Jessi Tate or Jessie Minx from

No, really. I don’t know whether this busty goth girl’s name is Jessie Minx or Jessi Tate. When I first logged on to Cosmid after having been duly inspired by boobs upon encountering this tempting big tits cleavage tease thumb…

Jessi Tate or Jessie Minx at ?

…it was her new Introducing Jessi Tate video I was after but, once therein, noticed her listed as Jessie Minx in their model directory. So which is it? I’m confused. But, no matter, regardless of Jessie Minx or Jessi Tate being her true identity (wait, wasn’t Jessica Tate a character on Soap?), I already knew that I had to get this bespectacled busty goth chick on My Boob Site ASAP! After all, had I not already made up my mind to breast blog this babe before I’d even seen her face, going on the strength of her colossal cleavage alone? Indeed I had, but more on that in a moment because…

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…right, then, back to Jessi Tate or Jessie Minx (or whomsoever she may be)! Although I’ve blogged Cosmid before, it’s always been about their photos, as I’d not really paid attention to big tits in Cosmid videos before. But, having done so now, I’m happy to report their massive mammaries movie tag-line of “Uncut, Unedited, Unbelievable” to be totally accurate! It’s like amateur boobs at their best, if this sensual, self-shot video is anything to judge by.

What’s not accurate are their models stats. I mean, in busty Jessie Minx‘ case, it’s rather obvious her boobs are huge and natural, but a body type “volumptuous” (erm, methinks they meant voluptuous there) and a butt size of “badonka-donk” (although, after see her shaking that ass in the 3rd video clip below…)? Surely, some measurements or maybe a bra- or just cup-size wouldn’t go amiss! So, sadly, there’s little more I can tell you about this big bust model apart from her being a 21-year-old girl from Alabama.

Thus, I’ll just have to let our our sexy pierced nerdy goth girl with glasses and a shock of purple hair speak for herself (or, better yet, show you, since she seems to be the quiet type despite not being shy in the least) through a few preview clips from the Introducing Jessi Tate video of Jessie Minx from

Jessie Minx Jessi Tate video from    Jessie Minx Jessi Tate video from

Jessie Minx Jessi Tate video from    Jessie Minx Jessi Tate video from

(note: actual video available for download at the site is 1280×720 resolution)

…but that’s not all for this video since, just as big juggs Jessi is waving goodbye to us half-way through her new mammary movie, she instantly reappears naked in the shower for an oily breast massage (honest, it’s just like one of those bizarre “Fuck me!” moments members of our royal family experience when their incessant quest for cheese leads to a magical ham which unexpectedly transports them to some other random point within the space-time continuum or, alternatively, that Old Spice dude, although, to be fair, he does appear to have a much better handle on the whole teleportation thing)! Thus, I’ll close my boob blog today with a brief nude taste of her tits close-up with large areolas and pierced nipples in your face from the second part of her first Jessi Tate video at

Jessi Tate Jessie Minx video from - Part 2


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14 Responses to “Jessi Tate or Jessie Minx from”

  1. Sky Captain Says:

    It is working on my HTC Droid Incredible and iPhone 4.

    Well Done!

  2. NonExclusive Says:

    It’s Jessie Minx. Been following her tumblr for months :)

    Glad to see her get on a site!

  3. Black Mantis Says:

    I loved everything about her, up until I seen here teeth. That killed a good portion of the hotness for me.

  4. Tim Says:

    Looks great on iOS 4.3.2. Enjoy your work :)

  5. yutz Says:

    It works on Android 2.3, but I’d rather see the full site.

    I always go to the full site rather than the mobile site when given the choice, because the browser can handle it.

  6. Paragone Says:

    Stunning. Thanks again, Reese.

  7. Vix Says:

    Thanks for your phone comments – good to hear it’s working!


  8. azu Says:

    works on HTC Desire.

  9. iNinja Says:

    Works on iphone 3G just fine!

  10. BigBoobFan Says:

    That butt jigglin’ is something else… magnetizing… awesome!

  11. B00bfan2 Says:

    works fine with FF on Android 3.0.1

  12. terminalmindset Says:

    Works great on my lg optimus s running android 2.2 keep up the great work

  13. okky Says:

    Re0w!! Solo frickin hot (including her teeth :/) 4S is perfecto btw

  14. Okky Says:

    Moar! Moar! Moar!

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