime le sex

  8. the117 Says:

    how tall is this girl? i’m trying to figure out how dd can look so damn big. she’s definitely smaller than 5′.

  9. ed limp Says:


  10. daniel Says:

    please married whit my

  11. dany Says:

    hi i am dany pls send to my new pic for my mail

  12. dany Says:

    very nice bi tit Devyn Devine …..lovely

  13. dany Says:

    verry verry love youuuuuu Devyn Devine

  14. dany Says:

    yes ok

  15. dany Says:

    hey i am her

  16. dany Says:

    [Devyn Devine ] this girel its weth mi I love this girl,

  17. dany Says:

    [Devyn Devine ] i am love the large tits

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