Different Dumplings

There are so many different shapes and sizes of tits out there. Just as much as there are so many different women in the world.

Slim and stacked girls, probably, but not always, with augmented breasts; chubby chicks with bulbous boobs; bigger babes with (normally) natural knockers.

All tastes are catered for by Score and XL Girls. Sometimes I wonder why certain models, such as Arianna Sinn below, are on a site like XL Girls, looking no more than a little chubby. You know, being neither a plumper nor a skinny minnie.

Arianna Sinn at XLgirls

See, she’s what I call a normal shaped woman, but with tits.

Below, we have porn star (as opposed to a glamour model) Havana Ginger. She’s a 34 E…

Porn star Havana Ginger naked photo

…But I am not here to talk about her up there ^, but her sister Savana Ginger, below, who is a a 36E. That maybe off our remit, but just look at those areolae!

Savana Ginger big areolae photo    Savana Ginger big areolae photo    Savana Ginger big areolae photo

Savana Ginger big areolae photo    Savana Ginger big areolae photo    Savana Ginger big areolae photo

Both Savana and Havana claim to be unenhanced, but I am not convinced, I can’t accept that, as I could (wrongly) with your woman, below…

Patty Michova, in this video, is a proper natural looking lass (even though she has fake breasts), and I think she is lovely. She is a 34F and is very mainstream. Like a woman you might see in a British tabloid newspaper – proper slim and stacked…

Another video? Ok.

I have been known to say – even before my boob-job – that you tend not to get this *grabs boobs, one in each hand*, without this *grabs belly with both hands*.

As a superb example of this theory, we have 36 F Patricia Gold, who I blogged t’other day, and, for that matter, the day before that

Of course, every now and again we cum across a lovely lady that is properly lush, with a super sexy body and magnificent mammaries, like my current favourite, Lily Madison

Lily has enough flesh to be not uncomfortable if you were to get to bump uglies with her. You’d probably not get hip-bone bruises. She’s nicely built – neither too skinny, nor chubby – and then there’s those terrific 36 G tits. Lily’s boobs are mesmerising, to me. Even in a still photograph. She’s proper wank-matter.

So, there we have it. Different folks, different strokes. All with beautiful boobs, all be they quite dramatically different. And, lets be honest, I could have included Lexxxi, or Cotton, for further comparison, but I feel a little titty-tired after that lot. Yeah, I know, that seems like an impossible thing to be. I am but a mere woman, after all. :lol:


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2 Responses to “Different Dumplings”

  1. luvembig Says:

    Happy New Year to all! Great work putting together all the different types of tits, Vix. That’s the beauty of each female. They are all different but beautiful in their uniqueness. No such thing as “you’ve seen one pair of tits, you’ve seen ‘em all.” Whether it be nipples, areolas, density of breasts, veins, etc., they’re all quite different. I think even in identical twins you would find each has their subtle differences. That said, I agree, Vix. Arianna Sinn has quite a “normal” body. However, I would go a step further and say she has an incredible body and she is one of the most beautiful models in modeling today. She is the total package with a beautiful face, smile and perfect body. Again, Happy New Year! All the best in 2014!

  2. ca united kingdom Says:

    lily maddison is amazing,, a great find by the score team

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