Girls with Big Boobs Laying Face Down?

An extra large breast blog by special request: Well, more of a challenge, really, inspiring a quest to find girls with big breasts sleeping on their fronts (since face down would imply well-endowed women suffocating themselves in their pillows (unless the girl’s boobs were so huge as to hold her head aloft, which seems an uncomfortable position as well)). Now, I’ve blogged girls sleeping face down before, but none of them had particularly big tits. Then I remembered once having seen a somewhat narcoleptic Terry Nova sound asleep in a prone position, but we’d already blogged her…

Busty girl with big boobs sleeping on her front - huge tits Terry Nova at

…to cut a long story short, my big breast quest turned out a total fail on the finding busty girls sleeping on their fronts front (well, none meeting our firm minimum F-cup & Up mammary requirements, apart from the norksome Ms Nova), so I decided to give up and settle for the next best thing: Kristina Milan sunbathing nude, boobs down in a lounge chair…

Girls with big boobs laying face down? Huge tits hanging over the side a solution for busty Kristina Milan in a unique large breast perspective from

…with her gigantic M-cup breasts hanging over the sides! Yes, it’s cheating, I know, since a) she’s not sleeping and b) her tits aren’t squished against a totally flat surface, but it’s truly the breast I could do on such short notice. Anyway, this sexy nude sunbathing face down photo comes courtesy of the new Fun in the Sun series from Kristina Milan at

Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at

Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at

Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at

Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at

Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at    Kristina Milan big boobs face down at

(note: actual photos available for download at XX-Cel are 3000×2000 resolution)

…another super busty girl who seems comfortable laying with her giant tits face down is 38P Lexxxi Luxe, using the clever cleavage free solution of just yoinking her huge, pendulous breasts out of the way before giving herself a gigantic boobs jiggling oily P-cup breast massage in my massive mammaries movie preview of her Not Enough Oil video from

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(click here to download video preview – full HD video at XX-Cel is 1920×1080 resolution)


P.S. And don’t forget you can video chat with Kristina Milan & Lexxxi Luxe live on cam at

Lexxxi Luxe live on cam at    Kristina Milan live on cam at

(more big tits cams from

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12 Responses to “Girls with Big Boobs Laying Face Down?”

  1. Lexxxiluver Says:

    I could certainly have some fun with her!…She is so gosh darn cute!!!…Not to mention those lovely funbags of hers!!!…

  2. GoodPoint Says:

    You forgot to sign your comment “With Love, Reese”

  3. Gary Wayne Says:

    Man, that Kristina spread is HOT. And what can be said about Lexxxi that hasn’t already been said? She knocks it out every shoot.

  4. Irishpanda Says:

    I love vids/pics of Lexxxi like this…no makeup or anything, just all natural HER. Some of her more recent stuff has her made up far too heavily, I think. Might just be me, but I find her far more beautiful without it.

  5. eraklik Says:

    Good grief, I really love this kind of shot/video. Hard to find enough, but this just might get me to sub. to XX-Cel. Interesting that the sites that offer a “hundred categories” of boob porn don’t include these (as well, the saggy category is quite rare in such lists).

    Anya (Zenkova, iirc) has a video over at DivineBreasts in which she never bares hers, and seems to be wearing an interesting minimizer setup. Amazingly. it seems to have succeeded. She comes into the room with a warm jacket on, and to me, doesn’t look all that big. She doffs the jacket, and does a couple of chest-down “squshes” that I found delightful. Still-frame extraction is worth the fuss.

    Often, when I pick up a gallon (~ 4 litres) of water, I remember that a boob of that volume weighs just about as much. Boobs aren’t detachable, either. These gals live with them 24/7/365.

    Anorei/Lexxxi (“Le31″ in roman numerals!) amazes me in several ways. For a gal of her build, she’s not ugly. Word has it (I think mostly thanks to you) that she’s quite intelligent; seems to show in her inventiveness. Some gals have wonderful racks, but nary a clue about what to do with them. Not Le31!

    As well, each of hers might weigh — what — 15 kg? (Anybody know?) Her arms must have a weight-lifter’s muscles, yet they don’t look that way. Support ligaments, etc. must be formidable. More power to her! She’s adorable.

    Thanks, so much!

  6. dreyfuzz Says:

    Reese my man, thank you so much!! I just LOVE to see busty ladies sunbathing nude, and Kristina is one of my favorite models. Those pics are hotter than the shining sun itself!

  7. the tit man Says:

    Terry nova is incredible,some fucking great pics of her in the uk issue may v-mag

  8. Nick Says:

    Amazing. as to their weight, 15 kg for both is too high. I remember Cheron, a huge chested black woman, had a pictorial where she weighed hers, and they were an impressive 10-11 lbs each

  9. BoobyLvrX Says:

    I like poolside shots. Huge tits look even better underwater.

  10. dreyfuzz Says:

    Yeah sorry I forgot to say, Anorei/Lexxxi is a Goddess too! How on earth is it possible that her man is not a tit-man? I would surely worship her day in day out 365/24/7!

  11. Hankloveshooters Says:

    I loved the video of Lexxxi. Man, she needs to be shown on mainstream media like TV, Movies more often. She had me at Anorei. LOL Stay beautiful my goddess.

  12. Charles Says:

    That K Milan shoot was so awesome. I could write 5000 words about why latinas pop my cork, but lets just say Kristina is at the top along with Domincan ‘Issy.’ Kristina has such huge freakin boobs I’m all over that she is way bigger busted than Issy. And they are pretty firm too! Damn she would be a great lay!

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