Maggie Green Hardcore Titfuck Video

Ah, sweet & innocent Maggie Green. Well, that’s how I remember her, at least, from way back when I’d first blogged her shortly after starting My Boob Site in 2005. Sure, this stunningly beautiful and FF-cup busty blonde did get rather more sexually adventurous at time went by, even delving into some freaky girl-on-girl shit for a bit, but I’d never dared to dream I would one day get to see our most magnificent Maggie Green with a cock well in hand until I’d come across this sexy big tits handjob hardcore thumbnail from the Scoreland site…

Maggie Green hardcore at

…while I’ve had a lot of guys complain in the past when their favorite busty models go hardcore (maybe it’s that whole Angel in a Centerfold syndrome intensified) but, for me, it takes a penis to truly complete the picture in porn (erm, think of it as an erotic fashion accessory, although I do find it curious that my own personal top 10 best porn pics feature a phallus alongside the sexiest female alive).

Anyhoo, my preference for erections in visual erotica notwithstanding, I give you “udderly” gorgeous 36FF Maggie Green in hardcore photos as well as a couple of wmv movie clips and a flash tits trailer from her new Maggie Green titfuck video at

36FF Maggie Green hardcore photos from Scoreland

Maggie Green hardcore photos from

36FF Maggie Green hardcore video from Scoreland

Maggie Green hardcore video from

36FF Maggie Green titfuck video from Scoreland

Maggie Green titfuck video from


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5 Responses to “Maggie Green Hardcore Titfuck Video”

  1. anonymous Says:

    You know this is just the first time shes doing hardcore on Score right? shes been doing B/G scenes w/ her boyfriend since last year on her own website.

  2. genthore Says:

    I have dreamed of this day for a long time- Maggie was my first MILF crush – always wanted to see her with a cock in her orifices- mine would be preferred of course.

  3. steve Says:

    “my own personal top 10 best porn pics” ???

    Now *there’s* a collection I’d like to see!
    Any chance of that, Reese?

  4. jamie Says:

    the Maggie titfucking did me in right at work. lots of huge tit pics and my cock was hard under the desk but then Maggie titfucks tht cock and i could feel her big tits around my cock and my load just exploded in my pants. Sooo good. Can’t move.

  5. seab douglas Says:

    I would give anything in the world to have one orgasm between her breasts

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