Cup-Sizing Up Miosotis’ Measurements

I like big boobs and I like pussy in almost equal measure. Trouble is, I often find myself having to choose between these two tits and twat fetish features of the female anatomy when the opportunity for erotic indulgence arises. Sure, I could fondle breasts whilst snogging a girl’s lower lips off just as easily as I can finger flaps with my head buried in boobs but, let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great to get your recommended daily allowance of cunt and cleavage in one convenient place?

But the sad genital fact of the matter is girls aren’t built like that, and so we’re forced to some manner of sexual compromise. For example, say you’re lucky enough to have an extremely busty girl with giant tits of the huge pendulous breasts variety such as extra busty voluptuous virginal breast hypertrophy candidate super big boobs black beauty Miosotis at the XX-Cel site, then having her huge tits hanging in her lap at pussy level is the unusually large natural breast norm!..

Pussy Tits Nipple Clit from Miosotis at

…truly, it’s a large breast fetish feast of tits and clits (okay, so maybe there’s only one clitoris and nipple to choose from, but even this poses the curious cunnilingual conundrum of deciding which to dedicate your oral attentions to first)! But big tits and pussy talk aside, Miosotis’ sexy debut series over at XX-Cel has the breast potential of giving us boob hounds something we’ve never had before, her massive mammaries’ breast measurements for Miosotis’ bra-size (and I, for one, have never seen her tit statistics listed anywhere)! Granted, we’ll have to estimate her under breast chest measurement (erm, does 86cm / 34in sound reasonable?) but, with this, Mio’s over bust measurement being 132cm (that’s a 52-inch bust-line in imperial measures) would give us all we need to calculate the colossal cup-size of Miosotis’ massive tits using MyBoobSite’s cup-sizing standards. So, 132cm bust-line minus 86cm under bust leaves us with a difference of 46cm. Referring to our table and extrapolating our way up in cup-size from a P-cup at 40-42cm in 2cm increments, that would give Miosotis R-cup or S-cup breasts (and, considering the measuring tape overspill from breast flesh compression in the big boob measuring photo to which I’ve referred, Miosotis might even have T-cup breasts (tee hee – titanic T-cup tits – too funny! (well, it amused me)))! Anyway, with our Miosotis measurements for cup-size estimation out of the way, let’s relax from our massive mammary gland mathematics by enjoying a few more preview pics of Miosotis and her immense breasts from the heavy handful of 165 photos this extremely well-endowed ebony angel’s contributed to Cel’s cause. Thus, from her first superbly sexy set for the site, here’s mega-mammary curvaceous Caribbean cleavage queen Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at

Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at    Miosotis Claribel at


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14 Responses to “Cup-Sizing Up Miosotis’ Measurements”

  1. vadd Says:

    Her breast size is perfect. I love lots of other models with smaller (although still bountiful) tits like Rachel Aldana, Anya, Samantha 38G and Leanne Crow, Miosotis breast size is just perfect. Truly a stunning woman all around.

  2. illuvbigtits Says:

    Mio’s cup size is all over the place.
    You got T cup here, Boobpedia puts her at M.
    Her new website says she is a 52KKK or M cup.
    52-28-36 in (132-71-91 cm)

  3. boobhound Says:

    if you ask me, her cup size is AMAZING!!! It’s simply incredible that she’s so thin with such huge breasts. I’d love to see the rest of the women where she comes from!

  4. Luv-me-some-aereola Says:

    ……….uhhh…..I have to go beat my dick damn!

  5. glinks2 Says:

    that’s a fine set, congrats cel, I like your style, best i’ve seen so far of her

  6. BoobyLvrX Says:

    Tits seem to be getting bigger!

  7. BigBoobFan Says:

    Damn those are huge… wow. Very impressive… but at last take the socks off. ;) Heh heh.

  8. Ezekiel Says:

    I can understand why a lot of people would find saggers like that a little cartoonish and offputting, but personally I think they look superb on her moderate frame. I love the fact she can put them anywhere; the motion alone is totally hypnotic. I personally would really like to lay my head in her lap and have her heaving hangers smother me… sounds like big boob heaven.

  9. saggy lover Says:

    Beautiful saggy girl with a pretty face. Lets see a few video clips on this site. Thanks reese

  10. Martin Short Says:

    Those are unbelieveable. I would love to see them in a shirt. I just can’t picture it myself. It’s unfathomable at the moment.

  11. cockhead Says:

    i would do any thing to fuck and suck her big tits i want to fuck her mouth while i suck on her huge tits damn.

  12. bigjim08 Says:

    i love jerking off to those tits! wish i culd cum on them now

  13. Zeke Says:

    See, this is what I love about Mio: at first glance, I’m all “ew, those things slump down to her lap, what’s up with that” but then I look closer, something else kicks in and I’m hypnotized by what she has to offer, all top heavy and beautiful to look at.

    Unlike the extreme hypers such as Norma who have a little too much roadmapping (odd flesh patterns, highly visible veins) the main signs of her macromastia sit underneath her breasts in the form of cute stretchmarks. This is what separates naturally large cupped women from the super-augmented types: you see they are natural and it’s kind of a thrill to realise that those are all hers, not manufactured by a crafty well-paid surgeon. And personally, there’s the desire to push them together so they create a foot of cleavage.

    Miosotis is slim and stacked; just the right side of cartoonishly enormous to be pleasing to the eye, in my opinion. Closest without going over. ;)

  14. Wodz Says:

    You all do understand that she has gigantomastia and her chest is still growing, right? You all do understand that (hopefully) her chest will soon enough be hanging down to her vagina..right? I am counting down the days.. that is super hot

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