Julie Anderson 32J

Just to get some all natural J-cup breasts of different dimensions on the blog (since today’s other massive mammary model Sarah‘s huge tits fit more into the busty voluptuous category), I thought something slim and stacked might be in order for large breast lovers who feel My Boob Site would be best to place a firmer focus upon busty girls sporting a disproportionate breast to body ratio (whereas, body big or small, I love them all).

And who better to represent their “I like big tits, but thin is in” erotic image ideal than sexy and slender yet juggsome 32J Julie Anderson, most recent big norks newcomer to the PinUpFiles family? This beautiful, bespectacled, slim and stacked J-cup busty black babe not only fills the big bra bill with respect to breast to body ratio, but also has a little something extra going on to please comparatively small areola and inverted nipple fetish fans!

Julie Anderson 32J from PinUpFiles.com

Alas, if only she’d let me get in her panties, I could complete this picture of big black breast perfection with its cunniferous chocolate complement. But, then again, that’s just my personal fetish and has nothing to do with boobs. Besides, this is just juggy Julie’s first photo shoot debut for the PUF peeps, so I’m left with the hope we’ll get to see much “more” of her in the future (*hint-hint* (‘tho I do feel bad encouraging a girl to go all the way and get naked if she’s not totally comfortable with it, especially since she’s already shown herself to be so nice and willing to share her breasts bare with us)).

So, whilst I ponder the moral dilemma of porn preferences more intimate and personal in nature, the genitally exclusive big breast loving rest of you can at least enjoy the massive mocha mammaries of sexy 32J busty ebony goddess Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com:

32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com

32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com

32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com

32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com    32J Julie Anderson from PinUpFiles.com




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18 Responses to “Julie Anderson 32J”

  1. Seriously a Fan Says:


  2. 909 Says:

    Damn…I’m in love.

  3. Ebonylover Says:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning! This girl is utterly phenomenal and I hope to see more of her soon!

  4. BigDee Says:

    She reminds me of Sylvia mcFarland with smaller areolaes but same body shape, Gorgeous!

  5. DDfann Says:

    I spotted Julie a few days ago, and was tempted to send you an email to tell you all about her, but I knew you’d be there ahead of the rest of us. She’s a stunner.

  6. Voluminous Says:

    I have been following Julie for years on DeviantArt as well as ModelMayhem, it’s fantastic to see she’s “graduated” to mainstream!

    Congratulations, Julie, wish you the best, and hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of your “art nudes.” :)

  7. rich Says:

    She is beautiful

  8. greg Says:


  9. Joey Says:

    She’s also very tall. I believe she’s 6ft or close. Tall, slim, black, nerdy and stacked? HELL YES!!!!

  10. Tomasz Says:

    At last ! This woman has been around on the internet for a few years. It took that time for the first known publisher to spot and shoot her …

  11. king Says:

    finally!!! been sayin PUF/PUG needs a sistah(woman of color) on their site for a long time now and man did they came thru !better late than never i guess but anyway welcome the beautiful julie!!

  12. Matt Says:

    What an amazing body with those huge boobs. Especially love seeing the pics her breasts sink down as she lays on her back; it’s just sexy seeing that in natural women.

  13. Matt Says:

    PS: I have to agree with king. I enjoy seeing more dark women of color. I enjoy all women but women of color need more exposure. I enjoyed Maserati in the last post too. Others that I have enjoyed have been Stacey Adams (a bit “small” with her E/DD cups), and Sierra. It seems media in general prefer lighter women, like light skinned black women, light skinned Latinas and even lighter Asian women. Not trying to criticize Julie for what she is but I consider her to be light skinned based on these picture, but I do apreciate her being a black women (a VERY SEXY black woman). Women of color from light to dark (but especially dark) do need to be out there. Personally I think dark is sexy (but love lighter too).
    Cheers to boobs of all colors!

  14. Joey Says:

    It’s the rise of the slim and stacked ladies fellas. Venera, Merilyn, Marina Matsushima, Hitomi Tanaka, Jana Defi and now Julie Anderson. These women are tops in my book.

  15. x Says:


  16. Mason Says:

    Lord have mercy…my eyes have seen heaven.

  17. Dan Sveaver Says:

    I don’t think those are J cups, but whatever size they really are, it’s a slim girl with very large breasts. Can’t complain bout that!

  18. Nick Says:

    A Sylvia McFarland body but a far better face. Impressive.

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