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Apologies for what may be a slightly off-topic post today, but I’ve just discovered the wonder of “couples cams”. It was by virtue of Mick’s comment to my Vanessa Montagne post over at my BigBoobsOnCam blog, in which he said: “If only she was on the couples section of the IMLive site (where a cock might appear in her mouth from time to time). Now THAT would be something indeed!”

This got me thinking: If you got a couple performing for you on webcam (as opposed to the more conventional single fem-cams), you could encourage them to perform all manner of sex acts for you – blowjobs, handjobs, titfucks, straight sex, anal sex, masturbation, cunnilingus, tit-sucking – the sky’s the limit! It’s like having a DIY live sex show at your beck and call (“DIY” in this case meaning “Direct It Yourself”!).

In searching through hundreds of couples for a suitable candidates wherein the female had reasonably big tits for tit-wanking, I soon stumbled across a likely pair known as “Wild Oral Sex” (who specialise in such sexual delicacies as cum on tits and deep-throat blowjobs replete with gagging and lots of drool). Now if only I had a good porno script in mind to set my cast to work… ;~)

Deep-Throat Blowjobs & More from Wild Oral Sex

…and, while I’m off-topic at the moment imagining sexy scenarios within which to engage my personal pornstars in hardcore action, you might as well check out a few of the other posts from my BigBoobsOnCam blog (which has been shaping up nicely, thank you!):

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4 Responses to “DIY Live Sex Shows”

  1. KING KHAN Says:

    Posting a tad off-topic, myself. This in regards to Faith’s decision not to do further hard-“bore” and Reese’s decision to censor some responses thereto.

    A little chilling to think that a thought contrary to the conventional wisdom of the xxx industry would be deleted from a breast-blog. Even Homeland “security” doesn’t go to such double-plus-ungood (to cop the “1984”/Newspeak description) lengths. I’ve enjoyed this blog immensely, over the past months, but I didn’t realize the male skin of those supplying such lovely female flesh was so thin.

    That being said (and briefly, since this is sure to be censored as well), what I don’t get is why there’s so much disappointment when cocks aren’t part of a woman’s sex repertorie. Why is this such a threat? If I wanted to see a cock, I would look down my own trousers. I have one (cock and trousers, whichever) which has suited me for longer than I’m going into, here. I know what it looks like. I know what it does. I don’t need to see a facsimile taking pixel space from the lovelies which grace your pages.

    For those of you who must see cocks in action to complete a fantasy, I suggest that you examine your sexual orientation, and, perhaps, peruse the panorama of sites available to you in that realm. For the rest of us, women alone (or in groups…) will suffice nicely.

    VIVA FAITH!!! Good call, girl.


  2. Mick Says:


    I’m fairly new to browsing IMLive myself… only discovered it a few weeks before you started blogging about it. There are a few nice finds out there in the Couples section.

    And then there’s the Solo Women section…. WOW! You can do an advanced search by specifying cup size or hair color, for example. There are some truly amazing looking women there.

    There are 2 big downsides of the site that I’ve noticed so far. First, you must use any funds you deposit into your account within 30 days or it expires. Oops. Second, many of the profiles are pretty brief… or are rehashes of what’s on lots of other profiles. (“After school party!” must be on hundreds of profiles). Reading through some of them gives me the impression that many of the chathosts are operating out of eastern europe and don’t have English as their primary language.

    One big advantage IMLive has over iFriends: no censoring! Once you have an account balance, you can see ALL of the content on IMLive. On iFriends I am blocked from viewing certain pictures and videos, and am unable to join ANY chatrooms in the Couples category, due to the zipcode I live in. IMLive has no such restriction that I’ve encountered so far.

    Anyway, enough of that. To briefly reply to King Khan’s well written post, I offer this as food for thought:

    There are a number of fine softcore-only sites out there. There are also a large number of hardcore sites that are terrible. I, for one, can’t stand the recent proliferation of hardcore sites (some of which are advertised on a competing big boob blog that I won’t name here) where the guys seem to be bigger “stars” than the girls: the guys mug to the camera, the cameraman talks over the girl, the camera pans to the guy’s face too much, and you always know where you are in the weekly rotation of male “talent” thanks to their identifying tattoos (“oh yay, thigh-bullet-belt-boy is back this week… time for another weak cumshot and annoying male banter”).

    On the flip side, there are a small number of quality hardcore sites that I enjoy a lot: the ones that FEATURE the WOMAN! These are getting harder to find as the growing number of crappy “mega sites” are crowding the field.

    I’m confident in my heterosexual orientation, but I like seeing a cock in a busty woman’s mouth (or nestled between her tits)… for the exact same reason that I like seeing women with large breast implants.

    In my mind, nothing says “wanton slut who wants male attention” more than a busty woman smiling sweetly at the camera while there’s a cock pointed at her face. :)

  3. KING KHAN Says:

    OK…so I may have been a tad severe (Ta’, Mick). I was more annoyed that a post had been (largely) deleted for (presumably) dissing the Industry which supplies the freebies to which we flock on a more or less daily basis. Why (thought I) is this made out as Thoughtcrime?

    And…why should our esteemed (and eloquent) blogmeister get so annoyed by it? So someone thinks the porn biz sucks. That’s hardly Page 1 (or even 3) news. Hell, I…think a lot of the porn biz sucks, but then, I think a fair amount of the Insurance, Medical, Music, and Auto Repair industries suck as well. We all suck on some days.

    Anyway…this has veered over the guard-rail far enough. My apologies to The Collective for tainting a valid complaint with side-spew. I will never again mention my trousers in a post.

    But, Reese, m’man…come down from it. Even if we ALL thought the Industry sucked, we’d be back to check out who you’d posted since Tuesday.



  4. ManOfAction Says:

    Concerning the possibility to direct and decide on what we want the couple to do, that reminded me of an application available on, where you can choose a lesbian couple and then point out what part of the girl A you want to see in action with a certain and also choosable part of the girl B. I think it is called “Lesb-o-mat” or something like that. You can choose quite a big number of combinations! This is not a live show, but you will immediately see the video where that combination happens. They have filmed all the combinations before. :)

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