Like mother, like daughter?

Just a quickie: I was scanning through after I’d finished today’s blog, and came across some rare photos of 36EE Ines Cudna and her mother – both topless! Granted, it’s not the most dynamic of photo shoots, but it is nice to see that Ines’ mum is supportive of her work. After seeing this, I also couldn’t help but think that perhaps Ines got her big boobs from her father’s side of the family… ;~)

Ines Cudna & her mom at    Ines Cudna & her mom at    Ines Cudna & her mom at

Ines Cudna & her mom at    Ines Cudna & her mom at    Ines Cudna & her mom at


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20 Responses to “Like mother, like daughter?”

  1. juliano Says:


  2. ayrton Says:

    Ines is one of my favorites. What the hell is in the water in eastern Europe. They grow the biggest tits over there. Might be my next vacation destination. I think Ines has the coolest nipples…perfectly round like a button. I am the only one enjoying big tits today?

  3. Jessica Says:

    That is kind of creepy. I’m all for parents supporting their children no matter what they do, but posing alongside them? That is kind of creepy.

  4. Very Free Says:

    I don’t think Ines and her mother posing together are creepy. You can see their faces are very similar. Beautiful blue eyes, too.

    I think Juliano said he thinks the mother daughter together session is very pretty and interesting, but my Spanish isn’t very good and even though Portuguese is similar, I can’t figure out the rest. But I’m all for Milena Velba – now those are _really_ some milkers!

    Must be the water, as Ayrton says. Might be the gene is recessive. On my dad’s side, they were nothing to write home about, just average. On my mom’s s side of the family, she was the only one out of all her sisters to have D cups. But that didn’t stop my sister from having D cups. Maybe it was because my mom grew up on a farm and drank all that wholesome whole milk right from the udder, and ate real homemade dairy stuff like churned butter. Whatever it was, we could make a fortune if we could bottle it. (This is not a commercial for breast enlargement pills which are nothing but a waste of money.)

    During my surfing I found that Ester of bears a striking resemblance to Eden’s latest partner, Bozena. One thing that’s really great about Reese’s boobsite is that the topic is very narrow and well defined. When he points us to one of these pornsites, there are so many goodies in the candy shop that it’s a real problem staying with just one topic, so I end up jumping from big boobs to BBWs to big butts, back to big boobs, etc., etc. It would be a whole lot better if there was a way to really limit it to just big boobs, for example. Seems that I can’t get any of them to do that. But I’m still happy to die trying, even if I end up wasting a lot of time searching for the biggest, bestest boobs. ;-)

  5. ayrton Says:

    I think it’s great her mom is with her. I like open minded people. I have to wonder about Ines’ honesty however. I watched a videocassette of her and she claims she was still a virgin at that time. Here she was getting licked and licking Cassandra, sticking a dildo up her pussy and ass, damn near tying those wonderfully huge pussy lips of hers together, but claims she only had one boyfriend up to that point and he just liked her tits. I will say she came off as extremely shy, but come on. I’m sure the Polish schoolboys are no different and the main thing on their minds was getting into her pants. Hey, maybe mom’s there to keep them from her daughter!

  6. Steve Says:

    Its great to see a family in tune like that. Both look really hot.

    And it is in the genes, I have a friend whose half Polish and she has huge knockers too lol.

  7. RMFA Says:

    well here i am again talkin about this chick right here. if i could only meet her. that would make me so friggin happy! and im sure she would be too… k i have to go jerk off now.

  8. lutz Says:

    supergeile Titten, ist ne echte Augenweide! Ines hat die schönsten Titten, wirklich echt lecker, würde gerne mal reinbeißen in diese reifen Früchte, da läuft einem echt der Saft im Schwanz zusammen. Wow

  9. marley Says:

    id love to suck yer boobs anyday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. DeOndrai Says:

    may i please squeeze them just one time please

  11. megan Says:

    i am a lesbiean

  12. megan Says:

    i wanna suck emmmm

  13. FixXxer Says:

    i got that video….they were very shy,they didnt touch eachothers skins…for me its so creeepy,i mean fuk!! its the end of the world..mother posing naked along side her daughter?? man!!

  14. Joe Says:

    Hmmm. No thanks to Mum being in the pics with her. It’s not just creepy, it’s creeptastic.

  15. Earl Says:

    Wow! They are great. I’d like to do them at the same time. Where are all the pics of mother daughter nudes?

  16. jolleyredgiant Says:

    Ines, your mother is a an attractive and liberated woman. You sure sure get your beautiful good looks from her. wow…

  17. Ray Says:

    Simply Wow, the best.

  18. Virgin Says:

    Im ready to DIE to fuck a girl with some nice tits =O

  19. Mikymiky Says:

    What’s a nice boob’s they are. I want to enjoy with these boobs

  20. Jack MeHoffer Says:

    Hardly likely that’s her Mom…way too young…Ines isn’t that young…mom would have to be older. Also, they don’t really look alike, and the boobs don’t look similar. I call bullshit. Still nice shoot, though.

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