Big Breast Massage with a Happy Ending – But for Whom?

Vix & I were walking through town the other day when we spotted some new shops available for rent. However, while we’ve toyed in the past over opening a little shop of our own and have a real business in contrast to this virtual one, the vacant premises now available were so small that the only prospective venture Vix could come up with was to stand just inside the door and put up a sign which read, and I quote, “Hand relief through the mail slot!” :~D [And, no, that one is not going on my Twitter feed. ;~P]

Now, I like getting a nice penis massage as much as the next guy but, when it “cums” to orgasm – i.e. the euphemistic cock massage with a happy ending – I can’t help but feeling, in addition to the joy of sexual relief it brings, a twinge of disappointment that it means the end to the phallic fun. Further, I also feel it’s better to give than to receive (and, no, the whole onset of this ‘Tis the Season season has nothing to do with it), thus, I love giving orgasms even moreso than cumming myself (hmm, I can’t help but wonder how many of my friends would find that an appropriate festive genital gift this year?). Trouble is, when playing the erotic role of mammary masseur by treating a girl with big boobs to an erotic breast and pussy massage, I have to be careful to keep my cock out of reach since I get so intensely turned on touching tits whilst fondling female genitalia that the feel of my massage partner’s horny hand even accidentally “cumming” in contact with my penis would get me ejaculating in an instant (but if you must insist on holding my penis whilst I’m giving a genital massage, no licking your hand for lubrication beforehand!)! Thus, I have, as of late, taken a mildly erotic interest in tantric massage techniques to see if there are any sex tricks to stop my over-excited cock cumming on contact with sexy female flesh and resolve this personal penis problem of mine once and for all…

Tantric Massage Videos

…I mean, if you scroll down to the bottom of the above gallery, there’s the intimate massage equivalent of an hour long handjob holding off on the cumshot ’til the very end! How can I learn the massive amount of ejaculation control necessary for me to endure prolonged genital stimulation for such an extreme a duration since I can’t even give an erotic massage without jizzing myself silly should my non-contact cock comfort zone be breached (thus leaving mutual masturbation pretty much out of the erotic equation as well)? It’s supposed to be a hyper-orgasmic happy ending for my massage partner, not for me as mentally masturbating masseur who can’t control his cock from cumming should penis play ensue!

Anyway, in search of big boobs at DDF busty today, I found I wasn’t the only one lacking in sexual self-control during an intimate breast massage situation as, you see, when 34E busty beauty Jasmine Black booked a nude massage with a happy ending for herself, it seems the “massage tables” were turned in a similar manner (albeit without the premature ejaculation part). After her mammary gland masseur had lubricated her big boobs in baby oil for her breast massage to begin, the look and feel of those big slippery tits with well-oiled cleavage were too hard for his hard-on to resist and, rather than letting his big oily boob fondling hands have all the fun, the mammary manipulation turns toward the phallic front as he starts massaging her tits with his cock instead! Now, isn’t that just a busty titfuck rather than a proper massage? Not only that, but this somewhat suspect sexual massage activity gets even more curious for our perverted pair when they mistake a blowjob for an internal mouth massage and tit-sucking fuck sex for merely massaging her pussy with penis!

Meh, perhaps I’m reading too much into this, accepting naked massage as an innocent activity instead of being an open invitation to fuck after foreplay is finished (i.e. the I just want to give you a relaxing massage excuse for sex expected afterwards) and maybe a master masseur’s erect penis is a perfectly acceptable massage implement after all, but who am I to say? At least he’s able to resist his cumming on contact with tits (then again, he didn’t have to endure the sensually tactile erotica of giving this girl an internal pussy massage with his hands, either)! Whatever the case, I’m perfectly content (not to mention more amused) to let the misplaced innocence of my imagination see this as an attempt at tantric breast massage gone wrong in these hardcore massage photos & videos of Jasmine Black at

Jasmine Black hardcore breast massage photos from DDFbusty

Jasmine Black hardcore breast massage photos from DDF Busty -

Jasmine Black hardcore breast massage videos from DDFbusty

Jasmine Black hardcore breast massage videos from DDF Busty -

…ah, but that’s not all in terms of tits today since, as DDF Busty claims lovely sexy Jasmine Black has DD-cup / E-cup breasts at best (is she really just an E-cup of is that their breast estimate?), I thought back to MyBoobSite’s motto on massive mammaries and decided I should stick in some bigger tits as a big boobs bonus as well! And so, here are a few more recent photo & video galleries of extra well-endowed women including Sexy Venera 32G, Leanne Crow 34H, Busty Carol 34F, Kelley Scarlett 32H and (again) Leanne Crow at

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6 Responses to “Big Breast Massage with a Happy Ending – But for Whom?”

  1. peeb Says:

    I wouldn’t want her to hear me saying it, for fear she gets self-conscious, but it looks like Jasmine’s gaining a few pounds and getting a nice little belly. I like!

  2. crackoff Says:

    I think you mean Leanne Crow, who’s now looking more like a girl from the North East.

    I don’t know how, but her belly seems to make her more attainable, yet sexier! Her legs still lush & slim, & the boobs – praise the Lord! Even the vidcaps where she was dressed were magnificent.

    I’ve certainly never, ahem, enjoyed her more, but I hope that she yoyos up & down. I’d hate for her to get less work, because she’s truly world class in all 3 of my eyes.

  3. Dan Says:

    So is Leanne!! :D

  4. Wand Says:

    I like Verena’s look in the photos, but in the video it looks like she has a few scars on her chest. I wonder if she’s a cancer survivor who decided not to lose the whole thing?

  5. razorjules Says:

    Leanne Crow is awesome.
    Her breasts always look kinda fake, until you see them on video, then they look real.
    I also like Jasmine Black with a few extra pounds on her.
    She looks amazing in that massage pictorial.

  6. Matt Says:

    Jasmine is always down for getting a rectal massage :-) Simply the best hardcore actress out there. Gained a little weight but she is still hot and my favorite. In hope she is down to do lactation on screen in the future but she does so many anal scenes (and anal only too) that I think it would be difficult for her to get pregnant… Got to love her. Would love to cum over her tits.

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