Lazy Adult Breast Feeding Techniques with P-cup Lexxxi Luxe

So, what’s “lazy”? Cel, that’s what. Compare his last Lexxxi Luxe tit sucking video to this one, where he’s just laying supine whilst Lex lets her huge tits hang to the floor for the suckling, in this massive P-cup breast feeding video. From, of course:

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Lexxxi and Cel look like they’re having fun as he gets his chops slapped by her mahoosive mammaries. Then, lies there, with his mouth open and his tongue wantingly waggling ’till Lex plops a nipple into place. It does look like she might be in for a serious case of stubble-rash from his facial fuzz, though!


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11 Responses to “Lazy Adult Breast Feeding Techniques with P-cup Lexxxi Luxe”

  1. Misterc Says:

    I think the off the side of the couch routine is…ah…shall we say a “WEE BIT IMPRESSIVE”

  2. dreyfuzz Says:

    Nice, but I hope they went further, too. ;)

  3. luvembig Says:

    Man, she slaps him around good. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of that with all of that glorious breast meat.

  4. Ermdog Says:

    I am a little disappointed that xx-cel doesn’t have a lactating vid of her on his site. That is usually a must with him. There are a few out there with her lactating but would of loved to seen one with her on his site.

  5. ca united kingdom Says:

    not a huge lexxi fan to be honest but have to say once again cel proves he is quite simply the master… no one else out there is doing it like he is…

  6. Arnal Says:

    My goodness, Lexxxi looks better than ever, and her boobs look bigger than ever.

    She’s definitely in her prime :D

  7. Charles Says:

    She’s got ginormous tits! That lucky son of a bitch!!!

  8. Nick Says:

    Sure they are impressive, but all the guy’s efforts did not seem to have any effect on her. Sometimes very large ones are also not very sensitive.

  9. Nigel Says:

    At nick, probably because she is trying to hide her teeth.

  10. Goredorf Says:

    That was by far one of the hottest things ive seen, true boob worship at its best, thanks!

  11. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Will this cow ever run out of milk?!

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